3 Simple Photography Styling Tips

Easy photography styling tips to help you take better photos for your blog. Learn a few simple photo styling secrets to help your photos look more amazing! 3 Simple Photography Styling Tips I hope you enjoy these quick and easy photography tips for bloggers. Over the many years of my career as an art director, […]

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Tamron 24-70mm Camera Lens Review (Sonoma Trip)

Tamron 24-70mm Camera Lens Review for Food and Lifestyle Bloggers. Should you get a new camera lens? See how this new lens measures up with a photo tour of my most recent Sonoma trip! Sponsored by Tamron Tamron 24-70mm Camera Lens Review for Food and Lifestyle Bloggers One of my most asked questions about blogging […]

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Hawaiian Sliders Recipe

Easy Hawaiian sliders recipe with Hawaiian rolls, pineapple and special barbecue sauce. Delicious juicy bite sized burgers for a crowd.

Easy Hawaiian sliders recipe with Hawaiian rolls, pineapple and special barbecue sauce. Delicious juicy bite sized burgers!

Easy Hawaiian Sliders Recipe

Hawaiian sliders are savory and sweet bite-sized burgers perfect for a quick dinner, game day or party. After visiting Hawaii for a few weeks, I’m obsessed with anything pineapple. We visited the Dole Pineapple Plantation and I can still smell the sweet scent of fresh pineapples in the air!  If you love tropical drinks and dishes, then you’ll enjoy this simple recipe.

I’m excited to have updated this simple slider recipe that has been on the blog for a while now. I can’t wait to make these burgers again. Bite-sized recipes are always fun. I think you’ll enjoy these tasty burgers!

Hawaiian sliders recipe with Hawaiian rolls, pineapple and special barbecue sauce.


My Favorite Pineapple Recipes

Speaking of yummy pineapple recipes, here are a few of my favorite ones that you might enjoy!


How to Make Easy Sliders for a Crowd

Need to make dinner for a crowd? Things just got easier with these easy sliders, that are just the right size you need to make many of them to be able to feed a large group for a party. Made in the oven, it’s easy to whip up a batch of sliders for a party. This recipe makes a dozen burgers, so if you have a larger crowd, be sure to double this slider recipe.

Hawaiian sliders recipe with Hawaiian rolls, pineapple and special barbecue sauce. Easy Burgers recipe.

Mouthwatering Sliders Recipe with Sweet Hawaiian Rolls

I had the opportunity to meet the great people from Txbeef.org and we cooked these amazing Hawaiian themed sliders. I can assure you that they will make your mouth water. So delicious!

What You’ll Need for Hawaiian Sliders

It’s super easy to make these delicious mini burgers. All you need is ground beef, Worcestershire sauce pineapple slices, lettuce and sweet Hawaiian rolls. Such a fun dish for a party.

Easy Hawaiian Sauce For Burgers

The sauce is what makes sliders extra juicy with a hint of sweet pineapples. All you have to do is mix barbecue sauce, pineapple preserves and brown sugar together for a tasty sauce!

Originally published on October 10, 2010

Hawaiian Sliders Recipe

Easy slider recipe with Hawaiian rolls, pineapple and special barbecue sauce. Delicious juicy bite sized burgers!


  • 1 lb. lean ground beef
  • 4 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 4 pineapple slices, canned
  • 12 Hawaiian sweet rolls
  • lettuce


  • 1/4 cup barbecue sauce
  • 1/4 cup pineapple preserves
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar, packed
  1. In a medium bowl, combine ground beef and Worcestershire sauce. Shape into twelve half inch thick patties. Set aside.

  2. Combine sauce ingredients in small saucepan and bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring frequently. Remove from heat.

  3. Place pineapple slices on rack in broiler and brush with sauce. Put pan in oven so the pineapples are 3 to 4 inches from the heat. Broil 4 minutes, turning once and brushing with more sauce. Remove pineapple and keep warm.

  4. Place burgers on a rack in broiler pan so surface of beef is 3-4 inches from the heat. Broil 7 to 8 minutes to medium (160°F) well, until beef is not pink in center and juices show no pink color. Turn once and brush burgers with remaining sauce after turning.

  5. Cut each pineapple slice into thirds. Line bottom of each Hawaiian sweet roll with lettuce, top with a burger, then with a pineapple piece.

Find more amazing burger recipes here.

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Be In Photos Now

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to make a point to get in the family photos. Here are 3 Reasons Why You Need to Be In Photos Now, along with inspiration from our latest Mother’s Day photo shoot.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to make a point to get in the family photos. Here are 3 Reasons Why You Need to Be In Photos Now, along with inspiration from our latest Mother’s Day photo shoot. Photography Session with Sue Bryce. #mothersday #photography #livinglocurto

You might think this article is just about a Mother’s Day photo shoot with my daughter, but I want to make it clear that this is much more important than pretty photos.

What I am writing today is a powerful reminder for you… yes, I’m talking to you!

Last week marked the two-year anniversary of my mother’s death. This weekend, we found out that my husband’s mother died unexpectedly. Now both of our moms are gone, and many years before we expected to lose them. A few days before finding out about my mother-in-law’s passing, I received these beautiful photos from our Mother’s Day photo shoot with the amazing Sue Bryce.

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Need to Be In Photos Now, along with inspiration from our latest Mother’s Day photo shoot. Photos by Sue Bryce

I thought out of respect for the recent death in our family, I would not share my Mother’s Day photos right away.  But, then I thought about you and the other women reading this. I decided to share my story and photos in hopes that you would be inspired to get IN THE PHOTOS with your kids, your mother, father or other family members who are dear to you. I know my mother-in-law would approve of this message. So here I am writing to let you know that YOU are beautiful, no matter what size of clothes you wear, how old you are, or if your teeth are crooked or straight.

This message is important for you to hear. I hope you keep reading…

3 Reasons Why You Need to Be In Photos Now


1. It’s The Best Gift You Can Give

3 Reasons Why You Need to Be In Photos Now, along with inspiration from our latest Mother’s Day photo shoot. Amy Locurto and daughter. Photos by Sue Bryce

With Mother’s Day coming up soon, I encourage you to get in the photos with your kids. Give your kids the gift of you! Please listen to someone who has had both of her parents and in-laws die at a young age. Photos are an important part of your children’s memories. Without them, it’s often hard to conjure up memories. Isn’t it crazy how as soon as you look at a photo, memories come flooding back? Getting beautiful photos taken of yourself is not silly, it’s not vain, its not a waste of money. It’s a cherished memory captured forever. It’s important.

My daughter and I will NEVER forget our trip to California for these photos. It was worth every penny to have this special time with my little girl. You can bet I’m going to be nagging my teenage son to take photos with me soon. (I can picture him running away right now. ha!)  No worries with this one, she RUNS to the camera!


2. Someday You Will Wish You Did It Sooner


3 Reasons Why You Need to Be In Photos Now! Inspiration from a Mother’s Day photo shoot. Amy Locurto and daughter. Photos by Sue Bryce LivingLocurto.com

I always tell people, 10 years from now you will look back at photos of yourself and wish you looked that young, that skinny or that healthy again!  I hope by sharing my Mother’s Day photos today that you will be inspired to get in a photo and not worry so much about your appearance. I bet you look pretty darn good!

3 Reasons Why You Need to Be In Photos Now! Inspiration from a Mother’s Day photo shoot. Amy Locurto and daughter. Photos by Sue Bryce LivingLocurto.com

My mom was a gorgeous woman, yet she never wanted to be in our photos. I wish I had more photos of us together now! No matter how much I might dread photos, I make a point to get in them with my kids as much as possible. I may not be happy with the way I look, wish I was skinner, younger, etc, but my kids don’t care, they love me for who I am.


3. A Good Photographer Can Perform Miracles


3 Reasons Why You Need to Be In Photos Now! Inspiration from a Mother’s Day photo shoot. Amy Locurto and daughter. Photos by Sue Bryce LivingLocurto.com

This is no joke! A good photographer knows how to pose you to look your best, and will use lighting that performs miracles! I’m glad I didn’t put this off to lose a certain amount of weight, I just got in the photos and trusted that the photographer would make me look amazing! When you have photos taken by the fabulous Sue Bryce, that is a no brainer! Seriously, if you have a great photographer, plus hair and make-up, you will feel like a princess.

I want to walk around in this pose all day with someone holding lights and a fan on me, because I do NOT look like this in person. LOL!!! Miracles I tell ya!

3 Reasons Why You Need to Be In Photos Now! Inspiration from a Mother’s Day photo shoot with Lifestyle and Food blogger, Amy Locurto and daughter. Photos by Sue Bryce LivingLocurto.com

Don’t wait to book a photo session with a photographer, because some have very long wait lists. Find someone who can help you with your hair and make-up if you aren’t sure what to do. You deserve to feel like a queen for a day! Remember you are giving this gift to your children. They will cherish photos of you long into their old age and be happy to pass them down to generations. Make time for this… it’s important, just like you.

Thank you Sue, Gerson and the Sue Bryce team for giving us these memories to frame and cherish forever!

3 Reasons Why You Need to Be In Photos Now! Sue Bryce, Amy Locurto and daughter.

Please Share Your Photos!

If you take photos with your kids, please share them with me! I’d love to see!!

Here are four ways to share your photos:

  1. Use the hashtag #LivingLocurto on Instagram
  2. Share on my Living Locurto Facebook Page
  3. Share in our Private Facebook Group
  4. Send photos via e-mail, sign up for my emails here if you don’t already get them.

Our Moms

Here are photos of my mom, Virginia and my husband’s mom, Carol dancing at our wedding. May you both be dancing, smiling and taking lots of photos now in heaven. We miss you both so much!

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Create Videos with Framy, Hilarity Ensues

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Framy. All opinions are 100% mine.

You guys. I just spent a rainy day with kids in the house and we pretty much played with Framy all afternoon. Framy is a new app that allows you to edit and create videos. The cool part – you can pluck people or objects and put them in a different setting. Belly laughs, my friends. This app was super fun.

Here’s an easy way to start making the stuff your dreams are made of. No really, that funny dream where you are tickling a dinosaur? Framy can do that. Anyway, back to getting started. Download the app. Easy peasy. Next, take a photo or video as a background.

Create Videos with Framy

Next, add a sticker. There are plenty to use already but the fun part is creating your own.


Here’s how. Record a video and pluck whatever it is out of the background. Just tap on the colors you want to remove. It’s basically a green screen without needing a green screen.



It’s easy to figure out. You can click on the help icon and you’ll get video tutorials. It took a few tries to figure out how to best direct our creativity. I’d recommend checking out other videos that users have made on the Framy app. I guarantee this will make you giggle. There is some super funny stuff people have come up with.

Once you have your background and your stickers, you can record a video of it while making your sticker move. You can also add music or record a voice. You can also add text if you like.

My kids and I tried making all kinds of different stuff. It worked best when we recorded with a simple background. We had a lighter background and my kids wore darker colors. We even tried making a floating head (which was hilarious) by wrapping my son up in a sheet. We loved playing together with this app. And that, is always a win.

This post is a sponsored post. Opinions are my own.


You can check out more about Framy here.
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Fate Led to This Amazing Newborn Photoshoot

They were born just hours apart in the same hospital.

These two were simply meant to be!

Two newborns, coincidentally named Romeo and Juliet, were both born hours apart at the same hospital last week. 

According to this article from The Today Show, parents Morgan and Edwin Hernandez welcomed their baby boy, whom they named Romeo, on March 19. Eighteen hours later, Christiana and Allen Shifflett welcomed a baby girl, Juliet — right down the hall at the same hospital.

What are the odds!


Cassie Clayshulte, who is a photographer at the South Carolina hospital where Romeo and Juliet were born, snapped photos of the newborns together in the hospital. 

After getting permission from both sets of parents, Clayshulte posted those photos on her Facebook account last week, and that’s when the story of the star-crossed lovers went viral. 

When the families reunited the babies at Clayshulte’s studio for an interview and photoshoot, they decided to go with a Shakespearean theme in tribute to their names. 


“They did great, which is rare for non-twins to be snuggling together,” Calyshulte told ABC News about the babies shooting together. “They held hands and nuzzled each other and they didn’t cry until we took them apart.”

 And luckily this story has a happier ending than its counterpart. The four parents have become friends and already have plans to reunite their little lovebirds.

“We have already talked about getting together for one year photos for the kids’ bir
thday as well as senior year photos,” Hernandez told The Today Show. “We have found an amazing friendship within Juliet’s family.”

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these little munchkins!
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5 Reasons to Use MINTED For Your Birth Announcements and Christening Invitations

I am so impressed with minted.  They offer the cutest designs for birth announcements and christening invitations.  I wasn’t sure what we were going to do about inviting everyone to our son’s blessing and they quickly took care of that problem!  Isn’t the design so darling?

I love minted for 5 reasons:

1. The Quality

The paper is so thick and luxe.  I have been able to write notes and thank you’s on the back of our birth announcements with absolutely no worries about pen bleeding through or smearing.  I love the texture and sturdiness of the envelopes too!  I’m a sucker for beautiful printing and they know just what I like!

2. Cute Designs

I am very picky when it comes to design and usually insist on laying everything out myself.  Their designs are simple, fresh and so cute.  I was able to quickly find a design that worked with my picture AND a matching design for the blessing invite.  I just love everything they have!

Beyond birth announcements and christening invites they have the cutest birthday invites, holiday cards and even stationary for you kiddos!  It’s all so fun!

3. Find it Fast

This made choosing an announcement design super easy!  After setting up an account and uploading a few pictures I was able to preview all of the baby announcement designs at the same time with my picture!  It helped me narrow down my search quickly and I loved seeing all of the different options with my own image!

4. Easy to Use

Minted makes it easy to personalize their designs.  I was able to choose colors, personalize wording, choose a shape-and it was so easy.  Their website is straightforward and simple to understand, and you can have all of your designs proofread before printing to be sure it’s all perfect.


SEE MORE:  French Baby Names You’ll Want To Steal


5.  Recipient Addressing

It’s just so pretty.  And ridiculously convenient.  I uploaded my address list, typed in a few additional people and ta-da!  All of my addressing is done!  This is brilliant too because when I need to do Christmas cards all of my addresses are already saved and ready to go!  I also love the skinny wraps for return addresses-isn’t that a fun touch of color that wraps around the back?

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Bad Baby Names – Just Say No…

15 Unusual Childbirth Pictures

I’m Sorry, There Is No Heartbeat . . .


Daughter Shines as Rey in Photos Taken By Photographer Dad

I basically do 2 photoshoots with my kids every year – Easter when they are looking dapper in their Sunday best and Halloween with their costumes. I love doing shoots with them in their costumes. And I’m pretty sure they prefer the Halloween photoshoot more.

Photographer Rich Johnson came up with the idea for a photoshoot with his 3-year-old daughter Kylee as her favorite character, Rey from The Force Awakens. Altering the costume for her and weathering up his BB-8 droid was worth the effort. He found a construction site that could serve as the backdrop and the result is literally out of this world.

Kylee rocks the photoshoot by nailing the spirit of Rey. Aren’t her expressions perfect? Although, I have to admit that my favorites (besides that money shot with the sun flare) are the outtakes where Rich catches Kylee  with a sly smile or laughing. Or that one where she’s giving BB-8 a kiss. Okay, fine, they’re all pretty much ridiculously amazing. You definitely understand how much this photoshoot means to both father and daughter.

All of the photos here are taken by Rich Johnson and posted with his permission.


Rich Johnson with his daughter, Kylee as Rey.


Family Making Faces on Disney World Rides is Magic

If you’re going to take your family to Disney World, you’re bound to end up with loads of family pictures, am I right? The Enz family from Indiana recently went to Disney World with extended family members for a reunion. Here is the family of six with good buddy, Donald. Totally typical family picture.

But this family completely upped their picture-taking game with their hilarious faces during rides. After every ride, there was something new to laugh at. Having tried to pull a face on Splash Mountain when I was there last, I know this is no easy feat. From smelling a shoe to a fatherly noogie, this family came through with photo gold. All photos shared with permission of Sarah Enz.

The guy in yellow WINS.

WHERE DID THEY ALL GO?! No. Really, I need an answer.

The shirt thing is the best.

See what I mean?!

This one might be my favorite…



How to Photograph Christmas Lights with your Phone

Here’s a quick and easy guide to taking better cell-phone pics this Christmas!  Taking decent pictures in front of Christmas lights can be a challenge, but with a few of these tips you’ll be the coolest kid on Instagram.

1. Avoid Using the Flash

Flash gives red eye, and really downplays the lights in the back.  

Christmas Light Pictures

Without the flash brings out the lights more but…

Christmas Light Pictures

Using a friends phone flashlight is the best way to go!  My husband came up with this brilliant trick!  This gives side lighting, which usually looks better and allows the Christmas lights to really shine through!

Christmas Light Pictures

Christmas Light Pictures

2. Don’t Selfie

The front facing camera in a phone is a lower-resolution camera and doesn’t do as well, especially at night.  It’s always going to go at least a little bit better if you you use the back camera and have someone else take it.  That way you can include your entire family as well!

Christmas Light Pictures

3. Use a Tripod

Christmas Light Pictures

If you don’t have anyone else to take your pic, and even if you do-this is a handy little toy that will really  help your pictures at night.  It can wrap it’s legs around tree branches, be a short selfie stick or be propped up anywhere.

4. Edit Your Pictures

While this is not the best photo I’ve ever taken, it’s definitely been improved with editing (you can see the original above).  I used the VSCO app, but really most editing apps do a better job than doing nothing.  Even Instagram’s editing tools and filters can usually sharpen and brighten a photo.  The key is to take the best photo you can in the first place so that the editing is minimal.

Christmas Light Pictures

Happy Holidays and may your Instagrams impress!!

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