These Mother’s Day Gifts Will Change Her Vibe From Regular To Yas Queen

mother's day gifts and ideas 2019

The last thing you’ll want is a fistful of carnations shoved in your face on Mother’s Day, so you should consider the holiday with more than 24 hours of prep. And if you’re a mom, you know how it is: It’s straight annoying to wake up to the sound of the fire alarm early on a Sunday. Sorry, not sorry: Moms can burn their own toast any day. So, even if you anticipate being given a bad gift on Mother’s Day you should still bite it and give the woman who raised you something she’ll like.

The good news? We have (actually) cool Mother’s Day gift ideas picked out for every type of budget, whether you’re buying something for your mom or your entire #momsquad. If she’s into tech, girly sh*t, cooking, gardening, starting a business, or being on the receiving end of something sentimental (gulp!), we’ve rounded up the best gifts and ideas that will get you in her good graces on Mother’s Day. Yeah, you’re welcome.

One pro tip: Do not forget a card on Mother’s Day unless you want her to write you out of her will. Seriously. Oh, and we won’t tell if you shop for yourself, too. Take a sip, get in the spirit of giving, and read on for real Mother’s Day gift ideas and inspiration:

1. Renpho Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat


mothers day gift guide foot massager

What mom doesn’t want an excuse to treat her tootsies like they’re more important than her own children? She’ll appreciate your splurge and the ability to slip her toes into a toasty foot massager that can restore and relax a burnt-out mama. It’s a powerful deep-kneading massager, but it’s quiet enough for her to use while getting a full dose of her favorite reality television show. There are three different kneading preferences as well as three different air pressure levels that can easily be personalized.

2. Knock Knock What I Love About Mom Book


mothers day gifts knock knock what i love about mom

Bring some tissues with you to Mother’s Day brunch, because this fill-in-the-blank book is designed to trigger your mom’s waterworks. Honestly, seeing how much it means to her will make you feel emotional, too. Oh, and consider yourself warned: Moms get so proud about what’s written in the book that they often read the sentiments aloud. Simple prompts like, “When we are apart, it makes me happy to think about ____” and “I love your taste in ____” make it easy-breezy to jot things down. This is a Mother’s Day gift idea that shouldn’t be ignored! 

3. Foreo UFO Smart Mask Treatment Device


mothers day gift ideas foreo ufo new release

You’ll earn serious brownie points by gifting her this smart mask treatment device by Foreo. Turning a 20-minute treatment into a 90-second one, this luxe device offers spa-like results from home that moms just can’t refuse. It features cyro, thermo, and LED light technology along with T-sonic pulsations that will make your ma feel like the pampered goddess she is. If you’re not feeling the splurge this year, you can still give the gift of Foreo and go with a classic facial cleansing brush, instead!  

4. UGG Fluff Yeah Slippers


mothers day gift ugg slippers

These insanely adorable sheepskin slippers feature a comfy strap in the back and rubber soles so your mom won’t slip and slide while she’s shuffling around the house. The slippers are ideal for lounging around, but she’ll be tempted to wear them out of the house, too. Once you see how much she loves them you’ll probably end up snagging a pair for yourself.

5. KitchenAid Hand Mixer


mothers day kitchen aid mixer

Freshen up your mom’s arsenal of kitchen appliances with this pink mixer by KitchenAid that delivers on quality and design. There are 16 different color options, so if your mom isn’t into pink, you’ll be able to find the best option for her. The mixer features a variety of settings and a convenient beater ejector button for when the job’s done. It will bring a smile to her face (and remind her of you!) every time she makes a new batch of cookies, which means she might share them with you. Score. 

6. Spade to Fork Indoor Herb Garden Kit


mothers day gift idea organic herb garden kit

This indoor herb garden kit is the gift that will make the mama with a green thumb super excited. She’ll get a kick out of this kit that makes it possible to grow basil, thyme, sage, cilantro, and parsley without stepping foot outdoors. The best part? If you care (please care), the kit includes 100% organic seeds. The brand also features a 100% grow guarantee, too, which means if your mom can’t sprout her seeds she can trade it in for a new kit and try again. 

7. MomLife: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book


mom life snarky coloring book mothers day gift

Know someone who dabbles in adult coloring? This book will be a game-changer. For the mom who loves to shut out the world and go into her zone, this snarky adult coloring book will bring lots of laughter and entertainment her way. Plus, by gifting it to her, you’re letting her know that you see motherhood isn’t always a cheery walk in the park, and that acknowledgement can improve your entire relationship. 

8. Poolcandy Motorized Swim Lounger


mothers day gift idea motorized pool float

This genius pool float ensures your mom can get her queening on as she jets into the sun (or shade!) and glides over to her poolside ‘rita. It’s super easy to inflate, and the joystick controls make steering a breeze. Plus, it’s just one of those wacky gifts that will crack her up yet you know she’ll actually love it. Even though this is one of the most quirky Mother’s Day gift ideas on the list, you know if you had one, you’d use one. 

9. Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker


mothers day fitness tracker fitbit inspire

Yas! Your mom knows a thing or two about yoga, cardio, and everything in between. Gift her the latest fitness tracker by Fitbit, so she can stay on top of her progress and feel proud when she notices personal improvements. This sleek watch will track her progress through daily activities, workouts, sleep, and more. She can play around with settings to track all of her fitness achievements, whether that means getting more REM, losing five pounds, or attaining a better resting heart rate. 

10. Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Face Oil


mothers day drunk elephant face oil

This potion will leave your mom’s skin feeling soft, smooth, and silky sans slick layer. This virgin marula face oil by Drunk Elephant is a hot item and it will quickly become her new go-to for applications in the morning and at night. Untouched by chemicals or fragrances, the virgin marula oil is loaded with nourishing flavonoids and fatty acids that work in tandem to rejuvenate and reset skin. 

11. Scary Mommy Strong Women Raise Strong Women Mug


mothers day gift ideas mug scary mommy

You can never go wrong with gifting a mug, and this one delivers a message that will make your mom perk up each morning. It will remind her that you wouldn’t be the woman you are today if you didn’t have her guidance throughout life, and she’ll get a kick out of sipping on that. 

12. Tile Pro


mothers day gift idea tile

Your mom is amazing, but there are times when you seriously question how she makes it through the day. If she’s the type to hunt down the house for her glasses while sporting them on her head, her life will actually change for the better with a Tile. You can gift her one, or five! All your mom has to do is attach it to something she doesn’t want to lose (like her keys or the remote) and then use her phone to check in and see where she left the item last. Freaking genius.

13. Gramercy Kitchen Company Dark Palm Coasters


mothers day gift ideas coaster set

Your mama can dazzle her favorite room in the house with this coaster set. This gift includes four dark palm coasters and a holder. The coasters are super absorbent and easy to clean, too! The floral and botanical decor trend is a thing in 2019, and the natural style is impossible for anyone not to love. 

14. Hemingweigh Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp


mothers day gift himalayan salt lamp

A Himalayan salt lamp will add a soft glow and an earthy vibe to any room in your mom’s home. Offering total tranquility, this lamp is the perfect excuse to bring her stress levels all the way down. The lamp releases negative ions into the air which may improve cognitive performance, according to some studies

15. Reston Lloyd Calypso Basics Storage Set  


mothers day gifts reston calypso storage set

This storage set is a perfect, punchy gift for the mom who has leftovers to store stylishly on the regular. The set includes three different sizes of enamel-on-steel containers that will keep salads, leftovers, and cooked meals fresh in the freezer or the refrigerator. 

16. Marc Jacobs Daisy, 3.4 oz


marc jacobs daisy mothers day gift

You can’t go wrong with gifting this perfume to a mama who appreciates smelling fresh on the daily. Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a crowd-favorite for a reason, so if you can’t remember exactly what perfume your mama loves, chances are she’ll be excited to test this one out if she hasn’t already. It’s fun, fresh, and feminine, thanks to notes of strawberry, violet, ruby red grapefruit, gardenia, jasmine, musk, vanilla, and white wood.

17. Ninja Coffee Bar


ninja coffee station mothers day

This thing is amazing. The Ninja coffee bar is perfect for single-serve situations, like when she’s the (only adult) running out of the door in the morning, but it can also be used to brew enough coffee to fill a carafe. Plus, it has a built-in milk-frother that is incredibly easy to use and can make anyone look like an expert barista. Your mom can make her coffee as plain or as fancy as she’d like.

18. Majestic Pure Gold Face Mask


mothers day gift guide gold face mask

This snazzy face mask will glisten on your mum’s skin until she feels like a brand new woman. If she’s a seasoned face mask junkie, she’ll appreciate this one that’s made in the USA and made of literal gold and vitamin E. It’s the perfect excuse to have a mother-daughter spa day, too. 24K magic! 

19. iRobot Roomba


mothers day gift ideas roomba

There’s a new member of the family and his name is Roomba. This robot vacuum is sensitive enough to avoid slamming into walls, and robust enough to loosen, lift, and suck up particles and dirt. The coolest part? Mom can turn it on from her phone or via Alexa. This Mother’s Day gift idea is one she’ll get use out of on a (hopefully) regular basis.

20. Shinngo Portable Compact Mirror Charger


mothers day gift ideas compact mirror charger

For the mom who is always between different commitments outside of the home, she’ll need a dependable portable charger to rely on. This way, when she’s field-side, she can still juice up her phone and post endlessly to social media. This portable charger doubles as a compact makeup mirror, which means she can keep her face from running out of battery life, too.

21. Scary Mommy One Zen Mother Candle


mothers day one zen mother candle

She will be one zen mother with the help of this candle that emits a zesty smell as it burns. Notes of lemon, orange, eucalyptus, and spearmint will energize and inspire even the most checked-out mom. It’s the perfect gift to give your mom BFF for Mother’s Day.

22. Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper


mothers day gift ideas popcorn popper

This is one of the coolest gifts she’ll receive! This microwave-safe popcorn popper will let your mom invent new flavors and enjoy the taste of stove-popped popcorn without the fuss. Pack the popper with kernels, seasonings, and of course, movie tickets. There’s nothing like an experience gift!

23. Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote


mothers day gift michael kors tote

She’ll be squealing as she unwraps this designer tote by Michael Kors on Mother’s Day. It’s available in 19 different styles, so you can easily pick the one that best suits her taste. The interior features one zippered pocket and four slip pockets so she can stay easily organized.

24. ArtNaturals Essential Oil Diffuser and Oils


mothers day essential oil diffuser

Does your mom stop to smell the roses, literally? She’ll feel like she won the lotto when she opens up this sleek diffuser. She can turn on the Hathaspace diffuser for one, three, or six hours depending on what she’s up to. The design of this diffuser is ultra calming and the neutral tone will blend in, in just about any room. 

25. Amazon Fire TV Stick


amazon fire tv stick

Spark her joy with an Amazon Fire TV stick that she can use to navigate her television with ease. Whether she wants to flip on daytime television or binge out on Netflix, she’ll find herself distracted by the thousands of channels she can stream, in addition to website (like YouTube) and other apps.

26. Sparrow Decor Mason Jar Set  


mason jar pantry set mothers day gift

This mason jar set by Sparrow Decor includes three bright storage containers that make it easy to keep sugar, herbs, flour, tea, and coffee dry and fresh. The vintage-style jars feature a modern silicone seal to lock in the contents of the jar and prevent them from getting icky or stale.

27. GK Grand Personal Poem Cutting Board



mothers day idea cutting board poem

If your mother scares you a little every time she picks up her chef knife, this cutting board will offer her a safe place to strike. You might just soften her up enough so she loosens her grip in general. The wooden board features a sweet saying: “So much of me is made from what I learned from you. You’ll always be with me like a handprint on my heart.” That’s actually pretty darn cute. 

28. Banshren Healing Crystal Set


mothers day gift guide new age crystals

This healing crystal set can be placed on a nightstand, vanity, bathroom sink, office desk, and just about anywhere else frequented on a daily basis. Even though there aren’t enough crystals in the world to heal the insanity moms deal with all the time, this trio will promote feelings of love, inspiration, and intuition.

29. ToiletTree Products Bamboo Bath Caddy


mothers day gift guide bamboo bath caddy

Moms love to soak, and chill, and refill the tub with hot water and repeat the cycle until the kids (or grandkids) attempt to knock the door down. This bamboo bath caddy makes it easy to keep a book, candle, bath bomb, wine glass, or bag of potato chips (you never know) dry until it’s time to indulge. She’ll never take a bath again without it. P.S. For moms with little munchkins, this bath caddy can be shared with the little ones to keep toys close, too!

30. Natori Printed Charemeuse Satin Robe


mothers day satin robe

This Natori robe in royal blue features a floral print for a regal yet fresh vibe that any mama will appreciate after a long day, or bubble bath! The robe features a belt closure and the best part is it’s machine-washable despite the delicate fabric it’s made of.

31. Amazon All-New Kindle


mothers day gift ideas amazon kindle

Is your mom a reader? Open her up to a whole new world with an e-reader that will expose her to a fresh library of titles to choose from. She can use it to read at home, in a waiting room, on vacation, and just about anywhere else she doesn’t feel like engaging with her surroundings. Plus, the adjustable front lights make it possible to read wherever, whenever! She’ll appreciate that a single battery charge will last her weeks, not hours. 

32. Fred and Friends Little Big USB Fan


mothers day gift idea pink desk fan

This portable (but powerful!) little fan will cool down even the most heated mama. Perfect for the mom who can’t stand the summer heat, this fan can be easily charged up with a USB so she can stay chill while she’s at the computer. It’s also available in white and aqua. 

33. Oenophilia Curvy Wine Rack


mothers day wine rack

This curvy wine rack is perfect to tuck away in a modern kitchen to keep wine bottles safe and secure. If your mom likes to collect bottles of wine before she gets to drink them all, this is the perfect way for her to stay organized. If she’s a faster drinker than she is a collector, she might benefit more from this suction wine glass she can keep close when she’s in the shower!

34. The Giving Keys Classic Key Necklace


mothers day gift guide fearless necklace mom af

This necklace by The Giving Keys will add a subtle, clean vibe to any mom’s look. She’ll adore receiving it from you and there’s no doubt you’ll catch her wearing it on the daily. Available with different words stamped into the key, we’d go with this one that says “fearless” or the “Mom AF” version for Mother’s Day. Each necklace is also available in silver and brass.

35. Umbra Trigem Hanging Jewelry Organizer


mothers day gift guide jewelry organizer stand

This jewelry organizer stand is the perfect addition to a (hopefully ever-growing!) collection. It’s a minimalist way for your mom to keep the pieces she wears most frequently close by. If you really feel like spoiling her, hang a necklace on it before you wrap it up! The three bars at different heights provide a tangle-free solution while making all of her favorite pieces completely visible. Gift the organizer along with a smaller jewelry catchall, like this metallic best mom trinket dish, so she has a special spot to keep her rings and earrings, too. 


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Private: The Hell On Earth Known As Justice

These Gifts Will Make Your #MomSquad Feel Like The Sh*t On Mother’s Day

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It’s Mother’s Day, So Leave Me The Hell Alone

The irony of Mother’s Day is that mothering is the exact last thing I want to do on this one special day of the year dedicated to the moms who give their all to these tiny fart nugget children who are also the pride and joy of our very existence in this life. 

Holla at me if you relate to any of the following: 

I’ve bled for these children, fluctuated 50 lbs a piece for these children, fed these children (FROM MY OWN BOOBS WHICH ARE NOW SAD AND FLAPPY BECAUSE OF IT), lost sleep for these children (so much sleep, remember what it felt like to sleep? ), sprouted varicose veins for these children, gotten stitches in my vagina for these children, spent all of my money on these children, attended so many games and practices for these children where they do nothing but swarm around a ball, or sit in the outfield and stare at the sun. Driven all over kingdom come for these children.

happy mothers day sleep

Worn my heart on the outside of my body for the past 9+ years for these children. 


And yet, the last thing I want to do on this blessed day is to actually be around these children. Like, at all. 

It’s nothing personal, my sweet darlings. It’s just that I want a day. One day, just one where I can 100% check out and the house doesn’t burn down and life goes on and we all wake up the next morning and go back to our old routines.

I need one day to enjoy Netflix to my heart’s delight, to sleep in, to lock the door without small hands sticking underneath or anyone asking me to help them wipe. One day without breaking up a fight, just one. I need one day where Dad handles it all. I don’t want flowers necessarily (although, I wouldn’t say no because flowers are beautiful and delicate, just like me), I don’t even need a gift.

I do want my children to understand that this is a special day just for Mom where we have to leave her alone, OR ELSE, and that they all must make her a card professing their love and appreciation, even if that card just has their name written on it with some half-crooked hearts and something that looks like an orc drawn on there which actually turns out to be a rendering of yours truly.

Whatever, it’s fine. I’ll take it. 

Dads or significant others, do your lady a solid on this Mother’s Day if you’ve still got kids at home (and if they’re gone make sure you remind them to call home because duh, still important): 

  1. Have each child write a card or note to her expressing their love and undying devotion and appreciation and make sure you write her one too.
  2. Let her sleep in
  3. Get her favorite treat and leave it like a peace offering at the bedroom door. Don’t open the door unless she specifically calls for you and invites you into her kingdom, for she is the queen of the day. Or whatever. 
  4. Don’t ask her to do anything. Anything at all. If she comes out of her room don’t make eye contact and just stare at the ground unless she speaks to you directly. 
  5. Don’t ask any questions either, you can figure it out for one single day. 
  6. Prepare or fetch any food for her that she desires. Bonus points for having her favorite treat on hand (*COUGH CHOCOLATE COVERED CINNAMON BEARS).
  7. Let her wake up to a clean house. Do the dishes, don’t leave laundry out, just take care of the kids and all the stuff she does every single day. You can do it. Don’t screw this up. 
  8. Don’t forget to call your own mom and tell her you love her too. She’s important, DO NOT FORGET. 

I recognize that I don’t speak for all moms, but for all moms who are on the same page as me…all we want is one dang day. 

Tomorrow, it’s back to business as usual. 

Happy Mother’s Day! Now leave me the hell alone. 




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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Popular Mother's Day Gift Ideas! Great presents for any woman anytime!

Mother’s Day is around the corner and I know you will be celebrating the moms in your life with some sweet gifts.

I will sure miss my mom this Mother’s Day. I wrote this gift idea post before she passed away with her tastes in mind. My mom always liked practical, simple gifts. She enjoyed gardening and had a love of cats. That must be where I got my crazy cat lady personality from!

If you like my Facebook page, you have probably seen a few of these gift ideas. They are some of the most popular items among the women who follow me on Facebook. Some items have been shared over there a ton, so I wanted to makes sure you saw them here when shopping for gifts.

Also, it’s Mother’s Day, so don’t forget to take some time out for you! If you’re a busy mom, this might be your only chance to get your nails done or time to finish that book you’ve been reading.

Enjoy these Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. I hope you find some fun things for the women in your life… or for yourself!!!

Handwritten Signature Bracelet - Great gift idea!

I absolutely LOVE this –> handwritten signature bracelet.


Signature necklace! This is such adorable gift idea with kids handwriting!

What about a signature necklace? This is such adorable gift idea with kids handwriting!


Mother's Day Keepsake Gift Idea. Tips for how to make a beautiful video with photos and video. It's simple and easy with Animoto. ~

personalized video is a great last-minute keepsake gift idea for mom! Takes only a few minutes to make.


Here is a Funny Wine Glass that I would love!

Here is a Funny Wine Glass that I would love!


Make a Custom Necklace from your child’s art. Cute gift idea!

Make a Custom Necklace from your child’s art.

I want this Air Fryer! Make fast and easy crispy food without all of the fat and only a tiny bit of oil.

Moms who love to cook would enjoy an Air Fryer! Make fast and easy crispy food without all of the fat and only a tiny bit of oil.


Wouldn't you love this nail polish holder with some new nail polish? I would!

Wouldn’t you love this nail polish holder with some new nail polish? I would!


Cat coloring book for adults

For the Cat Lady! Love this –> Cat Coloring Book!
What cat lover wouldn't want a cat rolling pin? Cat cookies all day!!

What cat lover wouldn’t want a cat rolling pin? Cat cookies all day!!

These Blue Mason Jar Measuring Cups always make a cute gift!

These Mason Jar Measuring Cups always make a cute gift!


grandma towel

This is true right? Get a Cute kitchen tea towel for Grandma!


Cute Hedgehog Dryer Balls! Makes laundry fun and clothes softer.

Cute Hedgehog Dryer Balls! Makes laundry fun and clothes softer.


Glowing flower pots that change colors are perfect for the gardening mom!

Glowing flower pots that change colors are perfect for the gardening mom!

A Beautiful Bird House is another great gift idea for the garden lover.

A Beautiful Bird House is another great gift idea for the garden lover.


No time to order gifts? Printable Mother's Day Cards make great last-minute gift ideas!

No time to order gifts? Printable Mother’s Day Cards make great last-minute gift ideas!


Happy Mother’s Day!

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