‘The Bachelor:’ Is Alayah Really There For The Wrong Reasons?

Plus, Bachelor Nation Queen Demi Burnett returns to the mansion!

After last week and #champagnegate, Bachelor Nation could have used a break from the eyeroll-inducing drama that’s been dominating Peter’s season so far. Alas, on this week’s episode, that was not meant to be.

While the third episode of the season featured a one-on-one, a group date, and the return of Bachelor Nation’s queen, Demi Burnett, there were basically just three stars of the entire episode: Peter, of course; Victoria P., who got the one-on-one date to a country bar at the episode’s start; and Alayah, who was the winner of the pillow fight tournament at the group date (AKA one of the cringiest dates in the show’s history, and that is saying something).

But before all of that, there was Alayah seeming pretty drunk in the mansion kitchen, bragging about how people think she’s innocent and squeaky clean because she’s a pageant girl, but she’s actually “nasty.” Suffice it to say some of the other women didn’t love hearing that. Never mind that humans contain multitudes and can adjust their actions based on the environment and company they’re in. There were a fair amount of women who heard what Alayah said and assumed it meant she’s fake. This is The Bachelor, after all.


At the pool party before the rose ceremony, Peter pretty much spent his time making his way around and asking everyone about Alayah, and they didn’t have a lot of good to say after that wine-fueled kitchen incident that got their collective undies in a bunch. Even though when Peter previously asked if anyone thought Alayah was fake during the group date, the room stayed completely silent.

Just a sampling of the things the women said at the pool party: “Do I think she acts a different way in front of the cameras? Yes,” “I feel like you’re not getting a genuine version. You’re getting the version that’s the most perfect,” and “Alayah is manipulative, she’s fake, she thinks this is a game.” Oof.

But it was Victoria P., who was on her one-on-one during the kitchen incident and missed it, who dealt the death blow. During her alone time with Peter, she told him Alayah asked producers to lie to him about their past relationship. She also told Peter that Alayah has been talking about “all the opportunities that come after this, even if you’re not her husband,” AKA Instagram sponsorship deals and a career as an influencer — something many a Bachelor contestant is seeking when they come on the show.

What’s particularly strange about this backstabbing is that Alayah and Victoria P. competed together in Miss USA last year, and by all accounts seemed to be friends coming into the season. They even had some Instagram pics together (which have since been deleted, and after this episode, that’s not that surprising). Considering how willing Victoria P. was to shit talk her supposed friend to advance on the show, is it really Alayah who is there for the wrong reasons?

Only time will tell, because although Alayah didn’t receive a rose at tonight’s ceremony, the teaser for next week’s episode hints that we haven’t actually seen the last of her. Will Alayah return to the game somehow? Hopefully next week we’ll find out when the gang heads to Cleveland, Ohio, their first destination of the season.

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Divorced Moms Need Divorced Mom Friends

I love my married friends with all my soul. But since my divorce, they cannot relate to my life the way they could when I was married. And that’s okay. More than okay.

As I was signing my divorce papers, I was surrounded by happily married women who didn’t have free nights like I did to sit over a platter of nachos or meet me at spin class.

While they were doing family life, I was trying to navigate single life. I realized one lonely Saturday evening when everyone else was enjoying family game night or a trip to the movies, I had two choices: I could either wallow in my sadness and really dig the knife in deeper by letting their lives make me feel even more lonely than I already was… or I could find myself some divorced friends to spend some time with.

I decided on the latter. Not only was it the best thing I could have done for myself, it was the best thing I could have done for my friendship with these married ladies. 

After running into an old high school friend who was a few years ahead of me in the divorce process, I felt a wave of hope after a chat and we made a plan to get together that weekend.

I hadn’t seen her for over 20 years, but our dinner lasted three hours and I literally felt a weight lift off my shoulders. She let me in on all the stages you go through (she was so right) and was able to put some of the confusing feelings I was having into words simply because she’s navigated that madness and it was starting to make sense to her. Not to mention if felt so good to talk to someone who had been through it and to be able to be there for them, too.

We have some of the same child-free nights, and meeting her for a glass of wine or gelato has been the silver lining I needed. She knows what this kind of loneliness feels like, and she understands when I send her a text telling her I feel like I’ve taken a step back because she feels it too.

Then, there’s the woman I met online who’d been in the dating world for two years before I’d dipped my toe in. She gave me the “low down” on grooming “down below.” She helped me set up my dating profile and told me some of her horror stories. We laughed so hard I peed my pants at the bar.

Going through a divorce and dating again after having kids is not for the faint of heart. You need a wing woman because your sensitivity chip is so heightened, you literally overthink every move.

Also, it helps to have someone get you out of a bad situation with an “emergency” call alerting you that you need to leave your date ASAP and tend to an imaginary problem.

My divorced friends are a treasure I handle with care. They have been able to see me through some dark days. The mere fact they have gone through it takes some of the pain away. Humans don’t like to feel alone regardless of what they’re going through. 

Their advice, our afternoons spent shopping at Target, and our text threads have been more valuable to me than therapy.

I love my married friends and sisters, but I realized after I wasn’t married anymore that my life has a separate compartment they simply cannot relate to. It’s not bad, it’s not sad, and it certainly is no reason to end the friendship. It doesn’t mean they don’t have a place in my life or offer excellent advice when I need it.

Having a few friends who have walked in my shoes and who know that divorce isn’t black and white — it’s not something you just “get over” — and can understand the lingering pain is priceless.

If you are going through a divorce, or have been divorced and don’t have any friends who have been through it, I cannot recommend getting yourself at least one divorced friend fast enough. It has been my saving grace, and I don’t know what I’d do with out these badass women in my life.

If you are worried about finding your new squad, believe me when I say you don’t have to look very far. Single moms are craving friends who can walk through this experience with them too, so don’t be afraid to ask that divorced fellow mom out for a cup of tea.  

I guarantee she’ll say yes, and it could be the start of a wonderful friendship. I know because I now have three strong, divorced women in my life who never would have entered it had I not invited them.

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9-Year-Old Remixes ‘Truth Hurts’ To Sell Girl Scout Cookies

This 9-year-old Girl Scout’s Lizzo parody will have you eating (Thin Mints, obvs) out of the palm of her hand

There are hustlers, and then there are people who straight run the game. And a little girl by the name of Amory Vargo definitely qualifies as the latter. We know this because she created a Lizzo “Truth Hurts” parody to sell more Girl Scout Cookies — and, justifiably, the adorable video has gone viral.

According to Amory’s mom, Troop Leader Samantha Vargo, the 9-year-old from Westerville, Ohio decided to step it up in order to achieve her goal of an all-expenses-paid trip to camp. “She has done other videos but never with this much success (or effort put in),” Samantha told Scary Mommy. “She would like to sell 2020 boxes so she can go to a week-long Girl Scout camp for free.” And thanks to the Lizzo-inspired video she uploaded to YouTube on January 11, something tells us Amory could very well meet her goal… and then some.

In the just-over-a-minute-long video, the distinctive sound of “Truth Hurts” plays in the background while Amory sings her version of the lyrics. “You could have a Thin Mint, minty middle, helping our community, just a little/I’m comin’ around, you can call me back/And there’s the sound, of you enjoying your snack,” she says in the cookie bop.

As Amory’s dad, Zak, revealed on Facebook, the video had racked up over 2,000 views within hours of being posted. By Monday morning, it had climbed to more than 20,000 views. And now, at the time of this article, Amory’s video is rapidly approaching the 60,000-views mark. If there’s one thing people love more than a Thin Mint or Samoa, it’s a precocious little girl coming up with a brilliant marketing strategy (remember last year’s Jason Momoa on Samoas boxes gimmick?).

Besides, let’s be honest, it’s Girl Scout Cookies season. We’re all just sitting around biding our time until someone gives us an excuse to buy a box. And by box, we clearly mean four. Bottom line? None of us really need that much convincing. So, when someone like Amory goes above and beyond to hustle their little entrepreneurial heart out, well, take all our monies.

Samantha Vargo

Not only do the cookie sales bolster the Girl Scouts’ life skills, but they also support community projects and — as is the case with Amory — extracurricular outdoor adventures. Samantha further wants it known that you don’t have to keep the cookies for yourself, although no one will judge you if you squirrel away at least one box. However, says the proud mom, you can “even donate [boxes] to the military.”

Samantha hopes that Amory’s video will both inspire other young girls and raise awareness about the organization as a whole. “There is a lot of cookie competition out there, and we certainly do not want to take sales away from any other girl out there hustling sales for her troop,” she told Today. “We hope that by this video going big other girls will see it and the wheels will start turning for them in other ways to market. Heck, even just getting consumers to think about cookies and reach out to Girl Scouts they know!”

If you’re confident that Amory is “100 percent that chick” who can quell the Samoa-craving beast inside, you can place an order through her here.

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What You Don’t Know When You See My ‘Picture Perfect’ Life

My pantry is stunning. I got a set of glass storage containers from my kids for Christmas, and the very next day I went out and bought a few more. There are no bags of chips, pretzels, or boxes of cereal floating about. Everything is in a tight little container setting on freshly painted white shelves. I even painted polka dots on the walls for fuck’s sake.

On the surface, things look wonderful. The reality, however, is far more complex.

While the pictures I sent to my friends left them in awe and they replied with messages like, “How do you do it?” and “Can you come over and help me with mine?” and “You’ve have a real talent,” what they didn’t see was a mother who was missing her children so bad on a Tuesday night because they were with their dad that she spent hours organizing her damn pantry.

They didn’t see the tears and feel my emptiness I was trying so hard to fill. They have no idea how many tissues I went through or that my nose was red and dripping with snot as I scrubbed the shelves.

I like a clean and organized home as much as the next person, but since my divorce, vacuuming, organizing, and finding cute outfits on sale is something I do with a vengeance in hopes to ease the pain of not having my kids with me due to our shared custody arrangement.

Some like alcohol or sugar. Some binge watch reality shows. My buffer is the work of keeping my house and myself looking tidy and ready for a party at any given moment.

My drug of choice is staying busy so I don’t have to sit and think about the “good ol’ days” when we all would have been piled around the kitchen table or watched Wheel of Fortune in a lump on the sofa with random socks and pieces of dog food strewn about on the carpet, when the cleaning could wait until the next day. Or the next.

The strange thing is, back then my life felt clean and organized, because those were the years I didn’t feel the need to look the part of the happy single woman who was doing just fine despite having her marriage fall apart and missing her children so much she was in physical pain.

I’ve tried to fill the cracks of my divorce and the emptiness caused by shared custody with lash extensions and rearranging furniture. I’ve tried to control my tears by browsing online for the perfect pillow set. I have the bandwidth to coordinate my shoes to my cute knit hat before I walk out the door when my kids aren’t here. But I cannot, for the life of me, get rid of this sadness.

Maybe to others who are peeking into my life from the outside, through my Instagram feed, or even my front door, it seems like I have it all figured out.

I don’t.

You want to know what I have? More time without my children. That’s it.

And with that time comes feelings. With those feelings comes a natural reaction to somehow fix the fact I don’t see them everyday.

But no matter how good my outfit makes me feel, or how well put together my living room appears, or how happy a new candle makes me, the unnatural feeling of not being with them every day simply will not relent.

I may have a clean home, but that doesn’t mean I am lucky. I may take the time to get myself dressed and make my hair and nails a priority, but it all comes with a trade-off. You see, I’d take the chipped nails, the roots, the so-called “messiness” again if I could. Those days mean more to me than having gaps in my life where I feel it’s my job to feverishly fill the spaces so I don’t have to feel this angst.

My ex and I don’t miss each other, nor do we want to be married again. But I want to see my kids every single day. And because I don’t, I miss my old life deeply and grieve it every day.

Sometimes it feels like a small twitch. Like when I smell dandelions and think about how my son used to pick them for me. So, I go out and buy new flowers for the table.

Sometimes it feels like a bulldozer. Like when I’m home alone, the house is silent, and I reach for the remote and Wheel of Fortune is staring back and me and the sound of Pat Sajak’s voice hurts my ears because of the memories. So, I gut a whole closet and try to put it back together better than before, all the while telling myself this will help me feel a bit better.

When I feel this pain, I have to move, I have to change something, I have to make something better or prettier.

I know what I’m really doing though: I’m trying to control something, anything. Because I can’t control the fact my kids don’t sleep in their beds every night and I don’t make them meals everyday and I don’t get to reach over and kiss them whenever I want.

I can’t change this turn my life has taken, but I can shampoo the rug. I can paint my nails. I can redecorate the mantle. Because right now, it’s all I know how to do.

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‘National Treasure 3’ Is Reportedly In The Works, Thanks To Disney

After 13 long years, Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer will reportedly finally move forward with ‘National Treasure 3’

Sixteen years ago, our lives were changed: Jon Turteltaub’s National Treasure hit theaters, and never were we ever so invested in the Declaration of Independence than when we watched Nicolas Cage’s character Benjamin Franklin Gates embark on an extreme treasure hunt for the document.

National Treasure
Walt Disney Studios

Though the film received mixed reviews from critics, the film was a hit at the box office, grossing nearly $350 million worldwide. Three years later, the sequel arrived in theaters, making even more money worldwide: a whopping $457 million. But, that’s where the story of the amateur cryptologist ended ⁠— until now, that is.

According to Variety, Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer are finally moving ahead with a third National Treasure movie ⁠— and we, for one, couldn’t be more excited. Writing the script is Bad Boys for Life screenwriter Chris Bremner; and Bruckheimer, who produced the first two films, will reportedly return to produce the third.

national treasure 3
Walt Disney Studios

This isn’t the first time Disney has toyed around with the idea of creating National Treasure 3, though. The film was first discussed by Disney chief Bob Iger at the annual shareholders meetings in 2016 and was later addressed last year.

“I know that Jerry Bruckheimer who produced National Treasure 1 and 2 would like to make a third movie, and I know that discussions about that film have gone on, probably since 2016, with our studio, but I know that they have not greenlit such a film,” Iger said last year. Iger added that “they have talked about a number of different possibilities both on the creative side” and that, from a timing perspective, he didn’t have anything to announce ⁠— though he did add that Bruckheimer’s passion for the franchise remained “pretty strong.” “We love those first two films, too,” Iger said, “but we’re not quite there yet.”

Barack Obama Stephen Colbert National Treasure GIF

In 2018, Turteltaub explained to Collider why Disney initially didn’t move forward with a third National Treasure film ⁠— and it has everything to do with money.

“When National Treasure first got made, there was a lot more money to go around. Everybody got paid nicely. The problem with getting the third one made isn’t the people who are getting paid saying, “I’m not doing it unless you pay me a lot!” It’s really that Disney feels they have other films they want to make that they think will make them more money,” Turteltaub said, adding that he thought Disney was wrong. “I think they’re right about the movies they’re making; they’re obviously doing a really good job at making great films. I just think this would be one of them, and they don’t quite realize how much the internet is begging for a third National Treasure.”

Ain’t that the truth. When the recent National Treasure 3 news hit the interview, people on Twitter were more than excited. They freaked.


In addition to Cage, the National Treasure franchise also stars Justin Bartha, Jon Voigt, and Diane Kruger. And we can only hope they’ll also return for National Treasure 3.

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The History of Periods

How did women deal with menstruation before all the modern conveniences? Today, we’re exploring the history of periods.

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From the beginning, little was known about periods – either because early cultures didn’t talk about them or because most scribes were men. Figures.

During ancient times, the Romans thought menstruation meant that a woman was a dark witch. According to Pliny the Elder, an ancient author and philosopher, menstruating women or witches, could stop hailstorms, drive dogs crazy, kill crops and bees and dull weapons just by looking at them.

In Mali and Nepal, women were sent to menstrual huts. The French thought sex during ones period would cause monsters to be born. Others thought it would just corrode the penis. Corrode? What is it? A steel pipe? Medieval Europeans thought period blood cured leprosy, while others thought drinking period blood would cause leprosy– drinking it? When?

The women of Egypt wore softened papyrus as tampons. In Ancient Greece, tampons were made from bits of wood with lint wrapped around them. Wood? Sounds like a vaginal campfire. The Romans made their pads and tampons from wool, and we all know how comfy wool is. Many women just wore rags or free flowed into their clothing. They’d wear herbs around their necks or waists to hide the scent. Because free flowing was considered unsanitary, sanitary napkins began to make more appearances in the late 19th century.

It took an actual war to come to this discovery. In World War I, French nurses realized that the cellulose bandages they used on wounded soldiers could also work on period blood. Shot wounds and periods had a lot more in common than we ever realized!

In 1921, the first commercial brand was invented — Kotex! Unfortunately, there was no sticky adhesive on the pads until 1970, so before that women wore belts that they pinned the pads onto. This menstrual belt was called the Hosier Sanitary Belt.

In 1929, Dr. Earle Haas created a catamenial device, or monthly device, where a plug of cotton was inserted using two cardboard tubes, which he patented. The device, what we know as a tampon, was made with sewing and compression machines and it probably took about a month to make them.

Today, we have all kinds of feminine products from period underwear to cervix cups. We also know we’re not witches, unless we want to be, and unfortunately can’t change the weather by just looking at it. We’ve come a long way, but only a few states include feminine products as a tax-exempt item of necessity. I guess we still have a ways to go.


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Give Up On A Flat Stomach, Folks — Let’s Celebrate The VBO

You had a baby. Perhaps you had more than one baby. Perhaps, like me, you had several babies. Or maybe you are raising a child you didn’t biologically carry. Or you lost your baby.

Maybe when you got pregnant the first time, you had a flat stomach. Maybe it was perfect, the teenage-dream belly, a flat, perfect plane of skin that ran in one line straight from your breasts to your … you know. Maybe back then you could look straight down and see your … you know … without leaning forward a teensy bit. Maybe you mostly still can, kinda.

But you, very likely, don’t have a flat stomach. Short of surgery, you will probably never have a flat stomach again.

Give. It. Up.

As we say in the South, let go and let God.

And the Lord God, the universe, the flying spaghetti monster, or basic human evolution decided when a woman got pregnant, her stomach would stretch. After this stretching, there would be no need for her body to look the same as it did before. It didn’t need to. She was fine the way she was. So her formerly flat stomach remained somewhat stretched. No longer did she look like she used to; she looked like she’s a mom.

That’s because she is a mom.

So after you have a baby, even if you lost alllllll the baby weight, even if you fasted yourself down to the same weight you had in high school, your stomach will probably  never look the same. It will never tighten up. It will never completely flatten out. Your formerly flat stomach will pooch. It will squish, or sag, or maybe some skin will hang down in weird little wrinkly folds (I have weird little wrinkly folds).

Give it up, folks.

Yeah, you could get surgery to take care of that. And that’s okay. Your body, your choice. But many of us  don’t have the money/time/inclination/desire to do so. We look exactly the way we’re supposed to look. We look like we had a baby.

Make it normal, people. Let’s normalize a VBO. Let’s normalize a belly pooch. Let’s normalize squishy bellies. Because they are normal.

Zachary Reed/Reshot

Stop walking around acting like you’re supposed to look any goddamn different. Stop being ashamed. When you look down at your belly and think, “God, if only I looked …” just shut that shit down. Your body is beautiful and amazing.

They have built an entire industry on making you think that you should have a flat stomach. It’s called “shapewear.” It’s clingy and sweaty and sticky and sometimes makes it hard to breathe, and you tend to bulge out the edges of it. I should know. I wore The Most Popular Of Shapewear for years, come depth of winter or sweltering heat of a Southern summer. I would not allow myself to be seen in public without it. Why? Because if people saw me, they would know I didn’t have a flat stomach.

They knew I didn’t have a fucking flat stomach. I was carting three children everywhere.

Because here’s the other secret: everyone knows you do not have a flat stomach. 

If you are someone who has procreated or is raising kids, we know your stomach is (more than likely) not flat. We know it (more than likely) sags or bags or flops or pouches or pokes or shelves or does one or many of the things that the female stomach does when it’s asked to stretch big enough to accommodate an eight pound human being for a certain period of time. Y’all, think about that baby one more time. Close your eyes. From a sheer that-thing-was-in-my-body point of view, that baby was fucking enormous. It literally shifted your vital organs around for the better part of a year. The whole world knows that.

Once you take the shapewear off, you’re left with the same stomach you had before you put it on. What are you going to do, wear that shit to bed? I sure hope not. You deserve comfort.

“Lose the mummy tummy”? Shut the hell up, tabloids and the Western beauty standards driven by capitalism to make us feel bad about ourselves. Moms have tummies. Period.

A flat stomach might be nice. So would some of those really expensive, weird gadgets in the Williams-Sonoma catalog that you wonder who the hell even seriously contemplates buying. So would a unicorn. A unicorn would be cool. I could hang towels on its horn or something.

A flat stomach is about the same. Pretty to look at, but not necessary. Not necessary to be an amazing human. Not necessary to live your best life.

So, try make your peace with your belly. Look at it. Realize that it will never be the same as before, short of surgical intervention, so you might as well learn to appreciate it for what it is right now. Be less self-conscious. That doesn’t mean you have to wear a crop-top (unless you want to). But you can drop the shame. You don’t have to look like you did before.

You can look like a mom. It’s okay to be a mom. There’s nothing wrong with being a mom. Moms are awesome. So are soft bellies, round bellies, stretch-marked bellies, all the bellies.

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This Mom And HR Professional Has Excellent Advice On Helping Kids Navigate Technology

I don’t know about you, but I’m in a constant state of conflict about my kids’ technology use.

On the one hand, everyone in my household is clearly addicted to their devices, and it can be disturbing at times. Just yesterday I came into the dining room, and my husband and two sons were sitting at the table, eating, glued to their screens, all with headphones on so they couldn’t even hear me when I asked a question.

It was one of those thrown-together, middle-of-the-week dinners, so I wasn’t excepting my family to be doing too much socializing. But this was totally absurd and seemed like the perfect illustration of how zombified the entire world has gotten since personal hand-held screens were invented.

At the same time, you can’t really get away from technology these days—and there are some amazing things that happen with their usage. Not only do my kids use their phones and iPads to zone out watching videos and playing video games, but they use them to chat with their friends (no one talks on the phone these days!), complete homework assignments, and learn about prime numbers and the solar system (well, at least my nerdy kids do).

Their teachers tell me that learning to code (which my kids also use their screens for) and becoming technologically proficient is the future of our world. Tech is where all the jobs are, they tell me. Anytime I try to pry my son’s phone out of his hands, he’ll go to town with that argument, telling me that he’s going to get rich as a computer programmer someday, so I should really just relax. Sigh.

All of this is why I was so excited the other day when I came across a post on Facebook that offered some really concrete advice about how to put a more positive spin on tech use for our kids—and offered tips for making their technology use more intentional and practical. It’s totally refreshing and packed with really good ideas (which I’m definitely stealing!).

The post was written by Melissa Griffin, a Human Resources Director from San Antonio, TX and mom of three: two boys (aged 15 and 11) and a girl who is six. Griffin tells Scary Mommy that she was inspired to write this post in response to many of her friends and fellow parents who have struggled with their kids’ technology use.

“I’m a member of many parenting groups where I notice parents are giving their kids smart phones and laptops earlier and earlier,” said Griffin. “It’s often not long before these same parents are in the group lamenting that they’ve basically lost their kids to these devices.”

Ummm…I can definitely relate to that.

“I wanted to offer some practical ways for parents to use these devices to connect with their kids,” she added. “It’s up to us to help our kids use technology not just to consume, but also to create and to contribute to the family.”

As part of Griffin’s job, she often hires young adults, and her post is partly a response to what she sees as some of the difficulties these young people are encountering. In a nutshell, they may know the basics about how to operate their phones and computers, but they have very few practical skills.

“We hire so many young 20’s who are downright addicted to their phones yet don’t know the absolute basics of using technology and struggle with making and receiving phone calls,” Griffin wrote. “The anxiety levels these ‘kids’ (new hires) face when they encounter even small amounts of conflict or gray areas on a customer call can be debilitating for so many of them.”

Yup. I know I have a few years left before my kiddos venture out into the work world, but I can also say that I am sure I have not done enough to prepare them for something as basic as making a phone call (and no, I don’t mean a FaceTime call). It seems kind of bonkers to say it, but I know I’m not the only parent out there who has not taught this skill to their kids.

I’ve rationalized it to myself thinking my kids don’t need to know how to do it now—after all, there’s texting and emailing. But I see Griffin’s point that when they get older—and definitely when they enter the work force—that’s a practical skill they will need to know.

Griffin goes on to share a whole bunch of simple and smart things you can do with your kids—with technology—to teach them the basic adulting skills they will need when they leave the nest.

My favorites include having them call tech support for you the next time your internet goes down (my kids are way better at this shit than I am and actually enjoy it); making them do online grocery shopping for you during their summer breaks (genius); and calling to make their own haircuts, doctor, and dentist appointments (yes, please).

Clearly, Griffin’s post has had an impact on parents all over. Her post has been shared on Facebook 87K times since it was first posted and parents all over are thanking her for sharing her inside perspective on some of the tech skills that kids will  need when they grow up.

Griffin tells Scary Mommy that the response to her post has been amazing and gratifying, and that people who have read her post are actually trying some of her tips, with success.

“The response to the post has been incredible,” she said. “I’m hearing stories of kids helping around the house more, taking ownership of researching purchases, ordering groceries, and signing themselves up for school events.”

That. Is. Awesome.

Her list is so good. I am definitely printing in out and making a point of tackling some of these things with my kids over the next few years. And I’m going to try to take the perspective that technology use isn’t “good” or “bad,” but it’s all about how you use it.

Oh, and my kids are going to learn how to talk on the phone if it’s the last damn thing I do.

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Supernanny Jo Frost Has Parenting Tips We All Need To Hear

Supernanny Jo Frost is back on TV with parenting tips for every parenting style. She uses a blend of compassion, understanding and discipline to help families deal with extreme difficulties. Jo is one amazing supernanny and we are all in! Check out Supernanny every Wednesday at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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In this interview, Jo Frost reveals that bedtime routines are important for children and parents to connect. In addition, children feel a sense of safety and security when bedtime is predictable.

When it comes to screen time, Supernanny Jo Frost suggests playing with children. One-on-one time with kids is an important time to connect. Not only that, children often need to learn how to play. So, turn off the screens, act silly, get on the floor or dance around the kitchen. Your kids will love it.

What’s Jo Frost’s favorite baby products? Jo has one she feels is the most valuable: the baby monitor. However, Jo suggestions turning off the monitor and only listening for your baby’s cries. By listening, we become more in tune with the wants and needs of our kids.

Check out the rest of Jo Frost’s interview and learn about the one piece of advice she has for parents struggling with self doubt.

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Camel-Toe Underwear Exist And Literally No One Asked For This

If you are a person with a vagina, I’m sure you’ve felt the wrath of a pair of pants that give you a front wedgie. I mean, I love a cute jumpsuit, but I’m long-waisted and can’t wear them simply because I feel the fabric creeping up my front-crack so far I can taste it.

It feels like sandpaper rubbing on my inner lips, and after a few steps, I swear I start to see sparks coming from between my legs.

Not to mention, I don’t need anyone to see the outline of my vagina. I embarrass myself (and my kids) enough already; I don’t need to add an exposed love mound when I’m picking up my kids at school or have a meeting with my therapist.


We all know that camel-toe feeling. I’m sure you’ve had the pleasure of being in a fitting room and pulling on a pair of drawers that just didn’t fit right and you couldn’t peel them out of your insides fast enough. Perhaps you put on your pre-baby pants a little early and felt your vulva eating your trousers as soon as you sat down in your car, or to enjoy a fat meal. There’s been a time or two I thought I’d have to call for backup just to pull the denim out of my deep socket. It’s not a good feeling and I wouldn’t put myself through it regardless of any current fashion trends telling me seeing the silhouette of my love button was in.

Up until the other day when my friend sent me a link to camel toe underwear asking me if it was a real thing, I was under the impression people tried to avoid showing their moose knuckles at all costs. Apparently I was wrong.


After all, there are camel toe concealers available for purchase for a reason. I’ve heard on the street, people don’t particularly like the outline of their genitals being shown as they walk around the work place, or the grocery store.

Or do they?

You can now purchase underwear which will part and lift your lips while showing the world a more swollen version of your vulva right through your clothing on Amazon or Ebay. Thanks to the extra padding, support, and deep slit they provide, you can give your home plate a bit more face if you will.


It’s kind of like getting those underwear that give you extra stuffing in the rear for that bubble-butt effect, only it’s a bubble-vagina you’ll be getting with these babies. Zero pain or rashes included.

Social media is having a field day with the idea of showing the world a better picture of your vagina, and we have so many questions.


The fact is, fetishes come in all shapes and sizes. For some, that means they want to see more defined crotch cleavage in themselves or their partners. For this result, Amazon suggests, “If you want the camel toe to be more pronounced, try wearing it over a pair of tight panties or leggings.”

So, if feeding fabric to your vagina isn’t doing what you want it to do because you hate the feeling of a vedgie (vaginal wedgie), but you like the way it looks, it’s nice to know there are options out there for you.

Your accentuated slot pocket is only a click away.

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