A Printable Valentine For All Ages

It’s time to face the facts—Valentine season is upon us. If you’ve ever stood in the picked over Valentine aisle at 9 pm on February 13th quietly cursing Cupid, then we’re here to help. We’ve got a printable Valentine you can make happen from the comfort of your own fuzzy slippers. With this you can look like a Pinterest mom while really being an Amazon Prime mom.


Let me start by saying I hate giving candy Valentines because there is SO MUCH sugar going around. I don’t mind the kids getting some sugar, but I don’t feel like I need to add more to the mix. But giving just a regular old Valentine seems boooooring. Trust me, no one is going to miss the candy hearts when this fidget spinner Valentine shows up in their shoe box on February 14th.

Fidget Spinner Printable Valentines Day Cards

Here’s the deal—I found some great fidget spinners here. As an added bonus, these fidget spinners come individually boxed. That means you could use washi tape (like this Valentine red tape) and put the Valentine on top for a quick and easy project. Your kids can probably even do it themselves. Or if you want to dress it up, you can do like I did and get cellophane bags (find them here) and baker’s twine (I like this kind) and assemble them into cute little packages.


Download the Spinner Printable Valentine Here

Non candy printable valentine


After you download the printable Valentine, you can print it out at home, or take it to get printed somewhere. It prints out six to a page. They’re easy to trim down and then they’re good to go. If you don’t already have a paper trimmer, you may want to get one. I love this one from Fiskars. It’s so inexpensive, and has saved my life and sanity on more than one occasion.

Fidget Spinner Valentines

Cute? Check!

Fun? Check!

Easy? Check! Check!

Valentine Hero Status Guaranteed? Check! Check! Check!

Valentine Cards with Fidget Spinners


Looking for more non-candy Valentine options? Check out these eight printable Valentine ideas here.


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Super Bowl Party Ideas

Every year our family throws a big Super Bowl party.  To be honest, I like sports but I’m not much of a sports fan. However, I do like parties! With 4 crazy-hyper kids that need to be included, I spend a lot of time thinking about food, games and fun.  Here are my favorite Super Bowl party ideas to keep the sports-lovers, haters and littles involved and happy during your big Super Bowl party.



Bingo is a MUST! We keep kid and adult prizes for the first one to call out Bingo. This is anything from a special drink, candy, or a dollar-store toy.

SheKnows has put together a fabulous set of Bingo cards. Visit their site HERE then click on each card to print. It’s important to print each card to have variety for the Bingo cards. Print on cardstock to make stronger cards.



Just because the Super Bowl party is where you sit and watch TV doesn’t mean you can’t do anything else. We like to keep things moving for those that get tired of sitting (or the game, wink-wink), as well as the goo-gobs of kids we have running around.

This game is named FACE GOAL!

You’ll need two players and mini stuffed footballs (I’m not opposed to using marshmallows either). Have one player stand about 10 yards away from the other player and give them a bucket of small footballs. The second player will stand with their hands upright in field goal/touchdown position. To play, the first player must hike footballs (like hiking a football) underneath their legs into the the field goal of the other person, without hitting them in the face. The footballs only count if they go through the player’s arms, not above or around them. First team to hike 7 footballs through the field goal wins. 

Click here to see more hilarious minute-to-win-it party games.

Source: www.playpartyplan.com



31 questions of guessing fun! Winner is the person with the most correct answers! Make it a little more fun by asking guests to bring $1 for their card — winner takes the pool!

Print your Super Bowl Predictions Card Game here. (courtesy PartyGamesNow.com)




We make a hard rule in our house that no Super Bowl commercials can be watched BEFORE the game. What’s the fun in that?! This makes commercial bingo even more exciting on game day.

Print your Super Bowl Commercial Bingo cards here.




I have done personal veggie and dip cups the past few years and love them.These keep little hands out of the community dunking bowl (let’s be honest–where have their hands been?!).  It also creates less stress for those that just can’t take double-dippers and let’s ranch lovers bask in the joy of their own ranch (add more if you want!)

Source: www.chef-in-training.com



I love to have something that the kids can help me with. They really like getting involved in all the decorating ahead of time, but I also try to find an easy “thing” they can do while all the adults are mingling. We have loved creating football brownies. These are pretty easy because all you need is a football shaped cookie cutter! Make your brownies ahead of time and cut the shapes out (or let the kids do this part if they can). Buy pre-made frosting in tubes and let the kids decorate as footballs!

Source: www.bettycrocker.com



A Super Bowl party isn’t a party unless you have team logos and colors everywhere! Sure you could go spend a fortune at the party store, but why when the wizards of the internet have FREE printables all over the place…and they are darling! Check out these awesome printables from Second Chance to Dream.

Click here for the full list and links to printables.


Still need some more decoration ideas? Check out Spaceships and Laser Beams for 100+ FREE Super Bowl Party Printables. CLICK HERE to check them out!


What are your plans for the Super Bowl? Share your favorite party recipes, games and more in the comments below!


Elvie: Your Most Personal Trainer

After the birth of my third child I quickly noticed some changes to my most intimate lady areas.  I had just stopped postpartum bleeding at 6 weeks, only to start right up again 2 weeks later.  I thought for sure something was wrong and headed into my midwife’s office, convinced all my my organs were trying to fall out of my vagina.  She explained that the only illness I was suffering from was menstruation (curse you eager uterus!) and mild prolapse and that the cure was rest (ha!) and maybe some work on my pelvic floor to tighten everything back up where it belongs.  That is when I found Elvie, my most personal trainer.

We don’t talk enough about our pelvic floors in the United States of America.  The pelvic floor is a powerful little set of muscles that sits like a hammock between your tailbone and pubic bone. Hidden, but very important, it lifts and holds your core, affecting core stability, bladder control and even sex.  Routine Postpartum Care doesn’t often cover a discussion about prolapse, rebuilding your pelvic floor or what to do if everything seems very out of place down there.  Many women are unfortunately embarrassed to talk about their vaginas (why this is so important) and don’t even when they go in to the doctor.  It isn’t until things are serious that they get help.  According to the National Institutes of Health, as many as one-third of women suffer from a pelvic floor disorder, which can cause discomfort in the groin and lower back, urinary and fecal incontinence, and painful sex. The condition occurs most commonly after childbirth and menopause, as the muscles weaken with age. Some 11 percent of all women will undergo surgery for the condition in their lifetime—and by the year 2050 the number of women having corrective surgery is expected to increase by nearly 50 percent.

Working in women’s health has magically made me privy to much of this information.  Women suddenly feel comfortable telling me about their most private problems with their private parts and I have been so surprised how many women, especially heading into their 40’s and 50’s that are finally taking care of a prolapse from when they had their last baby, sometimes 20 years later!  That’s terrible!!  I wasn’t until I read Bringing Up Bebe that I was introduced to the idea of pelvic floor rehabilitation and how important and routine it should be!

A fantastic solution to all of this is the Elvie.  Weak pelvic floor muscles are likely to cause more than half of all women bladder, sex or prolapse problems.  When done correctly kegels develop muscle tone and maintain strength.  The Elvie is a fun kegel trainer that helps rebuild and heal those weakened pelvic floor muscles and I just had to try one!!

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Exercises for Vaginal Uterine Pelvic Prolapse

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Exercises for Vaginal Uterine Pelvic Prolapse

You guys, it’s so cool!!  You basically play video games with your lady parts.  It’s really hard to exercise a muscle that you can’t see, and this makes it possible.  As you squeeze, the gem lifts, allowing you to visualize your exercises in real-time.

A work-out only takes 5 minutes a day-making it easy to do and incorporate into your daily routine.  I do mine first thing in the morning, ideally as part of my morning yoga session.  It’s not only helpful but very entertaining!  The Elvie also has 4 different levels of difficulty so you can start where you are: training, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  I stay motivated by tracking my results on the app.  I have been improving week by week and my goal is to always beat my personal best!

Elvie is also committed to making sure women are doing their kegals correctly.  30% of women push down when exercising, which can lead to damage.  They designed and patented a new way to measure force and motion that allows you to visualize your exercises and even corrects your technique.  It is also the world’s smallest Kegel trainer, with an optional cover for custom sizing.

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Exercises for Vaginal Uterine Pelvic Prolapse

And if you’re worried about being discreet, the charging station is a cute little white sleeve that you can plug in and no one would have a clue what it was!

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Exercises for Vaginal Uterine Pelvic Prolapse


Some Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I use the Elvie kegel trainer?

Is the Elvie kegel trainer easy to use?

The Elvie kegel trainer is a small pebble shaped pod that you place inside just like a tampon. It links to the Elvie app which tracks your fun, five minute pelvic floor workouts. We have tested the kegel trainer on over 150 women, so we are confident that it is comfortable to use and it even arrives in two sizes.

How do you know the Elvie kegel trainer really is effective?

All our product development was guided by our scientific advisory group including a number of well known researchers in biofeedback and pelvic floor exercise such as Dr. Rufus Cartwright, Imperial College; Dr. Kay Crotty, Physiolink; Prof. Linda McLean, University of Ottawa and Dr. Jeroen Bergmann, Oxford University. Multiple studies show that giving women real time biofeedback is one of the most effective methods for Kegel exercises with direct force measurement being the gold standard. The Elvie kegel trainer is the first product for women that measures force directly and offers a significant advance over existing products that rely on air pressure changes and are thus unreliable.

Is the Elvie kegel trainer compatible with all phones?

The Elvie kegel trainer is compatible with iPhones 4S and newer and Android phones or tablets 4.3 and newer which support Bluetooth Low Energy. You can also use the Elvie kegel trainer with iPad 3 and newer, including iPad Air and Mini.

We are giving away an Elvie Kegel Trainer to one of you lucky ladies!!  Simple enter to win by following these easy steps:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have you every worked on your Pelvic Floor?  What worked for you?  Share in the comments below!

We asked to review the Elvie product and for some additional product for a giveaway. This post is NOT paid.  All opinions are my own.

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Seven Mocktails for Mama

We are offering an exclusive discount to Today’s Mama’s readers. Enter code HMHBLOVESTM to take $40 off a lifetime membership to our program.

Are you planning a party menu? If you’re Whole30-ing, pregnant, or breastfeeding, you’re most likely not planning to partake in adult beverages. But, we think you still deserve to kick back and put your feet up while sipping a refreshing, healthy drink. We’ve got you covered in this post with our round up of seven mocktails for mama. Cheers!

Coconut Mojito Mocktail

from Laura of @cookathomemom on Instagram
(makes 2 servings)

½ cup coconut milk
1 small lime
1 can La Croix Lime
15-20 mint leaves
¼ cup flakey sea salt (optional, for salt rims)

TO salt rim the glasses (optional): Cut the lime in half and run one piece along the edge of each glass. Pour sea salt in a shallow dish and dip each glass in.

DIVIDE the mint leaves among 2 tall glasses. Juice the lime and pour half into each glass. Muddle the mint leaves into the lime juice, then pour ¼ cup of coconut milk into each glass.

ADD ice to the glasses, then top off with lime LaCroix until full (be careful as you pour… bubbles!). Garnish with extra lime slices and mint.

Beauty Lemonade

mocktails for mama

from Food Matters
(makes 2 servings)

8 oz fresh strawberries
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
2 cups coconut water
1 cup kombucha (choose your favorite flavor!)

BLEND all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Pour into two glasses. Enjoy!

White Sangria Mocktail

mocktails for mama

from La Croix
(makes about 4 servings)

4 cans of lemon LaCroix sparkling water (add to taste)
6 oranges (sliced) or substitute 2 cups of orange juice
2 lemons (sliced)
2 limes (sliced)

POUR LaCroix in the pitcher and squeeze the juice wedges from the orange, lemon and lime into the LaCroix.

 TOSS in the fruit wedges (leaving out seeds if possible).
CHILL overnight. If you’d like to serve right away, use chilled LaCroix and serve over ice.


Watermelon Lime Slushy

mocktails for mama

from @smithfamilykitchen on Instagram
(serves 1-2)

1 cup diced watermelon (remove seeds)
Juice from 1 lime
Lime sparkling water
Salt (optional, for salted rim)

RIM glass with salt, if desired.

BLEND watermelon and lime juice. Pour into glass, filling about halfway, and then add sparkling water to fill. Enjoy!

Other options we love:

The Dark and Not-so-Stormy from Mother.ly

Bonus for pregnant mamas: limes are loaded with vitamin C, molasses is chock full of iron, calcium, and potassium, and ginger is a tummy soother for any nausea that ails you.

Detoxifying Water from Whole Sisters

Check out these potential health benefits just from sipping on this one! Cucumbers and ginger have anti-inflammatory properties, mint is known to ease nausea, and lemons are a refreshing addition that can also support digestion.

More Mocktails from the Whole30 blog

This post from Whole30 has SIX mocktail recipes, but don’t miss the Lemon Lime Zinger, which uses citrus and ginger to create a refreshing (and potentially nausea relieving) drink.

join now!

Our goal at Whole30 HMHB is to give you the information you need about pregnancy nutrition and health without the judgment or fear-mongering that is so commonly directed at expecting mothers. For more information on our program, find us at mamas.whole30.com and on Instagram @Whole30HMHB. We are offering an exclusive discount to Today’s Mama’s readers. Enter code HMHBLOVESTM to take $40 off a lifetime membership to our program.



mocktails for mama



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The Important Thing About Yelling

31 Super Fun Halloween Activities Kids Can Find Online

Cheap costumes? Cool pumpkins? Get online inspiration for learning, doing, and having fun — in only a few clicks.

By Sierra Filucci, Common Sense Media

Halloween is one of our favorite times of year because families can have so much fun together with — and without — media. From spooky movies, music, and games to fun crafts, snacks, and parties, October offers a month packed with family pleasures. We culled the Web for inspiration to get kids and families learning, doing, and having fun.

Pretty Cool Pumpkins

Costume Inspiration

Food Fun

Spooky Crafts and Activities

Scary (and Not-So-Scary) Media

More Halloween Fun


Do It Yourself Fashion—How to Be Your Own Dressmaker

Have you ever seen an outfit in a magazine or on TV and thought “wow – that looks great, I wish I could have something like that?” Well, the good news is that dressmaking, i.e. making your own clothes, is really not as difficult as it might seem at first. Of course, you won’t want to try a full-length bridal gown, or tailored two-piece suit for your first effort, but even complete novices can make a simple skirt, top or shift dress that looks great and is completely unique.

If you are tempted by the idea of being your own dressmaker, you will be able to find everything you need at Spotlight. With a wealth of fabrics, sewing equipment, patterns, trims, haberdashery and all other sewing essentials, you can find everything you need to make beautiful outfits, and all in one convenient place.


Get Inspired

Once you have decided you want to make an outfit, your first action should be to find a pattern. You don’t absolutely need a sewing pattern to start dressmaking, but it is the safest way to start your dressmaking efforts, and it will give you some knowledge of how clothing is put together. The best way to do this is to buy a pattern or two and start sewing something. At Spotlight, the large range of sewing patterns includes several that are marked easy, which means they are not made up of too many pieces and will be suitable for beginners. If you are not confident enough to tackle dressmaking straightaway, you could always start with an easier item such as a stylish tote bag.


Get Started Dressmaking

If you are new to dressmaking, you will need to look at buying some equipment that will help you when creating your designs.

  • Sewing machine – There are many sewing machines on the market today, and some of them do very complicated things such as embroidery, overlocking, blind hemming, and more. To start with, keep your machine simple – you can always upgrade later to a fancy model. The Brother GS2510 has 25 different stitching styles and is easy to operate and maintain.
  • Scissors – No dressmaker should be without a pair of good quality, sharp scissors, such as the Fiskars Dressmakers Scissors or similar. Scissors are not cheap but this is one area where you cannot compromise on quality – buy the best you can afford. To make sure you keep your scissors sharp, make sure they are not used for other projects such as paper cutting, as this tends to blunt them.
  • Haberdashery – This term covers all your sewing essentials such as measuring tapes, pins, thread, zips, buttons or other fastenings and much more. Check your pattern, it will have a list of the items needed for your dressmaking project. If you are starting out, take a look at some of the sewing kits available at Spotlight, which will get you all the basics in one handy pack.
  • Iron and ironing board – Last but not least, make sure your iron and ironing board are close at hand, as you may need to iron certain parts of your dressmaking project before sewing it onto something else.


Get Creative

This is where the fun really starts. Choosing your fabric. Browse through the many pages of fabrics at Spotlight to get inspired by the beautiful colors, designs and textures that they offer. You may already have a fabric in mind, or you may be guided by your pattern, which will recommend a certain type of fabric. Beginning dressmakers should keep in mind that thin, silky materials can be tricky to control when you have little practice, so start with something like cotton, which is not quite as slippery. Thick, bulky fabrics, gauze, and net can also be difficult to handle when you are a novice.

Your pattern will tell you how much fabric is needed for your chosen creation. Most dressmaking fabrics are between 120 and 140 cm wide, but materials do vary. Patterns will indicate with an arrow in which direction you should place a certain pattern piece, this may be because of the design of the fabric (for instance if you have striped fabric) or the sheen (fabrics such as velvet and silk can look quite different depending on how the light strikes them) or even the stretch in the fabric.

Of course, since you are making your own dress or outfit, you can be as individual or creative as you like. Fancy a contrasting color zip? Some outrageous buttons? Or ostrich feathers? It is all possible.

For everything from neat bias binding to elegant and colorful tassels, check out the great range of trims at Spotlight.

So, whether you want to make your own clothes, clothes for your kids, or even projects for around the home such as quilts, toys, decorative items or curtains, blinds and bedding, Spotlight will have everything you need for your dressmaking, sewing or craft project.


8 Non Candy Valentine’s Day Ideas For Kids

Valentine’s Day is coming! Which means we’re on the hunt for Valentine’s Day ideas for our kids. (Preferably the non-candy Valentine’s Day ideas.)

And if I’m being honest…I’m still pretty worn out from THE holidays. I mean, there are still Christmas gifts in my living room, so it seems like it wasn’t that long ago…

While you’re judging my spectacular ability to drag my feet, please enjoy the benefit of my laziness…THESE 8 Non Candy Valentines Day Ideas For Kids!

I can’t take the credit—this was a lazy team effort by Melanie and Rachael too. We really just wanted this to be easy on all of us this year. Maybe it was the hours I spent last year exacto-knifing tiny wrappers onto a very specific candy that required multiple trips to the store to secure 25 of the right flavor of aforementioned candy that made me stand up and shout “AMEN” when Melanie and Rachael shared this idea with me.

All of these fun Valentine’s ideas are easy to assemble. Just download the PDF file, print and cut the cards, and place inside a cellophane bag with the toy. Tie with cute bakers twine and YOU’RE DONE! Bonus? You can get all of the items here via Amazon Prime, delivered right to your doorstep. Extra bonus? These printables are FREE!

So easy your kids can put their own Valentine’s Day cards together.

And because we’re all still working on our leftover Christmas candy, these are non-candy treats.


The Lazy Today’s Mama Team

Download the “I Wheelie Like You” card in white or grey. We used these pull-back race cars, 4 x 9 cellophane treat bags, and baker’s twine.


Download the “Will Zoo Be Mine” card here. We used these zoo animal stress balls, 4 x 9 cellophane treat bags, and baker’s twine.


Download the “It’s Your Move, Valentine” card here. We used these tic-tac-toe boards, 4 x 9 cellophane treat bags, and baker’s twine.


Download the “You’re a Great Catch” card in blue or pink. We used these Pokemon bracelets, 4 x 9 cellophane treat bags, and baker’s twine.


Download the “Never Lego of My Heart” card or folded (pictured below.) We used these toy bricks, 4 x 9 cellophane treat bags, and baker’s twine.


Download the “You’re My Main Squeeze” card here. We used these mini heart stress balls, 4 x 9 cellophane treat bags, and baker’s twine.


Download the “I Dig Our Friendship” card here. We used these construction vehicle crayons, 4 x 9 cellophane treat bags, and baker’s twine.

Download the “I Get a Kick Out of You” card here. We used these ninja toy figures, 4 x 9 cellophane treat bags, and baker’s twine.

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Crafting with Kids – Chinese Calligraphy Canvas

My kids love drawing Chinese calligraphy. At the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, there is an exhibit called Take Me There China with a couple of different spots where you can practice Chinese calligraphy. Children seem to easily take to Chinese calligraphy from what I’ve seen – even those who are not old enough to write letters yet. Kids (and adults) can find it relaxing and fun to draw the sweeping lines in Chinese calligraphy. Seeing how interested my kids were in calligraphy gave me the idea to try an art project for Chinese New Year.

Each of my kids created their own personalized, colorful canvas showing off their calligraphy style and representing some of the things that are important to them. Using “My Little Book of Chinese Words”, a children’s book full of Chinese calligraphy (I’m sure you can find something like this at your local library), I asked my kids to pick 4 different words that somehow represented themselves. For example, my son chose “water” since he’s a swimmer, “spring” because that is when he was born, “draw” as it is a favorite hobby of his and “dog” to represent our family dog.

First, the kids used painter’s tape to tape a long strip across the canvas and a strip down the canvas, making four sections. It doesn’t have to be exact squares. My daughter chose to make her lines diagonal which I think shows her unique personality. Using tempura paint, the kids painted each of the four sections a different color of their choice. We then let the canvases dry and removed the painter’s tape.

Once the tape is removed, it leaves four colorful sections with a white border. Finally, I let the kids choose white or black paint to write the four words they had picked. Make sure to pick a paint brush with a fine-tip.

The kids were so proud of their colorful calligraphy canvases. I couldn’t wait to hang these up in their rooms – each unique and special just like they are.

You can find my original post on the Children’s Museum Indianapolis Blog.

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15 Smart Gift Ideas For Your Kids

15 Smart Gift Ideas For Your Kids

We’re crazy about gifts that get our kids brains and bodies moving (check out our Gifts To Get Kids Outside gift guide). Here are some of our top gift ideas that your kids will love and that you can feel really good about!

Smart Gifts For Their Brains!

Science Academy Slime Lab

Get ready for ooey, gooey, slime-splatting polymer science with the Science Academy’s Slime Lab! Slimy stuff is EVERYWHERE! Our bodies make slime, animals make slime, even plants are great at creating gooey ooze. This entertaining kit makes it fun, easy and safe to make a variety of slimes and learn about the chemistry that occurs behind the scenes.

{This one is for my child who loves all things gross}

Science Academy Slime Lab

Snap Circuits

Build working models of a photo sensor, a flashing light, and an adjustable-volume siren. More than 100 exciting projects in all with included 30+ snap together parts

{An Amazon Best Seller + The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval} 

Snap Circuits {Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products}

Science Academy Bath Bomb Lab 

This kit offers multiple recipe options to experiment with, giving you options for different sizes, colors and scents, and even the ability to create a super bath bomb for ultimate fizzy fun.

{This is for my girl who has always loved potions!}

Bath Bomb Lab


Dig It Up! Minerals and Fossils 

A different surprise lies inside each of these clay stones, just waiting to be discovered. Simply chisel away the stone to excavate petrified wood, fool’s gold, amethyst, snowflake obsidian and 8 other minerals and fossils.

{A great gift that your kids can do together}

Dig It Up Fossils and Minerals Set

 Color Daze Books

Have any kids that need to chill out? The intricate details help you focus and relax. It’s science. 

Color Daze Coloring Books


Tegu Circuit Racer

Complete with a charging station and magnetic plug, this aerodynamic runabout can go from zero to fun in 3 seconds and is adaptable to any situation, big or small.  Oh, and unlike any other vehicle, it runs on a totally renewable, endless power supply: your imagination. Circuit Racer includes 12 blocks in 7 shapes: 2 Long Planks, 2 Short Planks, 4 Wheels, 1 Charging Station, 1 Charging Plug, 1 Circuit Racer Front, and 1 Circuit Racer Rear.

Tegu Circuit Racer


Paint Your Own Porcelain Flower Pots 

Just paint and bake! This is one-of-a-kind art that’s both fun and functional. {And it’s the kind of arts and crafts that you’ll actually want to hang on to!}

Paint Your Own Flower Pots

 Telescopes For Kids

Telescopes for even the smallest scientists! From focus free toddler friendly telescopes to higher powered stuff for your school aged kids, telescopes are the perfect gift!

Telescope For Kids


Microscopes For Kids

We got our 1st grader a microscope for her birthday and it’s been her favorite thing.

{Last time she cut her finger she quickly asked for her microscope so she could see the blood}


Audible Books

How about an app you actually feel good about for your kids devices? We love audible books for the car, while we’re doing chores, or simply when I hear “I’m bored”!  Audio books are great for your kids that complain about reading. Hearing a story is also great for their brains! 

Audible Books For Kids



For super fun games like the Marble Run or the Traditional Marble Game that boost your child’s hand-eye coordination and develop useful fine motor skills!

{A great stocking stuffer}



  • Fun number tile matching game and math manipulatives
  • Practice basic math, counting, and sorting skills
  • Dominoes are color-coded
  • Includes 168 dominoes (six double-six sets), storage bucket, and Activity Guide
  • Fun for ages 5+



Card Games

These classic card games help build important skills like counting, sequencing, matching & social interaction.

Classic Card Games

Melissa & Doug Solar System Puzzle

Puzzle promote hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. Plus, we just love Outer Space. You can snag this puzzle or any of these smart puzzle ideas for a great {and inexpensive} gift to put under the tree. 

Solar System Puzzle


3D Printer For Kids

A fully-featured 3D printer that’s safe & simple for kids and adults to unleash their creativity.

{Currently a crowdfunding campaign so you may have to wait, but we think this is the COOLEST!}


 What would you add to this list?



Deck The Halls: Minted Gift Ideas {+ 3, $100 Gift Cards!}

We wanted to make “Decking the Halls” a little easier so TodaysMama.com is hosting a giveaway-a-day to fill your stockings, trim the tree, and stuff things under it! Be sure to check back daily for new giveaways and chances to win! {Be sure to click HERE for your chance to WIN from Minted.com!}

Gift Ideas From Minted.com:

Deck The Halls: Minted Giveaway


I’m not one to geek out over textiles . . . but their fabrics are ADORABLE {and seriously the best gift idea!} Check out the kids fabrics. I bought my daughter a couple of yards of different fabrics for Christmas and I’m so excited for her to open them!

I added about 30 fabrics to my favorites — but here are a few I loved:

Owl Party

Owl Party Fabric On Minted

Cotton Cloudy

Cotton Cloudy Fabric On Minted.com

London Calling

London Calling Fabric On Minted.com

Let’s Go Glamping

Let's Go Glamping Fabric On Minted.com

Modern Photo Frame

Modern Photo Frame on Minted.com

There are SO many fabrics to choose from! Imagine these cute prints in Teepees, Tablecloths, Pillows, or Curtains!

A few tips:

  • You must order a minimum of 1 yard
  • You can change the color scheme of the fabric you are looking at by clicking on the circles below the main image
  • There are 2 fabric options (Premium Cotton and Luxury Linen)

Art & Photo Gifts

Children’s Art

Adorable! We’ve got the baby animals hanging in my youngest girl’s room! There’s an option on some of the prints when you order to have your print signed (no extra cost)!

Baby Animal Prints on Minted.com

Art For Your Older Kids

Perfect for my tween daughter!

Bug Print on Minted.com

My teenage son would love this one. (My husband too)!

Jupiter Art Print (Land Cruiser)

Art For Everyone!

There are so many options to choose from: Fine Art PrintsPhoto Art & Gifts, and Custom Art & Maps (the custom silhouettes that will melt your heart).

Art Gifts From Minted.com

The bottom line is, I had no idea how much Minted.com has outside of stationary and cards. 

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