Chili Party Ideas and Free Printables

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These Chili Party Ideas with Free Printables is a simple dinner party you can quickly throw together. There is NO cooking involved, only heating up chili and dicing toppings. So easy!

Chili Party Ideas Free Printables by Living Locurto

Fun Chili Party Ideas and Printables

Host a simple Chili Party with these fun dinner ideas! As much as I love a good homemade meal, sometimes it’s just way easier to buy ready made meals. Earlier this week, I hosted a Wolf Brand Chili dinner party with some friends while LIVE Tweeting about it.

Confused? Believe me, my friends didn’t know what that was either. ha! Basically, I just talked to people on Twitter about what I was doing for the party. It was super fun and I heard our hashtag #1TexasChili was trending for a while. I guess a lot of people like chili, especially during this season of fall weather and football season!

I’m excited to share my party with you today because it’s a very simple idea and something you can quickly throw together. There is NO cooking involved, only heating up chili and dicing toppings. That’s my kind of party!

I think these cute free printables and these chili party ideas would be perfect for a fall party, birthday dinner or football party buffet.

Chili Party Ideas with free printables are simple dinner party ideas you can quickly throw together. Easy birthday, fall party or football party buffet.

We had a Chili Bar full of all kinds of toppings to try on your chili. If you haven’t tried Wolf Brand Chili in a while, now is the time. My friends all agreed that it was great. These are women that love to cook homemade chili and probably haven’t tasted this brand in a while. I love it because it’s not only tasty, but fast and easy! After doing many taste tests, we gave it two thumbs up.

Originally published October 16, 2013

Fun Chili Tasting Dinner Party with Free Printables.

Chili Party Toppings

There are so many great ideas for chili toppings! Along with the usual, cheddar cheese, cornbread, crackers and onions, I had the following toppings. Tortilla chips, Fritos, banana peppers, red peppers, red onions, avocado, chives, tater tots, blue cheese, smoked gouda cheese, hot dogs, sour cream, mustard and ketchup.

Fun Chili Tasting Dinner Party with Free Printables.

Chili Party Supplies

I had small cups and spoons available for everyone to sample toppings before they decided on what toppings they would choose for their final big bowl. We all ended up just using the small cups and getting full from taste testing. It was really fun!

Fun Chili Tasting Dinner Party with Free Printables.

The top three favorite toppings were smoked gouda cheese, Fritos and avocado!

Coming in a close second was blue cheese. My husband told everyone he thought you only needed a few crumbles, that a little goes a long way. He was right! Just a few sprinkles of blue cheese was heavenly.

The kids loved the tater tots and really, so did I! I actually loved mixing all of the veggies together. I like the red pepper because it gave the chili some crunch. But some didn’t like their chili crunchy.

Fun Chili Tasting Dinner Party with Free Printables.

My son just realized that he likes chili after going to a cub scout camp out and he was all over this taste test. It was fun to create something that both kids and parents enjoyed together!

Chili in a Jar! Chili Party Ideas with free printables are simple dinner party ideas you can quickly throw together. Easy birthday, fall party or football party buffet.

Chili in a Jar

There was so much chili left over that I made up layered Chili in Jar to store in my fridge for later. With good canned chili like Wolf Brand Chili, this is so simple and really cute! My free printable circle tags work perfect on the jars.

Chili in a Jar! Chili Party Ideas with free printables are simple dinner party ideas you can quickly throw together. Easy birthday, fall party or football party buffet.


Download Chili Party Free Printables

I designed some cute free party printables so you can host your own chili party!

Fun Chili Tasting Dinner Party with Free Printables.

This Free Printable Chili Party Collection comes with 9 files. Click a link below to download each one. Enjoy!

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Wolf Brand Chili. All opinions about recipes and products are genuine and my own.

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How to Throw a Murder Mystery Party

I am a huge advocate for adults continuing to date and party after they have children.  It’s so easy to set that piece of ourselves aside, especially on holidays like Halloween and do everything just for our kids.  Making dating a priority in my own marriage inspired me to start throwing this party every year and it has been a huge hit!  It’s a wonderful way to gather all of our friends together, eat yummy food and laugh a lot…kid-free.

This year I found Night of Mystery to sponsor our party and provide the game and it was fantastic!  I have never had such a comprehensive kit-it made hosting very easy.  They send you a PDF full of the scripts, printables-everything down to name cards for the table and certificates for the winners.  Each of their mysteries has it’s own website with ideas for the party including menus and costume ideas, making it very easy for your guests as well.

1. Create an Event (or send out invites)

How to Throw a Murder Mystery

I am a HUGE fan of facebook for organizing parties.  It is the easiest way to reach people quickly, send out updates and interact.  It also makes keeping track of who is willing to play which parts much easier!  I always create the event a month or so in advance because October is always crazy for everyone (especially with children).  Night of Mystery also provides an invitation template along with the game that you can send out if you would prefer.

2. Start Planning Food

I have planning food down to a science.  I set up a poll asking my guests to bring either an appetizer or dessert (serving the meal in courses is a great way to naturally add transitions in the game) and then all I am worrying about is the main course and I make soups!  It is incredibly easy and everyone walks away full and happy and gets to show off their fun halloween appetizers and desserts!

How to Throw a Murder Mystery

3. Assign Parts

This years mystery had 15 mandatory parts and 20 suggested with an option of more!  I typically have 30ish people attend the party and not everyone wants to play a part so I try to look for mysteries that have less parts than I have people.  This is just how I choose to do it-because I throw my party for halloween and the majority dress in a halloween costume and not as their part it works.  If I was throwing this party for another occasion, I would still want everyone in costume to go with the theme and assigning everyone parts would work with that.  Every year I always have a few couples fall through due to sick kids/babysitters falling through/etc so I’m always glad I can give out parts to extra guests if I need to!  I loved the scripts/parts this year because they were all very low-key and didn’t require a lot of reading for the actors.

4. Organize

I like to read the entire mystery top to bottom before the party.  I’m always too busy during the party to actually play, so I don’t mind knowing everything so I can help facilitate the game.  The mystery this time was awesome because one of the characters naturally keeps the party moving and is in charge of the investigation so it was the perfect roll for the host to play.  I paper-clipped everyone’s description of their roles, their initial information, and envelope with additional information to be opened mid-way through and their name tags so I could easily hand these out as people arrived.  For all of the guests I printed money (for bribing and blackmail…so fun!) and a sheet with the list of characters for everyone to take notes on.  The murder mystery kit also included “Who Dunnit” cards for everyone to fill out at the end.

How to Throw a Murder Mystery

5. Decorate

I love doing a murder mystery for Halloween because it lends to very easy decorating.  Over the years I’ve acquired centerpieces, I always want to buy lots of pumpkins anyway and it works out fantastic.  This murder mystery included family trees and copies of the character list so I put them in dollar store frames and added them to my tables.  It also had numbers for laying out the evidence, place cards, and photo props!

How to Throw a Murder Mystery

How to Throw a Murder Mystery

The tarantulas crawling all over the character list was a huge hit!

How to Throw a Murder Mystery

6. Party Time!

I love setting up a backdrop and taking pictures as guest arrive.  The last 2 years I have taken polaroids of every couple and I love seeing them hanging on my friends refrigerators when I’m visiting.  For many of them, it’s the first picture they’ve had of them as a couple, dressed up for Halloween since having children.  We also take cell phone pics so we can share everything!

How to Throw a Murder Mystery

After pictures I hand out all of the parts for characters to review, everyone puts on name-tags and we start appetizers.  As the host (and for this one, investigating officer) I started the party out introducing everyone and we all began our first set of objectives.

7. Dinner

The party kit included a timeline that worked perfectly with serving courses potluck style, giving guest an opportunity to get up and mingle with each other.  Appetizers were a great way for people to get familiar with the characters and between courses we read the will and moved on with the second part of the party by mid-dinner.  I mapped all of this out on the timeline beforehand so things would flow easily during the party.  By the end of dinner most everyone had the chance to talk to characters, exchange bribes/blackmail each other and everyone filled out their “Who Dunnit’s” as we started dessert.  That gave me a chance to sit down and review all of their worksheets to see who had won!

How to Throw a Murder Mystery

How to Throw a Murder Mystery

How to Throw a Murder Mystery

8. Select Your Winners

I loved how the kit included certificates for the winners.  We did Best Costume, Winner of the Mystery and Moneybags and I included a box of Pumpkin Spice Cereal as a prize.  It was hard choosing winners this year because we had several guess the winner so I always have everyone write down all of the details and whoever has the most detail that aligns with the motives of the winner gets the prize!

How to Throw a Murder Mystery

Overall, this years party was a huge success and everyone had an awesome time!  I love doing this for Halloween, but a murder mystery is also a fantastic idea for New Years, Valentines or really just a fun event all by itself!  Thanks again to Night of Mystery for sponsoring this fun event!!

Have you ever hosted a Murder Mystery?  Any Suggestions?  What questions do you have?  Comment Below!

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