22 Things You’ll Want If You Like Cats More Than Humans

Cats are hilarious because they do everything on their own terms.

While dogs are always happy to see us and love us unconditionally, cats are much more selective about who they’re willing to give affection to. They prefer to sit just out of reach and only want attention when you’re in the middle of working.

In fact, most of the time cats just want to be fed and left alone to sleep. Which are also my main goals in life.

Here are 22 things you’ll want in your life if you’re a cat person:

Kitty Socks

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These Kitty Socks come in a set of four adorable pairs for $12.89. And every adult on the planet loves new socks.

Catopoly Board Game

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This Catopoly Board Game is a lot like Monopoly, but cuter. Who needs the racecar when you can be the ball of yarn?

Cat Ear Hat

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A Cat Ear Hat is perfect for school drop-off during cold mornings (when you want to hide your bed head anyway).

“I Do What I Want” Tee

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This “I Do What I Want” Tee explains why we relate to cats on a spiritual level.

Coffee Mug

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A Cat Coffee Mug is just what you need to curl up with your kitty while you drink tea, read a book, and try to escape your kids for a bit.

Cat-Butt Magnets

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A set of Cat-Butt Magnets is a funny gift for any cat owner. And they’re currently on sale for $10.70. (Originally $15.00.)

Stemless Wine Glass

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This Stemless Wine Glass is a great gift for anyone who loves wine almost as much as they love their cat.

Wine Glass Markers

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Or for anyone with stemmed wine glasses, these Wine Glass Markers will help guests keep track of their drinks.

Cat Thermos And Spoon Set

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This Cat Thermos And Spoon Set is another great investment for any cat-lover who drinks their coffee on the go.

Night Light

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A kitty Night Light has 7 colors and will make a fun addition to brighten up any kid’s room or kid’s bathroom. And it’s currently on sale for $12.99. (Originally $29.99.)

Pearl Earrings

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These Pearl Earrings are the purr-fect gift for jewelry lovers.

Cat Ear Hoodie

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Cat Ear Hoodie is a must-have for anyone who loves being comfy as much as they love staying home with their cat.

Cat Planters

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These Cat Planters are great for succulents and any other potted plants… that your real cat will probably knock over in the middle of the night.

Makeup Bags

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This 2-pack of Makeup Bags work for holding your cosmetics, or your kid’s pencils, or anything else you need stored away.

Measuring Spoons

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These are the cutest ceramic Measuring Spoons we’ve ever seen. 

“Humans Are Stupid” Mug

This “Humans Are Stupid” Mug is based on the popular “Change my mind” meme. And it might be one of the best gifts of all time.

“Sorry I Can’t” Hoodie

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A “Sorry I Can’t” Hoodie will explain to all the PTA moms why you can’t hang out outside of school pick-up.

Journal Notebook

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This Journal Notebook is a thoughtful gift for writers who also happen to adore kitties. (AHEM.)

Cat Intervention Sign

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A Cat Intervention Sign is a good gift for your friend who has one too many cats, or is getting close to maximum cat capacity.

Cat Candle

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This Cat Candle burns away to reveal a metallic skeleton inside.

“If I Fits” Phone Grip

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An “If I Fits” Phone Grip says “If I fits, I sits,” which is basically every cat’s life motto. And this grip makes it easy to hold your phone as well as prop it up for hands-free use.

“Read Books And Pet Cats” Tee

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This “Read Books And Pet Cats” Tee is the simplified version of my life goals as an introvert.

People who love cats usually want to be left alone just as much as their felines do. Because on some level we know that cats are better than humans.

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