Super Bowl Party Ideas

Every year our family throws a big Super Bowl party.  To be honest, I like sports but I’m not much of a sports fan. However, I do like parties! With 4 crazy-hyper kids that need to be included, I spend a lot of time thinking about food, games and fun.  Here are my favorite Super Bowl party ideas to keep the sports-lovers, haters and littles involved and happy during your big Super Bowl party.



Bingo is a MUST! We keep kid and adult prizes for the first one to call out Bingo. This is anything from a special drink, candy, or a dollar-store toy.

SheKnows has put together a fabulous set of Bingo cards. Visit their site HERE then click on each card to print. It’s important to print each card to have variety for the Bingo cards. Print on cardstock to make stronger cards.



Just because the Super Bowl party is where you sit and watch TV doesn’t mean you can’t do anything else. We like to keep things moving for those that get tired of sitting (or the game, wink-wink), as well as the goo-gobs of kids we have running around.

This game is named FACE GOAL!

You’ll need two players and mini stuffed footballs (I’m not opposed to using marshmallows either). Have one player stand about 10 yards away from the other player and give them a bucket of small footballs. The second player will stand with their hands upright in field goal/touchdown position. To play, the first player must hike footballs (like hiking a football) underneath their legs into the the field goal of the other person, without hitting them in the face. The footballs only count if they go through the player’s arms, not above or around them. First team to hike 7 footballs through the field goal wins. 

Click here to see more hilarious minute-to-win-it party games.




31 questions of guessing fun! Winner is the person with the most correct answers! Make it a little more fun by asking guests to bring $1 for their card — winner takes the pool!

Print your Super Bowl Predictions Card Game here. (courtesy




We make a hard rule in our house that no Super Bowl commercials can be watched BEFORE the game. What’s the fun in that?! This makes commercial bingo even more exciting on game day.

Print your Super Bowl Commercial Bingo cards here.




I have done personal veggie and dip cups the past few years and love them.These keep little hands out of the community dunking bowl (let’s be honest–where have their hands been?!).  It also creates less stress for those that just can’t take double-dippers and let’s ranch lovers bask in the joy of their own ranch (add more if you want!)




I love to have something that the kids can help me with. They really like getting involved in all the decorating ahead of time, but I also try to find an easy “thing” they can do while all the adults are mingling. We have loved creating football brownies. These are pretty easy because all you need is a football shaped cookie cutter! Make your brownies ahead of time and cut the shapes out (or let the kids do this part if they can). Buy pre-made frosting in tubes and let the kids decorate as footballs!




A Super Bowl party isn’t a party unless you have team logos and colors everywhere! Sure you could go spend a fortune at the party store, but why when the wizards of the internet have FREE printables all over the place…and they are darling! Check out these awesome printables from Second Chance to Dream.

Click here for the full list and links to printables.


Still need some more decoration ideas? Check out Spaceships and Laser Beams for 100+ FREE Super Bowl Party Printables. CLICK HERE to check them out!


What are your plans for the Super Bowl? Share your favorite party recipes, games and more in the comments below!


How We Take Our Movie Night Next Level

This is a sponsored post on behalf of SANUS.

Ready for a fun family tradition?! A tradition that puts a glorious, enjoyable, low-effort cap on your busy week?

We call it FUN FRIDAY.

Fun Friday means two things.

  1. Takeout for dinner.
  2. A movie.

The genius behind our tradition is that we rotate through each family member each week and that person gets to pick both the takeout location and the movie. No fighting over where we eat. No complaining about the movie.

It’s our favorite!

We pile on my bed. Eat our takeout, on towels, of course. (We aren’t animals.) And watch a movie. As my kiddos have gotten bigger, I’ve been banished to the floor to eat my dinner. And I can’t see the TV!

(Taken from the FLOOR.)

I’m getting super ripped off. I bankroll this whole shindig and I’m on the floor…with a limited view of the TV! I’m ready to take advantage of that nice big wall and mount that TV up nice and high.

Did I realize until this project that my dresser wasn’t centered on the wall…or relative to my bed? NOPE. *insert face palm emoji*

Don’t be impressed by the cleanliness of that dresser. Before I took this photo the top was littered with various items such as; little boy underpants (clean), a retainer case, 1st grade homework, DVD cases, and a granola bar. None of those things are mine.


Can I have something pretty? Is that too much to ask? Probably.

But getting that TV off the dresser will go a LONG WAY to freeing up some space and making it much easier to wrangle the clutter.


Centered! Look at me, being a grown up!

Oh, that’s much better! I feel like I gained another piece of furniture!

Finding my wall mount was a piece of cake.

I started with the SANUS mountfinder tool to help me figure out which TV mount was right for me. (But if you get stuck or have questions they have online support, 7 days a week until 7pm CST.) 

I went with a tilting mount because I knew that, at the most, I’d want to alter the angle of the TV, to reduce glare or accommodate watching while laying down. You can bet that if I was mounting this in my living room, I’d be taking a long hard look at the full motion mount. (That would be amazing!) And you’re probably already familiar with a fixed mount.

I just found the model number on the back of my TV and plugged it into the mount finder tool, answered a few simple questions and made my selection! A few days later, it arrived on my doorstep. 

I’m all about easy solutions. I want something I can set and forget. ALSO. I want it to be safe. My wall mount holds up to 120lbs (well over the weight of my TV) and all SANUS mounts are UL certified, which means they’ve been tested to withstand FOUR TIMES the recommended weight limit. Now normally, I’d roll my eyes at that excessive weight bearing capacity, but I have a small boy who would 100% figure out a way to test the limits of the TV mount. Most likely while I’m in the shower.

You can get help determining how high you should mount your TV here, and the mounting kit comes with easy to follow instructions, clearly labeled hardware, and if you get stuck you can watch this handy video on the SANUS website that explains it all! 

The kids are fascinated by the whole thing. They couldn’t wait to pile in and watch a movie.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SANUS. The opinions and text are all mine.




6 Creative Ways to Introduce Texture into Your Lounge

Most people, when asked about home design, will tell you that the most important elements in any interior scheme are color and patterns. But in today’s neutral and monochrome interior styles, texture plays an equally important role. Texture adds dimension and can be used to play elements off one another, keeping a space from looking flat or sterile.

Here are some of our favorite ideas about creating texture in your lounge or living space, put together in conjunction with La-Z-Boy, who have been making comfortable furniture for your lounge for over 70 years, and are continually adding new, innovative design ideas to their collection in a range of hides and fabrics.

Go organic

If you are a fan of the cozy look, plush fabrics such as chenille and wool, wood floors or furniture, natural fibers and woven rugs will create lots of interesting textures. Think fluffy cushions, shaggy rugs, wooden walls or picture frames, and woven or rattan pieces of furniture, with wall art and drapes to complete your look.

Keep it clean

If you prefer a sleek, clean look to your lounge area, texture can still play a big part. Consider using metallic, glass, and lacquer, or check out some of the shiny new wallpaper collections that are all the rage at the moment. Combine with materials to create a different feel, such as fine, soft materials for a feminine look and rugged weaves for a more masculine feel.

It’s all an illusion

Texture doesn’t have to be real. Many new laminate floors mimic the look and feel of roughly hewn planks of wood, or can look like polished concrete, at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. The same goes for wallpapers, which can include patterns, textures or even give you a complete optical illusion through clever use of a picture panel.

Make a statement

Introducing texture can be great, but you don’t want to let it become overpowering, especially in a smaller area. Find one or two important focal points and turn them into statement pieces, and match the rest of the décor to these. A comfortable recliner or sofa in a wonderful, tactile fabric or sleek leather can be a great starting point.

Keep it natural

Natural is in at the moment. You can achieve this look by keeping your room industrial looking, with exposed brick walls and utilitarian furniture, but if you don’t want to go quite that far, think of adding some plants. Plants can be soft and lush or spiky and strong, and can give an instant makeover to your lounge without breaking the bank.

Color me beautiful

Texture can be at its most effective when used in a monochrome environment. Using different textures in similar tones of one color can create an intimate environment while going for various shades and textures of white or other neutral shades can look inviting and elegant.

If the above tips have inspired you to add some texture to your lounge, where should you start? The experts at La-Z-Boy say that, just like a work of art, each decorating project starts with one key visual and forms from there. As the sofa or lounge suite is often the largest item in a room, it can set the wheels in motion for all your decorating decisions.

The style and size of your lounge suite can help guide other furniture choices, while the upholstery fabric or leather provides the perfect starting point for your design scheme.

Start by looking in magazines, on websites or in shops to see what you like, and continue building your scheme from there. Before you know it, you will be reclining in a gorgeous lounge full of style and texture, and wondering why you didn’t do this years ago!

Deck The Halls: Minted Gift Ideas {+ 3, $100 Gift Cards!}

We wanted to make “Decking the Halls” a little easier so is hosting a giveaway-a-day to fill your stockings, trim the tree, and stuff things under it! Be sure to check back daily for new giveaways and chances to win! {Be sure to click HERE for your chance to WIN from!}

Gift Ideas From

Deck The Halls: Minted Giveaway


I’m not one to geek out over textiles . . . but their fabrics are ADORABLE {and seriously the best gift idea!} Check out the kids fabrics. I bought my daughter a couple of yards of different fabrics for Christmas and I’m so excited for her to open them!

I added about 30 fabrics to my favorites — but here are a few I loved:

Owl Party

Owl Party Fabric On Minted

Cotton Cloudy

Cotton Cloudy Fabric On

London Calling

London Calling Fabric On

Let’s Go Glamping

Let's Go Glamping Fabric On

Modern Photo Frame

Modern Photo Frame on

There are SO many fabrics to choose from! Imagine these cute prints in Teepees, Tablecloths, Pillows, or Curtains!

A few tips:

  • You must order a minimum of 1 yard
  • You can change the color scheme of the fabric you are looking at by clicking on the circles below the main image
  • There are 2 fabric options (Premium Cotton and Luxury Linen)

Art & Photo Gifts

Children’s Art

Adorable! We’ve got the baby animals hanging in my youngest girl’s room! There’s an option on some of the prints when you order to have your print signed (no extra cost)!

Baby Animal Prints on

Art For Your Older Kids

Perfect for my tween daughter!

Bug Print on

My teenage son would love this one. (My husband too)!

Jupiter Art Print (Land Cruiser)

Art For Everyone!

There are so many options to choose from: Fine Art PrintsPhoto Art & Gifts, and Custom Art & Maps (the custom silhouettes that will melt your heart).

Art Gifts From

The bottom line is, I had no idea how much has outside of stationary and cards. 

Want to do some shopping for yourself or someone you love? We’re giving away 3, $100 gift cards to!

Enter to Win HERE!

Don’t miss out on any of the daily giveaways! See the FULL LIST HERE!

Sponsored By

Sponsored By Minted





In Bloom: Throwing the Perfect Spring Themed Baby Shower {+ a Minted Giveaway!}

Looking for the tips and tricks to throw the perfect baby shower? From the balloons to the menu {including my favorite make ahead dessert}, to the invites and paper decor we’ve got you covered! {Be sure to check out the bottom of the post for the latest Minted promotion!}

All of the details for this beautiful floral Spring themed baby shower just turned out so lovely.  We spoiled this Mom-to-be with cute details that can easily be added to her baby’s nursery later on.

Baby Shower Details

These paper fans can be found at MyMindsEye and the Baby Shower sign was found in the Target dollar section!  Score!

Baby Shower Details

Minted did a fantastic job on all of the paper goods-I’m so impressed with their customer service, the quality and their massive selection!

Baby Shower Details

Aren’t these invites beautiful?

Baby Shower Details

You can see the tutorial and shopping list for this balloon backdrop here.

Baby Shower Details

Grandmas are like Moms with extra frosting and sprinkles.”  How cute is that!!?

Baby Shower Details

I loved this ABC print from minted.  It was perfect for the shower and matches her baby nursery for later!

Baby Shower Details

I used blank table number cards for guests to write words of encouragement for labor/delivery and motherhood.  They are thick and can easily lean against something or hang sturdily on a banner.

Baby Shower Details

The favorite for the night was polaroids with the mom-to-be.  Each guest had their picture taken and clothes-pinned to a thank you tag for them to take home as favors.  Even the most camera-shy were willing to pose for a real polaroid!

Baby Shower Details

Baby Shower Details

For a guide to planning and preparing baby shower treats, check out our post here.

Baby Shower Details

Still can’t get over how much I love this tassel banner!

Baby Shower Details

Minted also makes matching fabric for things like table runners, pillows and anything else you might need for party decor!  I created a baby blanket for her nursery that doubled as a throw for the party.  I still can’t get over how well it matched the invites!  I had some fabric left over after the blanket that worked out as a table runner on the food table.  The fabric is no fray and didn’t need to be hemmed (huge bonus!)

Baby Shower Details

The shower was easy-going and open house style.  We took polaroids as guests arrived, snacked on treats, talked motherhood, opened presents and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather.

Baby Shower Details

What’s your favorite tips for a beautiful baby shower?



Enjoy 15% off kids’ essentials on {notebooks, name labels, stationery, custom postage stamps} using the code: MEMORIAL16

MINTED GIVEAWAY!!! readers can ENTER TO WIN for the chance to WIN a $250 Minted credit! ENTER HERE!

So much fun stuff to order! What would you pick? Tell us in the comments!

{I’ve got my eye on custom postage stamps!}

$250 Giveaway

Entry Rules:

This giveaway is only open to legal residents of the 50 United States and District of Columbia who are at least 18 years old as of the date of entry, except officers, directors, members, and employees of the Sponsor, the judging organization (if applicable), or any other party associated with the development or administration of this Promotion, and the immediate family (i.e., parents, children, siblings, spouse), and persons residing in the same household, as such individuals. This Promotion is void outside the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, and where prohibited.

Contest Ends 6/3/2016

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Easy Baby Shower Balloon Decorations

6 Tips for Easy Baby Shower Treats

Apple Streusel Cheesecake Bars

6 Tips for Easy Baby Shower Treats

Planning the perfect food for a Baby Shower can be stressful.  Here are a few tips for making things easy!

Baby Shower Food

Love this tassel banner from MyMindsEye!

1. Consider your theme (and have a theme)

Baby Shower Food

This particular shower had an EASY theme-“In Bloom.”  Some showers I’ve attended haven’t had a theme and I find that it really streamlines things if you have one.  I typically like to match the baby’s nursery so that everything can possibly be re-used later on.  For this one I went with garden party style treats-mini cupcakes, cream puffs and fresh fruit.

2. Make Reasonable Serving Sizes

Baby Shower Food

The biggest mistake I make when I do a shower with all treats is that I make my serving sizes too big.  I like full sizes pieces of cake and full-size cupcakes but if you make everything full-size people will typically only take one treat, maybe two.  For this shower I made everything petite so the opportunity to try everything was there without needing to pig out!  I’ve also find creating serving sizes (like I did with the carrot cake above) makes people less shy to try things-leaving it as a sheet cake can cause people to pause before they cut themselves a piece.

3.  Choose Recipes That Can Be Made Ahead

Baby Shower Food

I hate baking the day of a party.  For this shower I made all recipes that could be done in the days before the shower and the only thing I had to do the day of was frost them.  The vanilla cupcakes stored great, the apple crumble cheesecake bars need to be made ahead of time so they can cool, and so does my carrot cake recipe!  Planning ahead like this make serving homemade treats SUPER easy!!

4. Sometimes Store-Bought is Best!

Baby Shower Food

These cream-puffs from Costco are my favorite every.time.  They are SO yummy and are the perfect addition to absolutely any party.  Don’t be afraid to grab a few things pre-made from the store.  I always try to bake/make at least one homemade treat when I throw a shower…but I’m not afraid to make my life a little easier and order some sugar cookies either!  I love how these fit into the mini-floral wrappers too!!

5. Don’t Forget Drinks

Baby Shower Food

As cute as water-bottle wrappers are, I’m glad I purchased a drink dispenser.  I’ve used it over and over again at parties and saved myself some money.  I have 2 signature drinks I make-this one is watermelon, strawberries and rosemary in water.  It is so fresh and delicious.  The second is my secret lemonade: you mix equal parts cans of frozen lemonade and country time (with appropriate water) and throw in some sliced lemons.  People ask me for the recipe every time.  Clear cups and paper straws are the perfect way to show off these pretty drinks!

6. Consider Your Guests

I always attempt to have SOMETHING that every one can eat, be they gluten-free, vegan or just on a diet.  Fresh fruit or vegetables typically covers that group of people, but if you know you have a large group of dieters coming, be sure to know ahead of time and bake accordingly.

I hope these tips have helped!  Stay tuned for more posts in our May Showers Series!

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Easy Baby Shower Balloon Decorations

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