16 Things For Kids (And Adults) Who Love ‘Potty’ Humor

We all know everybody farts and everybody poops. And some of us find  this ridiculously funny. If you like to get your inner-potty humor on, or have kids who make potty jokes on the regular, then we have some treats for you.

1. Toilet Trouble Game

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Just try not to laugh your way through this game; it’s potty-humor relief for the whole family.

2. Flushing Frenzy Game

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This game comes complete with a plunger, poop, and is sure to leave you rolling with laughter.

3. Whoopee Cushion

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Whoopie cushions are a classic prank. Even when our kids are driving us bonkers with them, we are secretly giggling inside.

4. Flarp

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Not only does flarp resemble a person who has overdosed on beans, it can be therapeutic to squeeze and play with. Just make sure your kids don’t sneak it to school — we’ve learned this the hard way.

5. Don’t Step in it: Unicorn Edition

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This is even better than the original version of “Don’t Step In It,” because there’s unicorns and sparkly poop that comes in pretty colors.

6. Poopsie Slim Surprise

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A true unicorn babysitter– this kit has everything your child needs to make the included unicorn poop over 100 different varieties of slime.

7. Liquid A** Fart Spray

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Yea ll love a good fart prank– this spray has got you covered.

8. Don’t Step In It

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If you are into making your own pile of poo and being blindfolded while trying not to step in the mess, we can’t recommend this game enough. It will make for an epic family game night for sure.

9. Poopsie Surprise Unicorn

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Combine poop, slime, and unicorns with Poopsie, the magical creature that can make slime come out of their butt for hours of entertainment.

10. Poop Emoji Slippers

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Keep your kid’s feet warm with these cuddly turds that will match all of their pajamas. Just don’t be surprised when they beg you to wear them out in public.

11. Fart Button

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Who doesn’t need a fart buttoning their life to enhance and evening meal or a trip to the grocery store? This one will both drive you crazy and make you laugh.

12. Potty Humor Apron

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If you are cooking the food and prone to blasting stinkers from your bum, your guests deserve to be warned. This apron is the perfect way to let them know they might be in for some smelly stuff sooner rather than later.

13. Potty Training Mug

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Every parent deserves one of these mugs after potty training their child. There is also one for girls too, no need for them to feel left out.

14. Potty Tale Book

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Sometimes, all our babes need is a little encouragement from others to get them to go. This book is perfect for that and will definitely make you giggle.

15. Who Tooted


The fun of trying to guess who let on trip in line at the grocery store can also be played around the dining room table with the Who Tooted? game.

16. Fishing For Floaters


Fishing for Floaters is a great way to spend an afternoon laughing — just make sure your kids set it up in the tub and not the actual toilet.

Potty humor may not be for everyone, but for those of us who find humor when it comes to bowel movements, passing gas, and taking a whiz, it’s nice to know there’s lots of paraphernalia out there to make us laugh harder.

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