Babywearing Shirts For Endless Snuggles And Skin-To-Skin Time

Babywearing shirts are exactly what newborn babies need to help them adjust to the big, weird world they were born into. Your newborn was safe and warm inside your womb for nine months, then all of a sudden they were literally pushed into an existence they weren’t expecting. It makes sense that they want to be near you at all times. (And vice versa.) Designed to keep your baby safe, cozy, and conveniently close for breastfeeding, babywearing shirts have a kangaroo-like pouch that holds the baby (similar to a ring sling, a type of baby carrier, but it’s also a shirt! We love a multi-purpose product) allowing for all the snuggles and skin-to-skin time, which can stimulate oxytocin and boost milk supply.

What is a babywearing shirt?

Like we said, a babywearing shirt is literally a shirt that holds babies. It’s great for initial skin-to-skin contact for moms and dads (especially dads who don’t want to take their shirt off in the hospital), but can be worn on a daily basis as well. Not to be confused with a hands-free baby carrier that straps on or is wrapped over your clothes, babywearing shirts are actual shirts that come in different sizes. So, if you and your partner wear different sizes, there won’t be any babywearingsharing going on. Yup, that’s a word we just created, and you are welcome to use it any time you want.

Below you’ll find our favorite babywearing shirts for moms (and one for dads, too!) that are comfortable, stylish (as far as babywearing shirts go, we can only work with so much here), and will help you and your new little person bond. Please note that most babywearing shirts do not meet carrier standards for hands-free carrying.

Best Babywearing Shirts

NuRoo Pocket Babywearing Shirt

This shirt is ideal for preterm and small babies. It’s soft, breathable, moisture wicking, offers full coverage, and is tight enough to securely hold your baby. In fact, it’s the only babywearing shirt that meets sling/carrier standards for hands-free portability. But once the baby reaches around 8 pounds, you’ll need a hand for support. The shirt comes in X-small/small, large/X-large, and 2X-large. One reviewer wrote, “As the ‘other mother’ for our child my wife carried, wearing our baby is an important part of bonding but it’s not as cool to have me in the hospital room shirtless like my wife! This shirt was perfect for that immediate post-birth skin to skin without exposing my whole chest to hospital staff.”

$57.99 AT AMAZON

Nesting Days Women's Carrier

We love this shirt because it can be worn by itself as a tank top, or you can wear a T-shirt or long-sleeve under it. It feels like you’re wearing a baby wrap, but it’s much easier to put on and is better at staying in place. The shirt can be worn feet in for younger babies or feet out as your baby gets bigger. It’s available in several colors in sizes X-small to XX-large.


Moby Wrap Bump & Beyond T-Shirt Wrap

You can wear this wrap after the baby is born and while you’re pregnant, which is ideal, considering the newborn stage lasts for what feels like five minutes. (It doesn’t feel so quick when you’re in it — we feel you, new mamas.) The shirt is available in sizes X-small to large. One reviewer wrote, “This wrap helps to support your belly and your back while you are pregnant. Once your little one arrives, it allows you to have that skin to skin contact! I love that I can nurse my little one while wearing this wrap. It is super convenient and saves so much time and hassle!”


Smallshow Fleece Baby Carrier Hoodie

This cozy fleece hoodie is perfect for cold temperatures. It’s super warm and cozy, but it’s important to note that it doesn’t offer any skin-on-skin contact. It does, however, offer a convenient little pouch for your baby as you both stay bundled up. The pouch, which has to be purchased separately for $12.99, is big enough to continue using as your newborn grows. Plus, it can be removed, so you can wear the jacket with or without baby. One reviewer wrote, “I live in a very cold area and have to walk my dogs with baby in the carrier so I wanted something that could go over him as well. The little hood part is perfect for him and is big enough that there is room for him to grow into it.”

$54.99 AT AMAZON

Seraphine Grey Marl Cotton Skin-to-Skin Top

The soft stretch of this babywearing shirt is gentle on baby’s skin and is perfect for postpartum recovery. It allows for hands-free lounging when you’re sitting or reclining, but when walking around, you’ll need to hold on with one hand to your baby. The shirt is available in sizes X-small to X-large, and it comes in four colors: blue, grey, black, and pink.


Seraphine Skin-to-Skin Long Sleeve Top

A long sleeve version of the Seraphine tank top above. It offers the same soft fabric and comfort for both Mama and Baby. A wrap tie in the front lets you choose how tight or loose you want the shirt to be. It’s available in blue, black, and grey, and it comes in sizes X-small to X-large.


DadWare Bondaroo Skin-to-Skin T-Shirt

This babywearing T-shirt isn’t designed to be a carrier, but rather a way for dads to bond with their newborns on their chest. The shirt is pretty long so it doesn’t ride up when baby’s on board. It’s available in sizes small to XX-large. One dad wrote, “I love this shirt. It’s so comfortable. Feels like an extra soft T-shirt. And I get to have skin to skin time with my son without trying to fit into hospital robes that are too small and awkward.”

$44.99 AT AMAZON


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