Our Favorite Bear Is Back (A Paddington 2 Giveaway!)

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Who doesn’t love Paddington?! The books and movies are so sweet and that little bear is just so well meaning and naive and adorable.

We can’t wait to see his cute furry face back in theaters on January 12th, in Paddington 2.

Paddington and the Brown family are in for a new adventure—with Hugh Grant as the new oh-so-evil villain.


“If we’re kind and polite, the world will be right.”

Sweet, right? This is a movie I’m READY to see.

Grab your tickets to see Paddington 2 with your family, AND enter to win our awesome Paddington 2 prize pack that includes: 

To enter, leave a comment below telling me whether or not you’re a fan of MARMALADE.

You can also download this free Paddington activity sheet. (Click to download.)

Good luck!

About Paddington 2
Following the worldwide hit “Paddington,” one of the most successful family films of all time, this much-anticipated sequel finds Paddington (Ben Whishaw) happily settled with the Brown family in London, where he has become a popular member of the local community, spreading joy and marmalade wherever he goes.

While searching for the perfect present for his beloved Aunt Lucy’s hundredth birthday, Paddington sees a unique pop-up book in Mr. Gruber’s antique shop, and embarks upon a series of odd jobs to buy it. But when the book is stolen, it’s up to Paddington and the Browns to unmask the thief.

New Parent-Friendly Menu at Chuck E. Cheese’s

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s.

If you suggest a trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s to my children, it’s like someone just threw a handful of sparkle confetti in the air. The kids simply can’t believe their luck that they are heading towards a magical afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Let’s face it. They have prizes, tickets galore, lights, music, endless arcade games, and none other than a giant Chuck E. Cheese who dutifully emerges regularly to toss tickets in the air and dance with his devoted fans.

While my kids love nothing more than running around with ticket collecting determination, I’ve discovered their new food offerings which has added a splash of adult sparkle confetti to our visits.

With an innovative new menu, Chuck E. Cheese’s has been launching new parent-friendly menu items including a thin and crispy pizza crust and a gluten-free pizza. Since becoming a mom eight and a half years ago, I’m pretty sure that I have had about 7,500 slices of specifically cheese pizza. And while I’m happy to support my children’s taste buds, I was thrilled to see their delicious new specialty pizza flavors including a veggie option, BBQ Chicken and a Cali Alfredo with chicken, sausage, creamy alfredo, and my personal favorite, spinach. If a limited time offer gives you a little fear of missing out, be sure to try the Mac Cheesy Pizza, which basically looks like a dream come true with a creamy cheese sauce and macaroni, all smothered in a delicious variety of cheese.

For those who have kids who wait until right before you order to tell you that they don’t actually eat pizza anymore, there are plenty of other offerings including wraps, cheesy bread, my personal favorite pretzel bites, an endless salad bar and traditional and boneless wings.

You won’t want to miss the dessert choices either with churros, a giant chocolate chip cookie served warm or the Cinnamon Dessert Pizza. These choices are enough to get you to go reload a few game cards while you sit back and dig in.

There’s a turning point for every family where you realize that although at one point it was sufficient, as your family grows, you’ll be shocked to realize that cooking a pound of pasta is no longer enough. It’s with these hungry people in mind that Chuck E. Cheese is offering handmade pizzas, fresh salads and their incredible cinnamon dessert pizza at an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet which is available Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at participating locations.

So go ahead and make your kids day with the magic of Chuck E. Cheese’s. Come hungry and dig in!

10 Great Kid-Friendly YouTube Videos

I have a love-hate relationship with YouTube so when I find good, clean, kid-friendly YouTube videos I love sharing them with the family. Here are 10 kid-friendly YouTube videos to keep your kids safely entertained. You may love me for sharing these…but after the kids put them on repeat 100 times…you may hate me. #sorrynotsorry

10 Kid-Friendly YouTube videos parents will let kids watch

**Disclaimer: I am not being paid to share any of these videos. I am also not advocating for these YouTube channels as a whole. I personally feel that these individual videos listed below are kid-friendly. Referred videos shown at the end of the video and/or the entire channel can be watched at your own discretion.

Space Unicorn

Anything by these guys is pretty kid-friendly and super fun. I would recommend browsing through their YouTube channel to see what other fun things your family may enjoy.

The Gummy Bear Song

Addicting and so odd. I literally can’t get this song out of my head once it starts.

“SEAGULLS! (Stop it Now) Bad Lip Reading

Bad Lip Reading is not new to YouTube or new to the general population, but there are some that kids enjoy more than others. This one they will love (and probably have memorized by the end of the day!).

Hamster Doing A Loop De Loop

Animals doing silly things with a silly song. It’s a YouTube win-win in the kid department.

Raining Tacos

Another song that will get stuck in your head. You’re welcome.

Disney’s Moana “How Far I’ll Go” (In Real Life)

Working With Lemons is a family-owned YouTube Channel that does everything kid-friendly on YouTube. You’ll love their real-life renditions of Disney songs. Check out their very popular “Do you want to build a snowman?” video. Great stuff!

My Heart Will Go On (terrible recorder meme)

What’s a more perfect kid-friendly YouTube video than someone playing a terrible recorder version of My Heart Will Go On? I giggle every.single.time this is played.

Kid History – “Healthy Food” Episode 6

Kids say the most entertaining things and watching adults act it out adds a new layer of laughs. Kid History videos and this YouTube channel are completely kid-friendly.

Tonight Show – Musical Morning Announcements

My kids watched this bit from the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on repeat. Something about it made them giggle over and over again. We’ve watched this too many times to count.

 Tight Pants / Body Rolls by Leslie Hall

My husband and I are on different sides of the argument about whether or not this video is really entertainment. It’s appropriate for kids to watch and mine stop dead in their tracks anytime it’s on (not to mention that I can’t tear myself away from it), however the debate over whether it is entertaining or not is a strong one.  Let’s just say it is definitely entertaining in a “what on earth am I watching” sort of way and 14.7 million people must agree with me. Click the link below.



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Funny Cat Videos


Get SING in Digital HD for Family Movie Night

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I’ve got great news for your “Friday night what to watch that the whole family will agree on without someone ending up in tears because they don’t like that movie and they never get to pick” dilemma—SING in Digital HD is available now!

SING in Digital HD Sequined Pig

If you ask me, a diva pig in a sequined jumpsuit singing the hits of Lady Gaga is reason enough to get this movie. If you need something more compelling, how about the fact that when you purchase SING in Digital HD on VUDU, you’ll get 3 all-new mini-movies and so many extras? It really is the most dynamic way to watch the year’s biggest animated musical hit.

Using VUDU is pretty simple. You can purchase SING in Digital HD at VUDU.com or on their app. Vudu is easy to use and the app is on your favorite devices (Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, streaming devices [i.e. Roku], and both Android and Apple mobile devices). So that also means you can start a movie on your TV and finish it on your tablet!

The Vudu mobile app is also a great way for kids to watch SING on their own. It lets them tap and swipe their way across the most robust set of interactive bonus content available, including the “SING Interactive Experience,” featuring a carousel of the film’s iconic characters loaded with animation galleries, profiles, cast voice over sessions and more.

If you missed catching SING in the theaters, you’re in for a treat! It was made by Illumination Entertainment, the same studio that made THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS. The basic premise of the film is that all of us have something within us that we can share with others.SING in Digital HD castSING stars Matthew McConaughey as Buster Moon, an eternally optimistic koala who puts on the world’s greatest singing competition to save his crumbling theater; winner Reese Witherspoon as Rosita, an overworked and underappreciated mother of 25 piglets desperate to unleash her inner diva; Scarlett Johansson as Ash, a punk rock porcupine with a beautiful voice behind her prickly exterior; and Taron Egerton as Johnny, a young gangster gorilla looking to break free of his family’s felonies. But in my opinion, the best part of this movie is the likelihood that at some point you’ll end up with a family dance party on your hands while you watch. Movie night and a dance party? I can’t think of anything better.

4 Must Have Tips For Geocaching With Your Family

This post was originally posted on the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis blog.

After visiting the Pirates and Princesses exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, we found the hidden treasure left by a peg-legged Pirate. By following his prints, we were led straight to the loot. I began thinking about how fun it would be to do a little treasure hunting on our own. Having heard about geocaching before, I thought this would fit the bill perfectly.

Pirate treasure

If you haven’t heard of geocaching, it is essentially an outdoor treasure hunting game. Geocaching is based on using GPS devices. Using the GPS coordinates, you navigate to a spot and try to find the geocache which is a hidden container. Inside, you should find a log book to sign and the treasure – small items left by others who also found the cache. You take something, leave something and put the cache back for the next treasure hunters to find.
We’re just beginners at geocaching but we’re hooked. We love getting outside and searching for treasures all over the place. Here are a few tips to help you start geocaching with your family:

  • I downloaded the Geocaching app on my phone which acts as my GPS device. With the free version, you can only find certain geocaches while “advanced” geocaches require a paid upgrade. There are plenty of traditional geocaches to keep you busy so I recommend sticking with the free version when you first   start out.
  • Our first find was too small and what we had brought with us didn’t fit. We also didn’t have a pen to write our names on the log. We had to return later with a smaller treasure to exchange. After that, we put a pen and a variety of treasures in a bag to bring with us every time. Plus, we can keep it in our car for spontaneous geocaching while we’re out and about.
  • Remember that geocaches come in all different shapes and sizes which is part of the fun. We even found one hidden inside our local library!
  • Keep in mind that the GPS coordinates get you close but not always exactly to the spot. Your kids will be great helpers to search high and low. Some geocaches will have a hint to help you. It may take a while to discover and sometimes you might not find it but there’s always another geocache to find.

Geocache treasures


Chuck E. Cheese’s Tax Day BOGO Offer

My kids can literally not think of anything better than a trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s. With tokens filling their little palms and the sounds of games dinging in the background, it’s pure kid magic. Paying taxes doesn’t hold the same magical feeling for grown-ups. But the good news this tax season is that Chuck E. Cheese’s is easing some of the tax pain with a special Tax Day BOGO offer. When customers arrive at Chuck E. Cheese’s on April 18 and order an of Chuck E. Cheese’s Thin & Crispy pizzas, they get a second Thin & Crispy pizza for free. This offer requires no crazy tax loopholes and includes any of the Thin & Crispy pizzas, including the Thin & Crispy Pepperoni pizza, which has beat Pizza Hut in a nationwide pizza test. When Chuck E. Cheese’s offered me the chance to come in and enjoy their buy-one-get-one Thin & Crispy pizza Tax Day offer, my kids essentially thought we had won the lottery. The lottery of tokens that is. We quickly set a date with our best buddies, and the Chuck E. Cheese’s countdown was on. Our gang sampled the Thin & Crispy cheese pizza. We couldn’t pull them away. Chuck E. Cheese What better way to celebrate your refund than by hanging out with your family at the always kid-friendly Chuck E. Cheese’s? With affordable pricing and convenient locations, you can’t beat an afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese’s. unnamed-13 Just ask these kids… unnamed-12 Chuck E. Cheese’s generously provided us with the opportunity to pay a complementary visit to a Chuck E. Cheese’s to try the Thin & Crispy pizza, however all of my opinions are my own. Don’t miss out on your chance for this special Tax Day BOGO pizza offer. To learn more visit Chuck E. Cheese, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for additional information. This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s. The opinions and text are all mine.