Christmas Gift Card Holder {Free Printable}

You’ll love this cute Free Printable Christmas Gift Card Holder. It’s perfect for last-minute gifts or a surprise from Santa. Cute Free Printable Christmas Gift Card Holder This free printable Christmas gift card holder is a perfect gift from Santa! Since you can’t find these designs in the stores, kids know they are for sure […]

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Hot Chocolate Bombs Recipe

Hot Chocolate Bombs are easy to make at home with this no mold hot cocoa bombs recipe! Red candy filled with hot chocolate mix, holiday sprinkles and mini marshmallows makes the perfect Christmas drink or gift. How to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs with No Silicone Mold This festive Christmas themed Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bombs Recipe […]

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5 Unique Christmas Gifts for Your Husband


Finding it hard to find new and exciting gifts for your husband every Christmas? We know the feeling. Which is why, here at the Men’s Gift Store, we go to great lengths to bring together a large selection of Gifts for Men. That way, you can be sure that whatever your husband’s hobbies or interests, you will find that unique gift here that shows him how important and loved he is! Here are our top five picks for Christmas:

Get personal

Somehow, a personalised Christmas gift always adds a nice touch and shows that you have the recipient firmly in mind. Why not treat him to a beautiful Men’s Personalised Luxury 13″ MAC Book Case? The case is made from genuine leather in a masculine dark-brown hue with soft cushioning inside, to protect the laptop against bumps and scratches, and fasten securely with a zipper. It also boasts extra storage room with a pocket at the front. With up to 4 imprinted initials, this is a thoughtful and gift he will treasure, and it is also available in iPad size.


Turn him into a smoker!

No, this is not some irresponsible advert for cigarettes; we mean the smoking of food to add delicious flavours. With a Wood Chip Smoker Box, your hubby can extend his range of BBQ skills and impress the family and guests with his culinary prowess. Made from brushed stainless steel, the wood chip smoker box is suitable for barbecue aficionados of all ages. Wood chips are available in great flavours including Maple and Hickory – ideal for adding to meat – while fruit woods like apple and plum will give a mild flavour to fish or poultry.


Give him a gadget

Why watch video’s, film clips and photos on a small screen when you can project them onto the wall? If your man is a fan of taking pictures or viewing movies on his phone, he will love this simple but ingenious gadget that is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones up to 80 x 160mm, including the iPhone 6 Plus. The Luckies Smartphone Projector provides instant entertainment in one compact, cardboard box. As long as you have a smartphone and a wall, you can now project images anywhere, anytime!


Let him escape

We all know that life can become a bit of a drudge, so why not offer him an afternoon or evening doing something completely different? Treat him to an Escape Room experience, where he and 2 friends can go on a fun, educational, exciting and seriously addictive journey! They will have to work together as a team – testing their wits, getting creative and problem-solving their way to freedom. Available in various locations across Australia, this is a truly a gift with a difference. Lots of other experiences, such as Cooking classes, Wine tastings, and Beer tours, are also on offer.


Tickle his taste buds

If your partner loves a “wee dram”, as they say in Scotland, then why not treat him to his own gift of an award-winning, velvety-smooth 10-year-old Single Malt? The Ardberg Quadrant Whisky Pack includes a 700-ml bottle, beautifully paired with two branded glasses to create a stunning gift pack. The Islay whisky has a unique, slightly smokey flavour and a complex and deep blend of aromas, and will be treasured by every whisky connoisseur.

Of course, this is just a very small sample of the many great and unique men’s gift ideas on offer at the Men’s Gift Store, so browse the range to find a truly unique and quality gift that you know he will adore. Australia-wide delivery (free on orders over $99) means you can choose his Christmas present   from the comfort of your armchair, and get it delivered to your door!

The I-Have-To-Get-Them-Something Gift List

We all have those certain gifts that are required of us each year. You know, the ones we have to buy but really don’t want to spend a lot of time or money?  We all have a few of them whether it’s our I-Don’t-Really-Know-You-But-Live-By-You-Neighbors, teachers, church friends, co-workers, or mailman. We still want to to say “I’m thinking of you”… but are sick of buying the same candle and hand soap. Here is your must-buy gift list for all those presents you are obligated to give (but want it to be something nice!).

This post is not sponsored. These are items that myself and other TodaysMama editors really love and are giving out to our friends!

neighbor gift list



These sweet, precious and unique collection of 20 can be the start to quite a few gifts. Buy an adorable pot (or don’t) and you’re all set!

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Real cacti not their thing? Buy an adorable tumbler like these cactus double wall 24 oz tumbler. I know I can always use an extra lid/straw drink option in my house.

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This fantastic recipe from Martha Stewart is a great option for all those neighbor gifts.  It makes a million caramels in just one batch and the gingerbread flavor makes it unique enough they won’t get bored from “just another holiday caramel”.

Click HERE for the recipe!





Teachers have come to expect gift cards for Christmas. I’m sure they don’t mind, but if you want to break out of the norm, try these bangled bracelets. You can personalize your appreciation. I love their simplicity and daintiness.

Click HERE to buy!





One of my favorite gifts given to me from a neighbor was a movie night on them. They provided a Redbox promo code and a microwave popcorn and/or 2-liter of soda for a fun family date night. I loved this idea because it was so simple and something I would have never thought of — and of COURSE it was getting used! Free movie and treats?! Yes, please!

Buy Promo Codes Online HERE!

(TIP: Email the purchased codes to yourself so you can hand them out using your own design and gift tag!)




Know someone who would rather hit the movie theater?  You can buy gift cards to most movie theater companies at your local grocer (look for their gift card section) or even online.

Click HERE to buy!





A sweet thought can go a long way. Share these beautiful words with your friends. And it is SO easy! Find a cute frame, download, print and you’re done!

Download Printables HERE!



8. TRADER JOE’S BODY BUTTER (Only $4.99!!)

We are IN LOVE with Trader Joe’s body butter. And we are even more in love with the price. You can’t beat $4.99 for a product that you actually buy and use for yourself. Don’t trick yourself in to buying this online because you will be paying WAY more than necessary. You have to hit up your local Trader Joe’s (or bribe a friend that lives close to one) to fetch these beauties for $4.99 each.

Find a local Trader Joe’s HERE!


Do you have a favorite obligatory gift? Please share your ideas below! 10 bonus friend points if you link to the product…because you know…I’m lazy.


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His and Her Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Raspberry Pretzel Jello Salad

Put THIS On Your List This Year (+ a Giveaway!)




His and Her Stocking Stuffer Ideas

This post was sponsored by Olay and Braun at Walmart.  All opinions are my own.

Whether you are just starting your holiday shopping or you are crossing the final items off your list, you can’t forget to fill those stockings. Christmas is just around the corner and shopping season is upon us!  We’re all accustomed to the standard stocking stuffers—the candy, the knick-knacks, and the movies from the bargain bin. This year, put some thought behind what you’re stuffing in the stocking! Ditch the usual and give the gift of self-care with stocking stuffers meant for pampering. 

All of the women in my life could use some luxurious pampering—and absolutely NONE of them have the time to go get pampered as often as they’d like. This brush feels like a fancy-pants spa experience right in my own bathroom and my skin feels next-level soft and clean after I use it.  So for her, you can’t go wrong with Olay!  Olay’s Advanced Cleansing System delivers superior cleansing on hard-to-remove makeup. The 2-speed rotating facial cleansing brush massages the exfoliating renewal cleanser onto the skin. The lathering formula thoroughly cleans as it gently exfoliates. The system was professionally designed to deliver proven results.  In fact, the ProX by Olay Advanced Cleansing System is designed to maximize the immediate hydrating effectiveness of your anti-aging moisturizer.

With 2 speeds, you can control how the cleansing brush treats your skin. Plus, it’s water resistant, making it perfect for use in the shower!  Your skin will feel smooth and refreshed after every use.  The Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System will be on rollback at Walmart for just $29.97. Combine that with a $4 off brandSAVER coupon that dropped on 11/26, and you’ll get a great deal on a gift she will love!

I’m surrounded by men that have been blessed with glorious facial hair. My kiddos will be giving their Dad and Grandpa this grooming kit so they can look fantastic without a lot of fuss. Just because they can grow a killer beard, doesn’t mean they want to mess with it. Much. For the men in your life, pick up the Braun Multi Grooming Kit.  Thanks to its clever attachments, the Braun Multi Grooming Kit offers face and head trimming in one package.  6 different attachments allow him to create his unique look with effortless precision, whether he’s trimming his beard, tidying his ear and nose areas or clipping his hair. The kit includes 4 combs covering 13 precision length settings from 0.5-21mm. An ear & nose trimmer attachment and beard trimmer is also included.  The 6-in-1 beard/hair trimmer will also be on a special holiday rollback for only $21.97 through December. 

Give the gift of pampering this year with Olay and Braun!  Quick and easy stocking stuffers that anyone will enjoy!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay and Braun at Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.


Winter Floral Printable Tags

Homemade gifts are always special! Make your packaging extra beautiful with these pretty Winter Floral Printable Tags.

Winter Floral Printable Tags perfect for homemade gifts in a jar. Easy mason jar food craft for Christmas gifts. Chex Mix in a jar.

Winter Floral Printable Tags for Beautiful Homemade Gifts

I designed some new Winter Floral Printable Tags for my Living Locurto Fun Club members and excited to share an example of how I will be using them myself! Every Christmas, my Mom would fill holiday tins with her famous Chex Mix for gifts and there was always a big glass jar filled with it in our home during the Christmas season. I was inspired by the memory of my mom’s glass jar filled with Chex Mix, to package a delicious treat in vintage glass containers and mason jars!

If you need a quick and easy homemade gift idea, be sure to check out my amazing Brown Sugar Bacon Chex Party Mix recipe and print these winter floral printable tags to make your own homemade gifts for the holidays.

Pretty Winter Floral Printable Tags perfect for homemade Christmas gifts.

Pretty Winter Floral Printable Tags perfect for homemade Christmas gifts.


Free Printable Winter Floral Printable Tags

Fun Club members can enjoy the entire winter floral printable tags collection, but I’m also giving away the small square tag for free! Now even if you’re not a Fun Club member, you can enjoy the pretty “from our home to yours” printable tags to make your homemade gifts extra special.


The Fun Club printable comes with three 2″ “From our home to yours.” tags, one that is 4″ for larger gifts and a floral circle tag that looks great on top of a mason jar lid! These beautiful gift tags are perfect for gift giving all year round!


Thanks to all of you who have joined the Living Locurto Fun Club. If you haven’t joined yet, these winter floral gift tags are just one of many pretty designs you’ll get from me. I’ve got an exclusive printable library just for members, plus you get to unlock a new printable design or two each month.  I’m always working on new designs and will pack the Fun Club printable library full of all kinds of goodies each month.  I hope you join the fun!


Print the Winter Floral Gift Tags

Fun Club Members can download the FULL  Winter Floral Gift Tags collection now.

>> Members Log In Here.  <<<

Non-members can download the 2″ gift tags by –> clicking here.


Not a Fun Club member? Join now!

Skip the stores… print wall art, cards, party designs, planners, Christmas Elf ideas and more right from your home!

Join the Fun-Club! Get access to beautiful planners, home decor and party printable designs by Living Locurto.

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10 Unexpected Holiday Gifts that People LOVE

Let’s be honest for a moment, shall we?

There are years when the gift giving is straight up MAGIC. When inspiration strikes early and often and you become a whirling dervish of holiday gift-giving awesomeness.

Other years? Not so much. I don’t think anyone is to blame for this—there are years when I can’t think of a darn thing that a certain person or family on my gift list needs. (I’m looking at YOU, DAD, and your frequent trips to the home improvement store and/or golf emporium.)

Maybe you’ve got someone on your list that is experiencing a bit of financial stress. Maybe they’ve worked hard to get healthy and have told you specifically not to be knocking on their door with your famous fudge.

Sometimes it’s a result of your own life circumstance. Maybe you have experienced the life altering joy of tidying up and the thought of bestowing more clutter upon your loved ones doesn’t seem like your jam this year.

Maybe you’ve just got gift giving block.

I have a solution.


Okay, maybe a more accurate title is:


Think about it this way…

You can spend $20 at Sephora and walk out a happy camper. (Because red lipstick makes the world go ‘round, people.) You can also spend $200 dollars at Costco and be annoyed at how few items that really amounts to. Bonus irritation points when you can’t eat any of what that $200 just bought.

So giving household items or supplies can actually be a really thoughtful way to show you care, because WHEN DID TOOTHBRUSHES GET SO EXPENSIVE?!

Here is a list of items I’ve given (or received) that turned out to be a big hit.

Here’s one more disclaimer on these…I bought these items in bulk because the key to the magic of these everyday items is that I was, in some cases, gifting a 6-12 month supply.

So great for pet owners, especially given the fact that lint rollers are marvelous for cleaning pet hair from furniture and auto interiors. But even non-pet owners will love all of the other uses for lint rollers (hello clean lampshades!) 

10 Unexpected Holiday Gifts that People LOVE

Costco carries giant bags in bulk and you can get 3-4 times the amount for the same cost as at the grocery or beauty supply store. That means you can gift a 6 lb bag for about $5. (Epsom salts baths are a gift from heaven. HEAVEN.) 

10 Unexpected Holiday Gifts that People LOVE

Our extended family is large, and we gather often for family birthdays and family camping trips, so believe me when I say that a $20 box of plastic silverware was well received!

10 Unexpected Holiday Gifts that People LOVE

My favorite is Kodiak Cakes. You can get a huge box at Costco for about $10. I gave these to neighbors last year with a tag that included some of my favorite mix-in recommendations (bananas, chocolate chips, pumpkin pie spice, apple sauce…) By the time I was delivering these on Christmas Eve it was a welcome break from the cookie onslaught. 

10 Unexpected Holiday Gifts that People LOVE

I defy you to find a person that doesn’t use, need, and get annoyed at the cost of detergent. Go with a relatively neutral scent and there’s no reason for anyone to be anything but overjoyed at the money you just saved them. 

10 Unexpected Holiday Gifts that People LOVE

People that love my dog have a special place in my heart. Dog treats are also a great gift for the person that “has it all” or is hard to shop for, but has a dog. I love to do this for coworker gifts — it’s not overly sentimental or expensive, and you don’t have to worry about food allergies. 

10 Unexpected Holiday Gifts that People LOVE

This one is for the ladies. Again…these are expensive! I would be thrilled to get a bulk package of razors or razor blades. And I don’t know any women that are super picky about these…therein lies the advantage of shaving your legs and not your face! 

10 Unexpected Holiday Gifts that People LOVE

Spoiler alert! If you’re related to me, you’re getting a solid stockpile of toothbrushes. Everyone needs them, and probably needs to replenish them more than they actually do. Especially if they have a kiddo in braces. 

10 Unexpected Holiday Gifts that People LOVE

Everyone needs batteries, whether they have kids or not. I’m constantly swapping out my rechargable ones for my computer mouse…and not my kids have begun swiping those for their toys. Consider getting fancy and buying a pack of 9-volt batteries…because NO ONE ever has those when their fire alarm starts that annoying warning beep…at 3:00 A.M. 

10 Unexpected Holiday Gifts that People LOVE

The bulk pack is heaven-sent for parents of small (and not-so-small) kids. You can never have too many band aids. The variety pack that includes the big knee-sized ones, along with the tiny toddler pinky-toe size is the way to achieve true hero status. 

10 Unexpected Holiday Gifts that People LOVE

What did I miss? Anything else to add? Tell me in the comments.

10 Unexpected Holiday Gifts that People LOVE

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Give a Holiday Movie Memory

This post is sponsored by Fox Home Entertainment.

I’m working hard at instilling a favorite holiday tradition of mine with my kiddos…packing in as many holiday movies as we can between Black Friday and Christmas Day. There is nothing better than popping popcorn, making hot cocoa, and watching our favorite holiday movies together.

Now, I’m not going to lie, we pop more than our fair share of popcorn for a movie marathon throughout the year, but there is something so special about the flicks that we only watch during the holidays. This year, my girl is old enough to enjoy one of my favorite holiday films, Miracle on 34th Street.


This movie was given to me as a gift when I was a teenager by a treasured family friend. She told me how much she loved the original and that I would love the remake (1994 version.) She was right and Miracle on 34th Street is on our “must watch” list.

Miracle34_1994_ Still1

I wanted to pass that feeling on to another family.

One of the twists that I’ve used in recent years is giving a Christmas gift before the 25th rolls around. Some gifts are too wonderful and too full of holiday spirit to wait that long to give (and enjoy!)

So I put this “Merry Family Movie Night” gift basket together.

Give a Holiday Movie Memory

It includes:

  • A Big Bag of Popcorn
  • Peppermint Sandwich Cookies
  • Peppermint Hot Cocoa
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Candy Cane Taffy

PLUS — and here’s the best part — a note inviting them to check their email to download their Digital HD copy of Miracle on 34th Street.

Did you know you could GIVE people your favorite holiday movie via iTunes? It’s crazy-easy

Just go to iTunes, search for your favorite Fox Christmas movie and under the “BUY” dropdown menu select “Gift This Movie”.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 8.45.45 PM

Follow the prompts, including sending the gifted download to your recipient’s email address.

Drop off this basket o’ merriment and you’ve given them an INSTANT Christmas movie experience that is sure to land on their holiday highlight reel.

Give a Holiday Movie Memory

I love the ease of downloading Digital HD movies right at home, and making it easy to keep building our holiday movie library. I’ve been known to wrap gifts and bake cookies into the wee hours with my favorite holiday movies playing on my iPad propped on my kitchen counter.

Download Miracle on 34th Street or any of your other favorite Fox Christmas movies on iTunes today and watch them instantly with your family! I’m sure you’ll love it as much as we do!