40+ Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas To Catch His Attention In 2019

best fathers day gifts 2019, best fathers day gift ideas

The air is thick with the smell of beer and BBQ, which means only one thing: Father’s Day is upon us. Whether you’re searching for Father’s Day gifts for your own dad or hunting around to find something for the father of your children, we’ve got you covered with gift ideas for geeks, grillers, gentlemen, and beyond.

On this list, you’ll find unique Father’s Day gifts for every type of dad. Check out our top picks and give him a gift that will make him feel appreciated and loved. Bonus points if you can make him laugh, too!

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

shiatsu back massager for fathers day


Being a dad is stressful. This handy device will work out the knots in his neck and back, so you don’t have to. He’ll probably let you use it, too! This deep-kneading massager will relax his muscles, but his favorite part will be the adjustable heat function that feels so soothing.

Truff Hot Sauce, Gourmet Hot Sauce with Ripe Chili Peppers

TRUFF Hot Sauce, Gourmet Hot Sauce with Ripe Chili Peppers


Dad will drool over this gourmet hot sauce, and after he tastes it on his wings he’ll be calling this bottle of Truff “daddy.” Red chili peppers are blended with black truffle and agave for an earthy, yet sweet-and-spicy sauce that will bring a dad to his happy place. Mmm!

Tile Pro

Tile Pro for father's day


If you know a hot-mess dad (or really “busy” dad), gift him a Tile. The Tile connects to an app which makes it easy to always check in on where his belongings are. No more scrambling around looking for the keys or remote! A gift like this will bring stress levels down for everyone in the household.

Armor All Complete Car Care Kit

fathers day car care kit


If your dad’s baby is actually his car and not you, he’ll go gaga for this complete car care kit. It includes protectant, shine wash and wax, all-tire foam, and all-glass wipes.

ORCA Navy Liddup Cooler

orca navy liddup cooler


This sturdy, made-in-the-USA cooler by ORCA lights up when it’s opened. It’s the perfect, unique gift for a dad who goes camping, hosts tailgates, and invites the neighbors over for classic summer backyard barbecues. The navy color is so classic and these coolers are bear-proof, too. Now you won’t have to worry about him stumbling over the brews in front of company, either.

Duck Butter Beard Oil Gift Set

duck butter beard oil set


If you know a daddy who takes pride in his beard, this is the perfect Father’s Day gift for him. The set includes four different oils, a beard brush, and a wooden comb. His bushy beard is about to transform into a work of art. Be sure to compliment him on it and encourage the grooming!

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Gift Set

father's day moscow mule mugs


It’s the perfect time of year for a refreshing Moscow mule. Give your favorite dad a solid excuse to sip until he feels silly. This gift set has over 1,000 positive Amazon reviews. It’s super affordable, and it even includes a copper jigger and four copper straws.

Roku Express HD RC

roku, fathers day gift idea 2019


This Roku device makes watching television more enjoyable, if that’s even possible. The gadget delivers smooth HD streaming, so dad can easily connect to the internet and use the remote to flip on Netflix or even YouTube.

Brickell Restoring Eye Cream for Men

fathers day gift idea, Brickell Restoring Eye Cream for Men

Dads need eye cream, too. The best time to fight aging is overnight, and men tend to really take to the masculine packaging and scent of the product, in addition to the magic powers this balm possesses when it comes to fading dark spots underneath his eyes. The eye balm contains natural ingredients, including caffeine.

LEGO Technic Bugatti Race Car Building Kit

lego fathers day gift idea


This LEGO set is perfect for dads who love to tinker with things and build. This set includes 3,599 pieces, and dad can build up the luxury car with an active rear wing, an eight-speed gear box (with a paddle gear shift), an engine, steering wheel, suspension, and spoked rims. The packaging is super sleek, so it really does make the perfect gift.

Jabra Elite Alexa-Enabled Wireless Earbuds

jabra elite ring doorbell


These Jabra Elite wireless earbuds will stream dad’s favorite music at his preferred volume. They’re perfect to use during the morning commute or even at the gym. Reviewers obsess over the customizable equalizer and dad will really appreciate the five-hour battery life. Ready to watch him get in the zone?

Thank You For Helping Me Build My Life Hammer

fathers day hammer


This hammer comes with a heartwarming message: “Thank you for helping me build my life.” Sniff, sniff. As beautiful as the engraving is, this hammer is totally functional. He’ll get all warm and fuzzy inside when he stumbles upon it amongst the rest of his tools.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male In The Navy

jean paul gaultier


This gorgeous fragrance blends salt, sea, and icy peppermint to deliver a masculine sexiness with each spray. Are you familiar with ambergris? It’s a rare ingredient in the fragrance world that’s uniquely inviting and sensual, and this bottle contains it. It’s rated as one of the best colognes of 2019, and any dad would love to experiment with it.

Classic Boxing Bell

boxing bell for fathers day


If you know a dad who loves boxing (watching it on television counts, too!), he’ll get a kick out of this official boxing bell that can be easily installed right at home. It’s such a fun addition to a home gym.

Bear Paw Meat Claws

bear claws fathers day


These Bear Paw meat claws will help dad serve up tasty dishes like pulled pork in a pinch! With these claws, dad can lift, handle, pull apart, and shred meat until he’s satisfied.

Mr. Beer Complete Beer Making Kit

fathers day beer making kit


Sure, you can gift dad his favorite beer on Father’s Day, but chances are he has a pretty nice supply of his own hidden somewhere. Take things to the next liquid level with this craft beer kit. It includes everything dad could ever need to brew his own. You can either help him, or hop right out of his way.

The Dad Book

dad book, fathers day


This is possibly one of the hottest Father’s Day gifts of the season. Truths, hacks, and dad-isms fill the pages of this brand new release from the editors of The Dad. The book is loaded with content, but it’s pocket-sized. (Well, cargo pocket-sized).

Proraso Gino Vintage Shave Set

fathers day proraso vintage shave set


This shave set is ideal for the gentleman who grooms on the reg. The products include eucalyptus and menthol fragrance, which is super soothing for a daddy who’s grooming.

Old Factory Man Cave Candles

fathers day gifts, mancave candles


We all know it: Dads secretly love candles, too. These man cave candles are perfect to gift on Father’s Day. This set includes scents like mahogany, leather, and straight razor.

Stratton Cedar Shoe Inserts

stratton cedar shoe inserts


Spruce up your favorite dad’s shoe collection with these 100% natural red cedar shoe inserts. They’ll help keep his shoes fresh and formed.

Golfers BBQ Tool Set

Golfers Barbecue Tool Set



If you know a dad who loves to double g: golf and grill, these stainless steel grill tools will set his heart aflame this Father’s Day. The gift set includes a golf-themed spatula, tongs, and a fork!

Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

fathers day gift ideas 2019


This Ember coffee mug is temperature-controlled, which means your dad can keep the same cup of coffee hot for hours. He’ll love the gadget aspect of this gift, too. It connects to an app where he can save his temperature preferences and customize his mug with an LED light.

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA 


In this hysterical book by comedy God Jimmy Fallon, all the dad animals try to teach their babies to say “Dada” first. Unfortunately, all the babies just respond with their animal sounds! It’s cute and silly, and dads will get a kick out of annoying wifey with this read. Write a sweet note inside, and it’s ready to go.

Ice Sphere Molds


If the dad you’re shopping for is a fan of Scotch, these ice spheres provide a classy version of his favorite pour on the rocks. They melt slower and keep his drink cold without watering it down as fast as ice cubes would. Plus, they look cool. Dads love to look cool.

Kabob Grilling Baskets

Kabob Grilling Baskets



This cool grill tool makes it simple to cook and season kabobs without losing a single piece of fruit or chicken.

5-in-1 Tool Pen

fathers day gifts, tool pen


This 5-in-1 tool pen is an office essential. He’ll feel like he can come to the rescue and fix anything with this pocket pen that also functions as a screwdriver, stylus, level, and ruler.

Ring Video Doorbell

ring video doorbell



This gift is so worth the splurge. Dad can use a connected app to see all activity on his front porch at any time. If he’s getting something dropped off on the front porch while away from home, he can connect and communicate with the person who is on your front porch. Ring doorbells make it possible to do cool things like scare intruders away or check in on if the babysitter’s boyfriend comes around. It’s easy to install, too.

Ironwood Gourmet Wood Steak Serving Board

steak board, fathers day 2019


If the dad in your life would eat steak every night for dinner if he could, he’ll appreciate this wooden steak serving board. It has grooves to catch drippings and space to house seasonings and sauces. Stepping up the steak game for dad is good for his soul.

Phone Soap

fathers day phone soap


Phones get really gross and dirty. This cool gadget will cleanse a phone in a pinch. Dads love gadgets and phones, so this is what we consider a Father’s Day fusion gift. (Aka, it will go over well.) His phone likely holds 18x more bacteria than a public bathroom, by the way.


shittens for fathers day


Gag gift alert! Shittens are here to give your favorite father a laugh on Father’s Day. They’re like mitten-shaped baby wipes, but chances are he’ll end up using them on himself, too.

Willow Tree Father And Daughter

fathers day willow tree


This super sentimental gift is one that dad will treasure for a lifetime, and there’s also a version with a dad and his son, too. These wooden statues by Willow Tree celebrate the loving and ever-growing bond between father and child.

The Dad Hawaiian Shirt

fathers day hawaiian

Dads are flipping their sh*t over this Hawaiian shirt that features grills, beer, and beyond when you look close enough. Plus, what daddy doesn’t get a kick out of sporting a fresh Hawaiian shirt at the start of the summer season?!

Phillips Norelco Portable Electric Razor

phillips norelco shaver


If you know a dad who always complains about his razor, freshen up his arsenal of grooming gear with this electric option by Phillips. The self-sharpening blades provide a clean shave. Dad will use it on the go, which means less beard hairs in your sink. Gross!

F Bomb Paperweight

fathers day gift guide 2019, f bomb


Dad will love to bring this F bomb paperweight to the office. It serves as a perfect reminder that it’s important to laugh in difficult situations! It’s a real conversation starter, too.

KitchenAid Blade Onyx Black Coffee Grinder

kitchen aid fathers day


If your dad needs his caffeine fix every morning, this KitchenAid grinder will motivate him to grind his own coffee and that alone will make him feel more connected to his java. Gift it with his favorite, fresh coffee beans! It produces enough coffee grinds for four to 12 cups of coffee.

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells

fathers day gift, bowflex, dumbbells


These adjustable dumbbells are one of the best on the market. The thousands of rave reviews point out how comfortable and easy it is to use these dumbbells on a daily basis. Get ready for daddy-o to get buff, because these adjustable dumbbells will inspire him to work his way up to curling a higher weight.

Pistachio Pedestal

pistachio pedestal fathers day


You’ll find pistachio shells in the Bermuda Triangle that exists between the sofa cushions. (You know, the one that swallows up remotes, keys, and Cheerios.) Thanks, dad! Solve that problem by gifting him this super cool pistachio pedestal. Made of sustainable North American maple in Dorset, Vermont, this unique invention is rubbed with teak oil for a food-safe, sleek finish. It’s a surprising gift, but there’s no doubt he will get tons of use out of it.

ThermoPro Remote Wireless Thermometer


Give dad a little more freedom around the grill. This thermometer has a wireless device he can carry around the house and yard so he can monitor the heat of his meat. It comes with preset temperatures for a variety of different meats like lamb, fish, and beef, so he won’t have to remember what temp he’s aiming for, either.

Clarisonic Alpha Fit

fathers day gift 2019, calrisonic facial brush


The Alpha Fit takes Clarisonic’s technology used for skincare devices and personalizes it for men. The men’s daily cleanse brush gives a powerful cleansing that can even scrub beneath beards. It even has two power settings so he can get a boost after a workout or when his facial hair is a little grimy. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth the coin.

The Bro Basket


These baskets ship same-day and are themed with all kinds of culinary and beverage preferences. Does your dad love a good whiskey? There’s a basket for that. Has your husband been really into CrossFit since he saw all those guys jumping on boxes on ESPN? There’s a basket for that. Your son recently became a new father and is in desperate need of all the coffee? There’s a basket for that. You can even build your own for a custom basket that hits all the things the man in your life enjoys.

Ray-Ban Aviators or Wayfarers


You really can’t go wrong with these classic styles, and everybody likes a quality pair of sunnies. He’ll keep this pair in his car. (Away from the kids.)

Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller


Warm beer, be gone! Have dad keep these in the freezer, and he’ll never need to wait for his beer to get cold again. And you will never have to yell at him for putting bottles in the freezer to chill them for “just a minute,” only to forget and leave them to explode.

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My Husband Hates Social Media. Here’s How We Share Memories.

My husband and I both love our family to pieces, but we have very different ways of showing it. While I gush about my babies all over the world wide web, he’s more of the strong, silent type. Family? What family? He doesn’t have any social media accounts at all. Crazy, right?

He’s just a private guy who doesn’t want to share his entire life with strangers. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate documenting our days or feel nostalgic when we look back at where we’ve been as a family.

I can appreciate that about him a lot. He may not be online, but he’s always down for making memories together. He’s pretty good at capturing them too. He has an eye for seeing interactions that are ridiculously meaningful. I’m not ashamed to admit that I have often scrolled through the camera roll on his phone tearing up at moments he’s captured when I wasn’t paying attention.

There’s just one problem: Remember how we used to take pictures and rush to get them developed because that was the only way we’d be able to see them? Now that we live in a digital world, there’s no hurry, especially since we’re sharing in real time on social media. Since my husband isn’t interested in putting pictures online, we run into the issue that none of the photos on his phone will see the light of day. That’s where ibi comes in. The ibi Smart Photo Manager is a genius way to store and share pictures privately and securely. With 2TB worth of storage space, it can hold 500,000+ photos and 200+ hours of video.

An Easy Way to Get Dad Engaged

After a few years of discovering amazing pictures on my husband’s phone, I finally got him to share them with me automatically on the cloud. Unfortunately, that solution didn’t work as well as I thought it would because the quality of the pictures were greatly diminished by the time I downloaded them from the web. Also, videos would take forever to upload, and it would be days before they’d be processed and ready for me to view!

My husband wasn’t especially interested in helping me troubleshoot and felt like there could be an easier way. ibi is that easier way. It took us five minutes to set it up. All we had to do was plug the ibi in, and it found our devices. Then we uploaded to the app and started sharing pictures privately only to the folks we want to see them.

My guy can be a little skeptical about things, especially when he’s concerned about privacy, but he’s convinced that this is a better way for us to share memories with each other and our friends and family.

Dads Want to Share — Just Not With Everyone

ibi has the option to share privately, create shared albums that our loved ones can add to, and an inner circle feed that’s like our own personal invitation-only social media network. I was shocked that my husband immediately started sending the link to albums we created to our friends. I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised. He’s got himself a great little family. Of course he wants to show us off!

There’s actual research on this too. Clay Routledge, a professor and psychological scientist, says, “Dads tend to be more private, but they very much want opportunities to connect with loved ones through the sharing of meaningful memories.”

Well, that’s absolutely my husband.

That’s why I’m so pumped to find ibi. He can share in a way that makes him feel comfortable, and I don’t have to nag him to share his great shots with me anymore. How’s that for a win?

ibi is the smart way to store, organize, and share your treasured photos. Get control of your memories and be in control of who sees them. Visit meetibi.com for more information.

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Parents Swear By These Cheap Chore Sticks That Put Unmotivated Kids To Work


Creative QT Chore Sticks

Responsibilities and chores can feel so dry. Spice things up at home so that kids feel more energized and excited about taking care of the various things on their to-do list. You can choose the types of chores you’d want your kid to focus on (like, “take dirty laundry to laundry room”) and then have your little one pick a stick out of the pile.


chore sticks parenting products

Taking something that feels overwhelming and turning it into a simple task is the secret behind why these literal popsicle sticks can be more effective than your verbal reminders. At least for when it comes to getting kids to tackle responsibilities around the house. This unorganized method of organizing will yield more positive results.

Spotted review:

“My kids, who are ambivalent towards chores, suddenly enjoy doing chores they normally don’t, thanks to these sticks! No more complaining. Since my kids’ schoolteachers use sticks like these in their classes, my kids are very accepting of whatever “chore” is on the stick without complaint.” – CJ

The set comes with blank sticks so you can make your own chore sticks, too. Here’s an idea: Add in some fun, random activities so your kiddo will be more receptive to pulling a stick in general.


These 50+ Baby And Parenting Products Are Freaking Genius And We Need Them All

This Convertible Bean Bag Bed Is A Sleepover Essential

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12 Hemp And CBD Self-Care Products We Love

One of the greatest things to come out of modern technology is that now we can get access to products like these—at the click of a button. We’ve known the health benefits of Hemp and CBD oils—such as helping with pain, anxiety, and skin care—for years, but today they’re more popular (and easier to get) than ever.

Here are few good finds that will help you relax after a long day, fight aches and pains, and help your skin and hair look as healthy as ever. All you need is a Prime account!

1. Bath Bombs

Imagine locking the door and drawing a hot bath with one of these bath bombs. Your skin will feel rejuvenated, and you might get a minute to forget about that raging tantrum your kid had at Target.

2. Detoxifying Face Mask with Hemp Seed Oil


These sulfate and paraben-free face masks remove oils, dirts, and toxins, and fight off blackheads. They’re like a present for your face. Use these while you soak in the bath (see #1).

3. Hemp Oil Soap


It’s not just the presentation of this soap that we love. The way your skin will feel afterward is the biggest perk.

4. Hemp Oil for Pain and Anxiety Relief


Hemp oils are reported to help relieve pain, anxiety, and stress. So, put a  drop of this pure hemp oil on your tongue, and your day could get a whole lot better.


5. Hemp Lip Balm by Hempz


Our lips need love too, right? This lip balm by Hempz offers SPF 15 protection against sun damage, and provides hydration, nourishment, and nutrients to make your lips less flaky and more smooth. You’ll honestly want on for your purse, car and junk drawer.

6. The Essential Guide to Cannabidiol


If you’re curious about hemp and CBD health benefits, but don’t know where to begin, a beginner’s guide like this one might help you get started.

7. Bath Salts With Red Poppy And Hemp


Bath salts have been used since Roman times for relaxing and healing rituals. So why can’t 21st century moms enjoy them too? These bath salts infuse red poppy and hemp oils to provide you with the ultimate relaxation at bath time. I will probably pair these with a face mask (#2) for a double whammy.

8. Hemp Gummies


If you’re a busy mom on the go, but you want your body to enjoy the health benefits of hemp, how about popping one of these gummies in the morning? Known to offer relief of stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and nausea, these “tasty sweets” are worth a try. These are also ones we want to keep out of reach of kids because they look just like candy.

9. Muscle And Body Relief Hemp Salve


Tension knots? Try this. This pain-relieving salve is said to help with arthritis, knee, joint, and back pain (a.k.a. getting older). Made with hemp, rosemary, and olive oils, this one can’t turn back the clock for you, but it can help you feel better as you chase those kids around.

10. BC Bud Exfoliating Hemp Shower Gel


If your skin is sensitive, tired, or itchy, BC Bud says it can help with this lava exfoliating hemp shower gel. And since your skin is probably as tired as the rest of you, this is probably a good one to add to your cart.

11. Shampoo And Conditioner Set by Dr. Hempster


And don’t forget about your hair! This shampoo and conditioner set with argan oil, wheat protein, saw palmetto, and biotin protects will wash the baby spit-up out of your hair while fighting against hair loss and offering extra moisture. Bonus: Jumbo bottles mean you won’t need to restock for a while.

12. Anti-aging Hemp Night Cream


With hyaluronic acid, aloe, shea butter, and vitamin E, this night cream promises to rejuvenate our skin and fight wrinkles. You mean this stuff might make it look like my kids aren’t sucking the life out of me on a daily basis? NEED. Will try anything.

So get yourself some all-natural hemp and CBD products, friends. They’ll make you feel younger, softer, and more relaxed. And maybe help you fight that back pain after lugging your hangry toddler around the zoo all day.

We may earn fees from purchases made via links on this page and affiliated sites. All opinions are our own.

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These Mother’s Day Gifts Will Change Her Vibe From Regular To Yas Queen

mother's day gifts and ideas 2019

The last thing you’ll want is a fistful of carnations shoved in your face on Mother’s Day, so you should consider the holiday with more than 24 hours of prep. And if you’re a mom, you know how it is: It’s straight annoying to wake up to the sound of the fire alarm early on a Sunday. Sorry, not sorry: Moms can burn their own toast any day. So, even if you anticipate being given a bad gift on Mother’s Day you should still bite it and give the woman who raised you something she’ll like.

The good news? We have (actually) cool Mother’s Day gift ideas picked out for every type of budget, whether you’re buying something for your mom or your entire #momsquad. If she’s into tech, girly sh*t, cooking, gardening, starting a business, or being on the receiving end of something sentimental (gulp!), we’ve rounded up the best gifts and ideas that will get you in her good graces on Mother’s Day. Yeah, you’re welcome.

One pro tip: Do not forget a card on Mother’s Day unless you want her to write you out of her will. Seriously. Oh, and we won’t tell if you shop for yourself, too. Take a sip, get in the spirit of giving, and read on for real Mother’s Day gift ideas and inspiration:

1. Renpho Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat


mothers day gift guide foot massager


What mom doesn’t want an excuse to treat her tootsies like they’re more important than her own children? She’ll appreciate your splurge and the ability to slip her toes into a toasty foot massager that can restore and relax a burnt-out mama. It’s a powerful deep-kneading massager, but it’s quiet enough for her to use while getting a full dose of her favorite reality television show. There are three different kneading preferences as well as three different air pressure levels that can easily be personalized.

2. Knock Knock What I Love About Mom Book


mothers day gifts knock knock what i love about mom


Bring some tissues with you to Mother’s Day brunch, because this fill-in-the-blank book is designed to trigger your mom’s waterworks. Honestly, seeing how much it means to her will make you feel emotional, too. Oh, and consider yourself warned: Moms get so proud about what’s written in the book that they often read the sentiments aloud. Simple prompts like, “When we are apart, it makes me happy to think about ____” and “I love your taste in ____” make it easy-breezy to jot things down. This is a Mother’s Day gift idea that shouldn’t be ignored! 

3. Foreo UFO Smart Mask Treatment Device


mothers day gift ideas foreo ufo new release


You’ll earn serious brownie points by gifting her this smart mask treatment device by Foreo. Turning a 20-minute treatment into a 90-second one, this luxe device offers spa-like results from home that moms just can’t refuse. It features cyro, thermo, and LED light technology along with T-sonic pulsations that will make your ma feel like the pampered goddess she is. If you’re not feeling the splurge this year, you can still give the gift of Foreo and go with a classic facial cleansing brush, instead!  

4. UGG Fluff Yeah Slippers


mothers day gift ugg slippers


These insanely adorable sheepskin slippers feature a comfy strap in the back and rubber soles so your mom won’t slip and slide while she’s shuffling around the house. The slippers are ideal for lounging around, but she’ll be tempted to wear them out of the house, too. Once you see how much she loves them you’ll probably end up snagging a pair for yourself.

5. KitchenAid Hand Mixer


mothers day kitchen aid mixer


Freshen up your mom’s arsenal of kitchen appliances with this pink mixer by KitchenAid that delivers on quality and design. There are 16 different color options, so if your mom isn’t into pink, you’ll be able to find the best option for her. The mixer features a variety of settings and a convenient beater ejector button for when the job’s done. It will bring a smile to her face (and remind her of you!) every time she makes a new batch of cookies, which means she might share them with you. Score. 

6. Spade to Fork Indoor Herb Garden Kit


mothers day gift idea organic herb garden kit


This indoor herb garden kit is the gift that will make the mama with a green thumb super excited. She’ll get a kick out of this kit that makes it possible to grow basil, thyme, sage, cilantro, and parsley without stepping foot outdoors. The best part? If you care (please care), the kit includes 100% organic seeds. The brand also features a 100% grow guarantee, too, which means if your mom can’t sprout her seeds she can trade it in for a new kit and try again. 

7. MomLife: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book


mom life snarky coloring book mothers day gift


Know someone who dabbles in adult coloring? This book will be a game-changer. For the mom who loves to shut out the world and go into her zone, this snarky adult coloring book will bring lots of laughter and entertainment her way. Plus, by gifting it to her, you’re letting her know that you see motherhood isn’t always a cheery walk in the park, and that acknowledgement can improve your entire relationship. 

8. Poolcandy Motorized Swim Lounger


mothers day gift idea motorized pool float


This genius pool float ensures your mom can get her queening on as she jets into the sun (or shade!) and glides over to her poolside ‘rita. It’s super easy to inflate, and the joystick controls make steering a breeze. Plus, it’s just one of those wacky gifts that will crack her up yet you know she’ll actually love it. Even though this is one of the most quirky Mother’s Day gift ideas on the list, you know if you had one, you’d use one. 

9. Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker


mothers day fitness tracker fitbit inspire


Yas! Your mom knows a thing or two about yoga, cardio, and everything in between. Gift her the latest fitness tracker by Fitbit, so she can stay on top of her progress and feel proud when she notices personal improvements. This sleek watch will track her progress through daily activities, workouts, sleep, and more. She can play around with settings to track all of her fitness achievements, whether that means getting more REM, losing five pounds, or attaining a better resting heart rate. 

10. Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Face Oil


mothers day drunk elephant face oil


This potion will leave your mom’s skin feeling soft, smooth, and silky sans slick layer. This virgin marula face oil by Drunk Elephant is a hot item and it will quickly become her new go-to for applications in the morning and at night. Untouched by chemicals or fragrances, the virgin marula oil is loaded with nourishing flavonoids and fatty acids that work in tandem to rejuvenate and reset skin. 

11. Scary Mommy Strong Women Raise Strong Women Mug


mothers day gift ideas mug scary mommy


You can never go wrong with gifting a mug, and this one delivers a message that will make your mom perk up each morning. It will remind her that you wouldn’t be the woman you are today if you didn’t have her guidance throughout life, and she’ll get a kick out of sipping on that. 

12. Tile Pro


mothers day gift idea tile


Your mom is amazing, but there are times when you seriously question how she makes it through the day. If she’s the type to hunt down the house for her glasses while sporting them on her head, her life will actually change for the better with a Tile. You can gift her one, or five! All your mom has to do is attach it to something she doesn’t want to lose (like her keys or the remote) and then use her phone to check in and see where she left the item last. Freaking genius.

13. Gramercy Kitchen Company Dark Palm Coasters


mothers day gift ideas coaster set


Your mama can dazzle her favorite room in the house with this coaster set. This gift includes four dark palm coasters and a holder. The coasters are super absorbent and easy to clean, too! The floral and botanical decor trend is a thing in 2019, and the natural style is impossible for anyone not to love. 

14. Hemingweigh Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp


mothers day gift himalayan salt lamp


A Himalayan salt lamp will add a soft glow and an earthy vibe to any room in your mom’s home. Offering total tranquility, this lamp is the perfect excuse to bring her stress levels all the way down. The lamp releases negative ions into the air which may improve cognitive performance, according to some studies

15. Reston Lloyd Calypso Basics Storage Set  


mothers day gifts reston calypso storage set


This storage set is a perfect, punchy gift for the mom who has leftovers to store stylishly on the regular. The set includes three different sizes of enamel-on-steel containers that will keep salads, leftovers, and cooked meals fresh in the freezer or the refrigerator. 

16. Marc Jacobs Daisy, 3.4 oz


marc jacobs daisy mothers day gift


You can’t go wrong with gifting this perfume to a mama who appreciates smelling fresh on the daily. Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a crowd-favorite for a reason, so if you can’t remember exactly what perfume your mama loves, chances are she’ll be excited to test this one out if she hasn’t already. It’s fun, fresh, and feminine, thanks to notes of strawberry, violet, ruby red grapefruit, gardenia, jasmine, musk, vanilla, and white wood.

17. Ninja Coffee Bar


ninja coffee station mothers day


This thing is amazing. The Ninja coffee bar is perfect for single-serve situations, like when she’s the (only adult) running out of the door in the morning, but it can also be used to brew enough coffee to fill a carafe. Plus, it has a built-in milk-frother that is incredibly easy to use and can make anyone look like an expert barista. Your mom can make her coffee as plain or as fancy as she’d like.

18. Majestic Pure Gold Face Mask


mothers day gift guide gold face mask


This snazzy face mask will glisten on your mum’s skin until she feels like a brand new woman. If she’s a seasoned face mask junkie, she’ll appreciate this one that’s made in the USA and made of literal gold and vitamin E. It’s the perfect excuse to have a mother-daughter spa day, too. 24K magic! 

19. iRobot Roomba


mothers day gift ideas roomba


There’s a new member of the family and his name is Roomba. This robot vacuum is sensitive enough to avoid slamming into walls, and robust enough to loosen, lift, and suck up particles and dirt. The coolest part? Mom can turn it on from her phone or via Alexa. This Mother’s Day gift idea is one she’ll get use out of on a (hopefully) regular basis.

20. Shinngo Portable Compact Mirror Charger


mothers day gift ideas compact mirror charger


For the mom who is always between different commitments outside of the home, she’ll need a dependable portable charger to rely on. This way, when she’s field-side, she can still juice up her phone and post endlessly to social media. This portable charger doubles as a compact makeup mirror, which means she can keep her face from running out of battery life, too.

21. Scary Mommy One Zen Mother Candle


mothers day one zen mother candle


She will be one zen mother with the help of this candle that emits a zesty smell as it burns. Notes of lemon, orange, eucalyptus, and spearmint will energize and inspire even the most checked-out mom. It’s the perfect gift to give your mom BFF for Mother’s Day.

22. Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper


mothers day gift ideas popcorn popper


This is one of the coolest gifts she’ll receive! This microwave-safe popcorn popper will let your mom invent new flavors and enjoy the taste of stove-popped popcorn without the fuss. Pack the popper with kernels, seasonings, and of course, movie tickets. There’s nothing like an experience gift!

23. Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote


mothers day gift michael kors tote


She’ll be squealing as she unwraps this designer tote by Michael Kors on Mother’s Day. It’s available in 19 different styles, so you can easily pick the one that best suits her taste. The interior features one zippered pocket and four slip pockets so she can stay easily organized.

24. ArtNaturals Essential Oil Diffuser and Oils


mothers day essential oil diffuser


Does your mom stop to smell the roses, literally? She’ll feel like she won the lotto when she opens up this sleek diffuser. She can turn on the Hathaspace diffuser for one, three, or six hours depending on what she’s up to. The design of this diffuser is ultra calming and the neutral tone will blend in, in just about any room. 

25. Amazon Fire TV Stick


amazon fire tv stick


Spark her joy with an Amazon Fire TV stick that she can use to navigate her television with ease. Whether she wants to flip on daytime television or binge out on Netflix, she’ll find herself distracted by the thousands of channels she can stream, in addition to website (like YouTube) and other apps.

26. Sparrow Decor Mason Jar Set  


mason jar pantry set mothers day gift


This mason jar set by Sparrow Decor includes three bright storage containers that make it easy to keep sugar, herbs, flour, tea, and coffee dry and fresh. The vintage-style jars feature a modern silicone seal to lock in the contents of the jar and prevent them from getting icky or stale.

27. GK Grand Personal Poem Cutting Board



mothers day idea cutting board poem


If your mother scares you a little every time she picks up her chef knife, this cutting board will offer her a safe place to strike. You might just soften her up enough so she loosens her grip in general. The wooden board features a sweet saying: “So much of me is made from what I learned from you. You’ll always be with me like a handprint on my heart.” That’s actually pretty darn cute. 

28. Banshren Healing Crystal Set


mothers day gift guide new age crystals


This healing crystal set can be placed on a nightstand, vanity, bathroom sink, office desk, and just about anywhere else frequented on a daily basis. Even though there aren’t enough crystals in the world to heal the insanity moms deal with all the time, this trio will promote feelings of love, inspiration, and intuition.

29. ToiletTree Products Bamboo Bath Caddy


mothers day gift guide bamboo bath caddy


Moms love to soak, and chill, and refill the tub with hot water and repeat the cycle until the kids (or grandkids) attempt to knock the door down. This bamboo bath caddy makes it easy to keep a book, candle, bath bomb, wine glass, or bag of potato chips (you never know) dry until it’s time to indulge. She’ll never take a bath again without it. P.S. For moms with little munchkins, this bath caddy can be shared with the little ones to keep toys close, too!

30. Natori Printed Charemeuse Satin Robe


mothers day satin robe


This Natori robe in royal blue features a floral print for a regal yet fresh vibe that any mama will appreciate after a long day, or bubble bath! The robe features a belt closure and the best part is it’s machine-washable despite the delicate fabric it’s made of.

31. Amazon All-New Kindle


mothers day gift ideas amazon kindle


Is your mom a reader? Open her up to a whole new world with an e-reader that will expose her to a fresh library of titles to choose from. She can use it to read at home, in a waiting room, on vacation, and just about anywhere else she doesn’t feel like engaging with her surroundings. Plus, the adjustable front lights make it possible to read wherever, whenever! She’ll appreciate that a single battery charge will last her weeks, not hours. 

32. Fred and Friends Little Big USB Fan


mothers day gift idea pink desk fan


This portable (but powerful!) little fan will cool down even the most heated mama. Perfect for the mom who can’t stand the summer heat, this fan can be easily charged up with a USB so she can stay chill while she’s at the computer. It’s also available in white and aqua. 

33. Oenophilia Curvy Wine Rack


mothers day wine rack


This curvy wine rack is perfect to tuck away in a modern kitchen to keep wine bottles safe and secure. If your mom likes to collect bottles of wine before she gets to drink them all, this is the perfect way for her to stay organized. If she’s a faster drinker than she is a collector, she might benefit more from this suction wine glass she can keep close when she’s in the shower!

34. The Giving Keys Classic Key Necklace


mothers day gift guide fearless necklace mom af


This necklace by The Giving Keys will add a subtle, clean vibe to any mom’s look. She’ll adore receiving it from you and there’s no doubt you’ll catch her wearing it on the daily. Available with different words stamped into the key, we’d go with this one that says “fearless” or the “Mom AF” version for Mother’s Day. Each necklace is also available in silver and brass.

35. Umbra Trigem Hanging Jewelry Organizer


mothers day gift guide jewelry organizer stand


This jewelry organizer stand is the perfect addition to a (hopefully ever-growing!) collection. It’s a minimalist way for your mom to keep the pieces she wears most frequently close by. If you really feel like spoiling her, hang a necklace on it before you wrap it up! The three bars at different heights provide a tangle-free solution while making all of her favorite pieces completely visible. Gift the organizer along with a smaller jewelry catchall, like this metallic best mom trinket dish, so she has a special spot to keep her rings and earrings, too. 


This Portable Mini-Finger Vibrator Will Make You A Better Person

Private: The Hell On Earth Known As Justice

These Gifts Will Make Your #MomSquad Feel Like The Sh*t On Mother’s Day

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People Are Completely Obsessed With These Home Decor Products

These home decor products are flying off of Amazon’s virtual shelves

In the mood to do some redecorating? Head straight to Amazon, where you can find all of the bestselling curtains, rugs, lighting, and home accents that people are currently obsessed with. Because online shopping is endlessly tricky and it never hurts to get someone else’s seal of approval.

Anickal Spring Decorations Set of 4 Decorative Pillow Covers

Image via Amazon

Spring is finally, finally here and these bright, cheery pillow covers are the perfect way to celebrate. They come in a set of four and feature watercolor designs that will put you in the perfect warm weather mood.

Safavieh MAD611B-26 Rug 2’3″ x 6′ Cream/Multi

Image via Amazon

Speaking of bright and cheery, this bestselling area rug will deliver all of that springtime joy. It comes in multiple colors and sizes and will add a whole lot of pop to any room.

LuminoLite B076SVC7SN Rechargeable 3000K Warm 6 LED Light

Image via Amazon

This wireless, rechargeable light comes with three brightness settings, can be clipped to your book, and is super flexible. Bring on all of the bedtime reading.

Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light

Image via Amazon

Sometimes your home just needs some extra magic in the form of very pretty, very twinkly string lights.

Greenco Set of 3 Floating U Shelves, Espresso Finish

Image via Amazon

These floating shelves are painted in deep espresso finish, come with all the necessary hardware, and are super durable. Also, they’ll help your home feel so, so much more organized.

6 PCS Cute Coloful Ceramic Round Owl Succulent Vase Plant Pots

Image via Amazon

Your succulents are already pretty cute. Take them to next-level cute with these bight, adorable succulent holders. They come in six pieces and you can snag them in all different shapes and sizes including owls, elephants, and corgis.

VANCORE Shabby Chic Metal Jug Vase Pitcher Flower Holder

Image via Amazon

Bring on all of the rustic charm with this flower holder. Do you officially live in the French countryside now? Pretty much.

Chesapeake Bay Candle Scented Candles, Awaken + Invigorate

Image via Amazon

These ultra popular candles will bring a warm glow to your home. The frosted jar is see-through, the wax is made from natural soy, and it smells like lemongrass eucalyptus. Yum, yum, yum. 

Bedsure Fleece Blanket

Image via Amazon

You just might want to consider snagging one of Amazon’s most popular fleece blankets. It’s ridiculously soft, comes with glowing reviews, and is perfect for a breezy spring night.

JewelKeeper Girl’s Musical Jewelry Storage Box 

Image via Amazon

Add some pretty pink charm to your kid’s room with this musical jewelry box. It’s so cheerful, so bright, and yes, it’s totally okay if you want something similar for yourself.

NICETOWN 100% Blackout Curtains

Image via Amazon

Tired of the sun waking you up every single morning? These blackout curtains put in the work (and they’re noise reducing!) Hellooo, better sleep.

People Are Completely Obsessed With These Home Decor Products

Three cheers for a warm, snuggly, extra cute home. Bring on allll of the owl-shaped succulent pots.

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12 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

We all love a nice chocolate bunny, but after that, we’re looking for Easter basket fillers that are not candy and can keep the kids occupied through dinner. And beyond.

We’ve made a great list of inspiring ideas your kids will love, no high fructose corn syrup included.

1. Yellies Bunnies


These Yellies! aren’t your typical stuffed animal. They’re interactive and respond to your voice. They basically chase you, and your kids will be laughing for hours.

2. Rescue Runts


These sweet little animals come to you in a tattered state and are a great way to teach your kids how to care for pets. They’re so cute, you’re going to want to collect them all.

3. A Is For All Things You Are


A book is always a good idea, and we love this one as it celebrates what makes all of us unique.

4. High Five


This book is another great candy-free choice. It’s an interactive book written by Adam Rubin who you may know as the Dragons Love Tacos author.

5. Water Blaster


Now that the weather is getting a little warmer, water blasters are a great way to get the kids outside and burning off some energy, so buy one for the kids and all of their cousins and let them go bonkers. This is the perfect one to slip in your kid’s basket.

6. Microwheels


If you have a race car lover in your house, they will love this racing loop which caters to their love of cars and tiny things.

7. Mermal Hatchimals


Hatchimals are always a hit — and how fun to hide a few of them along with the Easter eggs this year?!

8. Spring Basket Hatchimals


Why not purchase this cute Hatchimals Spring basket instead of filling a basket will lots of different things and make it easy on yourself?

9. Baby Shark Puzzle


This big, colorful puzzle is the perfect thing to keep your littles busy since we already know he/she loves some Pink Fong and “baby shark.” It plays the “Baby Shark Song” (you’ve got it stuck in your head now, don’t you?), has sturdy wooden pieces, and will occupy them while you’re glazing your ham.

10. WowWee Mad Lab Minis


Untamed Mad Lab Minis are super fun — they’re filled with a mystery substance and have a surprise toy inside. If your kid is a YouTube, slime, or surprise egg fan (or all of the above), they’ll definitely be stoked to find this in their basket.

11. Baby Elephant Fingerlings


These tiny toys have been trending for a while. We love this elephant and so will your kids. It will look totally adorable clinging to the edge of their Easter basket. There’s a fox now too!

12. Dragon Fingerlings 


This dragon fingerling is the perfect toy for the dragon-lover in your family. It reacts to sounds and opens its mouth when it gets mad. I kind of want one for myself.

There you have it: fresh ideas that aren’t candy, and will make your kids happy. It’s a win-win for all.

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10 Full-Figure Bras On Amazon You’ll Actually Want To Wear

These are the top-rated full-figure bras on Amazon, and it’s easy to see why

If you’re in need of full-figure bras that provide support and comfort — specifically one that doesn’t also leave you feeling matronly and out of touch — Amazon has several to choose from. And yes, they come in many shades other than Bland Beige.

Vanity Fair Beauty Back Full Figure Wirefree Bra

Image via Amazon

This full figure wire-free bra provides a sleek silhouette with no bumps or lines. This bra is lightly padded with contoured cups to provide the coverage and shape you need. It also comes in a variety of colors, and you can even double up and buy a pair of them (because we all need more of this bra.)

Glamorise Women’s Plus Size Full Coverage

Image via Amazon

Glamorise’s Wonderwire design is especially for full figures and features a cushioned support band which keeps the wire away from the body and helps to support and shape. The underwire itself is hidden in a padded channel for extra comfort. These bras go up to a size 48H.

Playtex 18-Hour Original Comfort Strap Bra

Image via Amazon

Hoo boy! This baby has over 9,000 reviews on Amazon, and it’s clear why. This bra delivers comfort and has pretty cups with lace accents. Soft shoulder cushioning provides relief from strap dig-in and lasts wash after wash.

Vanity Fair Beauty Back Underwire Bra

Image via Amazon

Just as popular as Vanity Fair’s wire-free Beauty Back bra, this one comes complete with underwire if you’re looking for a little more push-up. This bra has a 4-way stretch fabric that smooths the back for a sleek look with no bumps or lines. Seamless sides and an invisible neckline offer a smooth look under your favorite T-shirts and silky blouses.

DELIMIRA Full-Figure Underwire Strapless Bra 

Image via Amazon

The underwire with silicone along the top and the band help keep you in place, and the slightly padded cups offer a nice contoured shape. This bra also comes with detachable straps so you can wear it in several different styles for any occasion.

Elomi Plus-Size Cate Underwire Full-Cup Bra

Image via Amazon

This beauty of a bra has full-coverage cups with mesh inserts, and though the embroidery is a pattern, it’s designed to lay flat and not show through your clothes. These bras do need to be hand-washed, so keep them out of the machine — they’re too pretty to get messed up!

Glamorise Adjustable Wonderwire Sports Bra

Image via Amazon

We didn’t forget about full-figure sports bras, believe me. Because when you’ve got big boobs, you can’t go squishing them into a torture device just to work out, amiright? This underwire sports bra features an adjustable front panel to control bounce, and high-performance moisture wicking materials.

Glamorise MagicLift Wirefree Minimizer Support Bra

Image via Amazon

Your clothes will fit and look better with this minimizer smoothing your silhouette. The sophisticated lacey look includes all of the magic lift features Glamorise is known for: a wireless inner cushioned band for incredible bust support and great shape.

Wingslove Full-Coverage Non-Padded Minimizer 

Image via Amazon

This non-padded bra offers maximum comfort with soft material. The ultra-thin fabric feels lightweight while offering enough support to show off your natural shape. The straps are stress-free and the pattern is lovely.

DELIMIRA Sheer Lace Unlined Full-Figure Bra

Image via Amazon

Who says full-figure bras can’t be sexy? This surely isn’t your grandma’s bra. The see-through full coverage underwire bra features sheer lace, and it’s both supportive and flattering. The non-stretchy lace cup provides for a less bulky shape, which is a great bra feature.

10 Full-Figure Bras On Amazon You'll Actually Want To Wear

Though bras are great, they can be fun, and they can make us feel good about ourselves (they should, anyway), don’t forget the best part: taking them off at the end of the day. Ahhh.

Though with any of these 10 Amazon finds, you may not want to!


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These 10 Swimsuits Have A Cult Following On Amazon

Try one (or more) of these super flattering suits from Amazon this summer

Buying a bathing suit is probably not tops on your list of fun things to do. Not in person, anyway. The unflattering dressing room lights, funhouse mirrors, and sales associates asking if “everything’s ok” while you stare into the mirror and try to remember when you last shaved above your knee are all reasons why it’s best to shop for such things at home. Without pants.

Good thing Amazon has TONS of super cute and flattering suits — at great prices — that you can try on in the comfort of your own home. Bonus? Nearly all of them are under $30, so feel free to buy more than one.

1. One-Piece Ruched Monokini

Image via Amazon

We’re going to be using the F word a lot today and this suit embodies it. What’s more flattering than 1) black 2) ruching 3) a high neck? Nothing, that’s what. This suit has a nearly perfect 5-star rating on Amazon for a reason — it’s sexy as hell. And if black isn’t really your thing, it’s your lucky day. It comes in eight other colors.

2. Two-Piece Off-Shoulder Ruffled Crop Bikini

Image via Amazon

This two-piece suit gets rave reviews because it couldn’t be hotter if it tried. The flouncy ruffled crop top is insanely flattering and the cut-out bottoms are super stylish. If you’re into bikinis but still want to cover up a little bit, this is your ticket.

3. Vintage Lace One-Piece

Image via Amazon

Don’t be fooled by this adorably lacy one-piece’s extremely reasonable $29 price tag — it came to play when it comes to support. One reviewer noted that it supported her “mom tummy” and had adjustable breast support. It looks like it fully deserves its hundreds of 5-start reviews.

4. Ruffled Racerback Tankini

Image via Amazon

By some online retail miracle, this suit is currently only $12, so you might want to buy it in several colors because it’s also illegally cute. It features high-waisted bottoms and a blousey racerback tankini top that covers the tummy but is nowhere near a granny suit.

5. Spaghetti Strap Cut-Out One-Piece

Image via Amazon

This peek-a-boo one-piece comes in several colors and reveals just enough tummy while providing plenty of support. Reviews don’t lie and this one’s a crowd favorite, so snap it up. Oh, did we mention it’s under $20?

6. Lily Print One-Piece

Image via Amazon

It ties in back and comes in the cutest pattern, so we’re honestly shocked this printed one-piece is still in stock.

7. Vintage Ruched Tummy Control One-Piece

Image via Amazon

OK, just going to keep this very real and say that after having a June baby, a ruched black one-piece like this with tummy control was my savior. Will also admit that nearly 10 years later, it’s still a fave in my swimsuit wardrobe. And for $14, why not?

8. Push-Up Striped Bikini

Image via Amazon

The thick straps on this bikini top make it pretty dreamy for those of us blessed in the chest, and the pads it comes with are removable. The suit comes in well over a dozen patterns and at $23, you can definitely pick a few.

9. Vintage Polka Dot High-Waisted Bikini

Image via Amazon

If vintage suits are your jam, this ridiculously cute polka-dot bikini needs to be part of your wardrobe immediately. It gets rave reviews for being incredibly flattering and is their #1 best-seller in plus-size bikinis.

10. Animal Print High-Cut One-Piece

Image via Amazon

Roar. This animal-print one-piece has it all going on from its fun pattern to its sexy silhouette. And if you love the shape but not so much the pattern, it comes in a bunch of solid colors too.

So what are you waiting for? Grab one (or a few) of these cute swimsuits and plan on looking sexy poolside all summer long.

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Easter Ideas For Your Surprise-Egg Obsessed Kids

Every Easter, we plan to do something extravagant. But then life happens.

Easter is only a few weeks away but, if you’re not that one PTA mom who plans every holiday months in advance (Weird flex, but OK, Debbie.), it’s likely that you haven’t even started thinking about Easter yet. Or maybe you’re so stressed out about your kids being home for spring break that you haven’t had time to worry about anything else.

Well, we’re also terrified of spring break. And luckily we’re procrastinators, too. We’ve got you covered with some perfect time-saving Easter eggs that will arrive in time for the holiday.

Here are some ideas that include my kids’ favorite thing: SURPRISE EGGS. Making you the coolest Easter bunny around. (You’re welcome.)

Prefilled Dinosaur Eggs

Image via Amazon

These Prefilled Dinosaur Eggs come in a set of 12 eggs filled with mini dinosaurs and dinosaur stamps and are sure to be a hit. And they’re on sale right now for $11.99! (Originally $29.99.)

Construction Vehicle Eggs

Image via Amazon

These prefilled Construction Vehicle Eggs are perfect for baskets and/or Easter egg hunts. And they come in a set of 12 and are on sale for $17.99. (Originally $39.99.)

Slime Eggs

Image via Amazon

Slime Eggs combine your kids’ love of slime with your love of not having to make slime. This is a pack of 3 prefilled slime eggs that also have toys inside. Sounds gross to me, so no doubt my kids will love them. And they’re only $9.99.

Mini Squshies

Image via Amazon

These Mini Squishies animals make great stress relievers for kids of all ages. This set of 16 squishy animals (3 come in pre-filled eggs) is on sale for $9.29 (Originally $13.19) and includes a free wristband.

Unicorn Eggs

Image via Amazon

This Unicorn Eggs set includes 24 pre-filled eggs with 4 unicorn squishies, 4 temporary tattoos, 4 stampers, 4 rubber rings, 4 rubber bracelets, and 4 unicorn keychains. And they’re on sale for $10.95. (Originally $14.95.)

Building Bricks Eggs

Image via Amazon

These Building Bricks Eggs come in a pack of 6, prefilled with different building bricks for building different vehicles. And this set is only $15.55.

Wind-Up Toy Eggs

Image via Amazon

This set of Wind-Up Toy Eggs comes with 12 prefilled eggs that will take you back to the days when we had to entertain ourselves without wi-fi. And they’re only $12.99.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

Image via Amazon

This Hatchimals CollEGGtibles set comes with 12 eggs that can “hatch” when held in the warmth of a child’s hand. My kids are obsessed with these. And they’re on sale for $15.49. (Originally $19.99.)

Hatching Unicorn Eggs

Image via Amazon

If your kids love the idea of eggs hatching, these Hatching Unicorn Eggs are perfect. This set of 2 is on sale right now for $6.97. (Originally $12.00.)

Hatching Dinosaur Eggs

Image via Amazon

This post started with dino eggs, and we’re closing it with Hatching Dinosaur Eggs. Because dinosaurs are the coolest and loved by kids everywhere. This set of 2 is only $12.99.

We hope you and yours have a great holiday and that these prefilled eggs save you some much-needed time and energy. And if your kids see the packages? Oh well, it’s 2019, of course the Easter bunny uses Amazon.

We may earn fees from purchases made via links on this page and affiliated sites. All opinions are our own.

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