11-Year-Old Texas Boy Dies From Frigid Temperatures And No Electricity

People have rallied to raise more than $35K for 11-year-old Cristian Pavon

A Texas boy was found dead on Tuesday after a winter storm left hundreds of thousands without power as temperatures dropped in the single digits. Cristian Pavon was 11 years old.

Cristian excitedly played in the snow the day before his death, his mother Maria Elisa Pineda told Univision. He came inside, ate dinner and went to bed under a pile of blankets with his 3-year-old stepbrother in their unheated mobile home in Conroe, about 40 miles from Houston.

“He was OK,” Pineda said. “He had dinner, he played and he went to bed.”

At some point during the night, Cristian’s stepfather checked on the kids. According to his aunt, Jaliza Yera, they were still responsive.

“He made sure they were OK,” Yera told KTRK. “They were still breathing. He covered them up, patted them and went back to sleep.” When they went to wake him the next day, he was dead.

According to the GoFundMe set up by Yera, “This family went without electricity for two days. The early morning of Feb. 16 dropped to 12 degrees. Cristian was found lifeless.”

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which manages most of the state power grid, said Thursday morning it had “made significant progress overnight restoring customer power, although some outages still remain throughout the state.” But that wasn’t enough to save at least 47 people, including Cristian, who’ve died since the storm began.

Cristian is the youngest to die since Sunday, according to the Washington Post. So far, at least 47 people have died in the frigid weather, a figure authorities say will likely increase as temperatures continue and people are left without heat or water. Some have died of carbon monoxide poisoning and others, like a 75-year-old man in Crosby, Carrol Anderson, who died after his oxygen machine stopped working after his home lost power. Many others have died of hypothermia.

Adding to the crisis, overwhelmed water systems caused by frozen pipes has left 14.6 million Texans, nearly half the state’s population, under a boil-water advisory Thursday, according to Executive Director for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Toby Baker. More than 1,225 water supply systems are impacted.

“I’m heartbroken, I had never imagined any of this was going to happen,” Yera told KTRK. “We still did CPR until the fire department came and they took over and within a minute they told us it was too late. It was hard because I have kids myself.”

For now, the family is raising money to repatriate his body to Honduras via the aforementioned GoFundMe. Honduras is where Cristian was born and where he said he hoped to eventually be reunited with his grandparents. Since launching the GoFundMe, they’ve well exceed their $5,000 goal, raising more than $35,000.

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Anti-Vax Protestors Shut Down Mass Vaccine Site In Infuriating Videos From LA

A group of anti-vax protestors shut down a mass vaccine site in Los Angeles, forcing seniors to wait several hours in their car for a shot

If it wasn’t hard enough already to get a COVID-19 vaccine, a group of anti-vax and seemingly Q-Anon related protestors rushed a massive vaccine site in Los Angeles, Ca on Saturday, 30, 2021, causing the vaccine site to close as seniors waiting in their car for a shot were forced to sit in their cars for an additional hour.

According to the LA Times and other first-hand accounts on Twitter, the far right/anti-vax crew of protestors forced the already overcrowded site to shut down for an hour while police dealt with the protestors. Carrying signs that said “Save Your Soul TURN BACK NOW,” “99.96% survival rate” and weirdly, “I only like muzzles in the bedroom” (?), the motley crew of about 50 protestors walked onto the premises of a drive-in only vaccine center at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, a COVID-19 vaccine super site with the ability to vaccinate 12,000 people per day. Essentially, it’s not like the protestors shut down a small clinic, this was a drive-in only vaccine site where thousands of people were already waiting for hours in their cars, expecting to receive a vaccine that day.

When these protestors arrived on foot — which isn’t even allowed at the vaccine site — they made it all the way to the gate without being stopped and instead of, oh I don’t know, the police department forcing them to leave the way police loved to do with Black Lives Matter protestors all summer…the Los Angeles Fire Department shut the gates to the vaccine site for an hour. So the people who were already in line in their cars for an hour (or more), had to wait even longer.

Since the vaccine became available to seniors in California, this particular vaccine site and many others in the state have been plagued with long lines, forcing seniors to wait in the queue in their cars for hours with no way to use the restroom. Even without protestors, it’s a long and difficult day.

“We have been sitting here for about half an hour,” one person tweeted on Saturday when the protestors arrived. “Nobody is moving.”

“The line stretched back further than I could see,” local reporter Sam Braslow also shared.

One man told the LA Times that he traveled 30 miles to the vaccine site and sat in his car for an hour before the protestors shut down the site, forcing him to wait even longer.

One man waiting for a vaccine got so exasperated he got out of his car and begged the officers to open the gate and let people in for their appointments, which they eventually did after an hour.

Many of the protestors chanted and carried signs referring to Bill Gates, a big target for the QAnon/Anti-Vax crowd. There were also many references to “sheeple,” which is also QAnon language.  One woman accosted a man who was there to get the vaccine and said he needed to “educate himself” to which he said “I already did” and when she said, “So you want to put nano aluminum into your body?” He simply said “Of course!”

A flyer for the protest claimed that “this is a sharing information protest and march against everything COVID, Vaccine, PCR Tests, Lockdowns, Masks, Fauci, Gates, Newsom, China, digital tracking, etc.”

Interestingly, the LA Times reports that flyers for the event on social media also urged protestors to avoid wearing Trump/MAGA gear, which is wild, because now the anti-vax lunatics don’t even want to be associated with Trump anymore.

Los Angeles has been plagued with bizarre anti-mask and anti-COVID protests in recent months and for the sake of everyone who needs that life-saving vaccine, we seriously hope this doesn’t continue to happen at other cities and other vaccination sites.

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8-Year-Old Girl Expelled From Christian School For Having A ‘Girl Crush’

An 8-year-old girl was kicked out of her private Christian school for telling a female classmate she has a crush on her

An 8-year-old girl was kicked out of a private Christian elementary school in Owasso, Oklahoma, after she told another female student that she had a crush on her. Despite the fact that young boys historically love to taunt their female counterparts when they have school yard crushes on them — this young girl, and her siblings and family, were asked to leave the school because this second grade girl made it know to her pal that she had a crush on her.

Delanie Shelton told CNN that her 8-year-old daughter Chloe Shelton, a second grader at Rejoice Christian School was pulled into the Vice Principal’s office for **gasp** having a girl crush.

“Before I was even called, the vice principal told Chloe that the Bible says that women can only have children with a man,” Delanie told CNN. “[The vice principal] asked me how I feel about girls liking girls and I told her that I see no issue with it.”

“I said ‘If we’re being honest, I think it’s okay for girls to like girls’ and she looked shocked and appalled,” Shelton also told a local Fox affiliate and said she is raising her family to not judge and love whomever they want.

Chloe was expelled for several days until the school told Delanie that they are “ending their partnership” with Shelton’s family, which means Chloe’s younger brother was expelled too.

It’s not shocking that a Christian School is homophobic, but to expell a student and her brother because the girl had a crush!!?

“I was so blindsided. I was angry, hurt, betrayed, sad…so many different emotions. I just couldn’t believe it,” Chloe’s mom said. “I asked [the Principal] to have a sit down meeting to discuss it and process it better and he refused, saying that ‘nothing more needed to be discussed.'”

The school simply stated that the family’s “beliefs” didn’t align with the school’s and stated that if the Shelton family had read the school handbook they would see that the school forbids “any form of sexual immorality” including “professing to be homosexual/bisexual.”

Some asshats in the YouTube comments of a local news video have said that the parents should have read the school’s handbook before sending their kids to school there. Sure, but also…how about private Christian schools stop being so damn homophobic?

Now, poor Chloe is dealing with the fallout from the expulsion and has reportedly asked her mom if God still loves her. The only bright side is that young Chloe has reportedly received over 150 messages from people all over the U.S., saying how proud they are of her, and how much they — and God — love her.

“She’s feeling so loved and supported now because of so many amazing people that have reached out to us,” Delanie said. “She’s excited for a fresh start at a new school.”

Happy for Chloe to get the hell out of that school and into a new one that supports her.

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Biden’s Executive Order Ending Federal Prison Contracts Is Great, But It’s Not Enough

America has long profited from the enslavement and suffering of human beings, particularly Black and Brown people. This week, President Biden signed an executive order erasing the Department of Justice’s role in participating in the big business of for-profit, private prisons. The executive order would cut funding in the form of unrenewed federal contracts to private prisons.

According to The Sentencing Project, in 2017, over 121,000 — or 8.2% of the overall prison population — were housed in private prisons, including federal and state prisons. President Biden’s executive order is a step in the right direction, helping to redeem ourselves as a nation built on dehumanizing and devaluing the lives of those who are accused of harming society in some way.

This executive order is only a small piece of the pie when it comes to gaining equity in the United States for people of color, who all could use understanding and compassion. According to the NAACP, 56% of the incarcerated population is comprised of Black and Latinx prisoners, with Black inmates making up 34% of that statistic, and Blacks are incarcerated at over five times the rate of white people.

President Biden’s executive orders call upon the powers that be to use common sense and to understand racial injustice within the prison system, and the administration is taking swift action to rectify and move towards healing our nation. I applaud this: it’s about time the leader of the United States took steps to address the deep inequities and racial injustices that dominate America’s prison system.

With over 2 million people incarcerated nationwide, cutting funding to private prisons is only a drop in the bucket of a much bigger social justice issue. Some of us have always been highly aware of what wearing our skin color out into the world could mean for our safety and our lives. NBA superstar LeBron James said it best in an excerpt from Isabel Wilkerson’s book, “Caste”: “No matter how great you become in life, no matter how wealthy you become, how people worship you, or what you do, if you are an African American man or African American woman, you will always be that.”

Black people, thanks to what we know about systemic racism, were never allowed to be more than a Black person, and the prison system is a way to keep us in our place. It continues to strip us of basic rights like voting, education, housing and employment, opportunities which are granted to others without question, yet held just out of reach for so many Black people. 

Biden’s executive order is a step in the right direction, but there is much more work to be done. What about the hundreds of babies and children who remain separated from their parents because of former President Trump’s cruel immigration policies? I am looking forward to Biden’s immediate action on this, as well as action on Immigration Detention Centers in general, as these were left out of this most current executive order.

I, an almost forty-something-year-old woman, visited my mother in prison when I was a teenager. In the visiting rooms, I saw many other Black women and families, Latinx women and their families, and minorities sprinkled about the visiting room like dots of splattered black pepper in the bottom of a bowl.

There is no executive order available to President Biden that can stop systemic racism, and it will not be something that happens overnight. We are a country and a people reckoning with the ghosts of our past. With divisive statements like “the China virus,” and detention centers holding undocumented immigrants and separating parents and kids being called ‘”beautifully run” facilities — the problem of equity runs deeper than the ink which bleeds from any president’s pen. We have a long, long way to go, America.

I grew up getting to know my mother and hear her hearty laughter in the visiting rooms of jails and prisons. I know what it is like to be separated from my parents, and to feel sad, confused, and scared. I know we can do better, and I have hope that the Biden-Harris Administration will set a foundation upon which future presidents can build upon to reunite families, rehabilitate the broken, and mend the fractures of our communities. This executive order is a start, but so much more needs to be done.

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Rich Couple Flies To Remote Town To Trick Their Way Into Getting Vaccines

A wealthy Vancouver couple have been fined for passing themselves off as members of a mostly-indigenous community in order to get the COVID-19 vaccine

Since the first vaccines became available back in December 2020, stories of “leftover” vaccine being administered to people who wouldn’t ordinarily qualify for the vaccine has became a common narrative during the pandemic. We’re talking a batch of vaccine that’s about the expire and hospital admin or pharmacists scrambling to get shots in arms to anyone on the premises and to that we say, at least the vials aren’t going to waste. However, on the flip side, you have privileged and wealthy individuals, actively trying to dupe vaccine administrators by misrepresenting themselves in an attempt to take a vaccine away from someone who actually deserves it, which is exactly what two assholes in Canada just did.

One Canadian couple chartered a private plane to a remote village of primarily indigenous people and passed themselves off as locals in order to jump the line and get a shot.

Rodney and Ekaterina Baker, a CEO of a gaming corporation and an actress, both of Vancouver, British Columbia, who have been described as “privileged multimillionaires,” chartered a private plane to travel over 1,000 miles to Beaver Creek, in Yukon, Canada a small town of less than 100 citizens near the Canada/Alaska border, where they passed themselves off as locals in order to get a vaccine.

The New York Times reports that the small community was made a priority for vaccinations in part because of its remoteness, and adults of all ages who actually live in the community could get a shot if they wanted it. Knowing that Yukon ID cards were not required to get the shot, the Bakers took advantage of this and chartered two flights, first the Yukon capital city of Whitehorse and then on to Beaver Creek, where they claimed to be employees of a local motel. Even worse? Angela Demit, the chief of the White River First Nation, said in a statement to The Washington Post that the community of Beaver Creek is predominately Indigenous and she believes this wealthy couple “assumed we were naïve” and could be taken advantage of.

“I can’t believe I’ve ever seen or heard of such a despicable, disgusting sense of entitlement and lack of a moral compass,” Mike Farnworth, the British Columbia solicitor general, told the Vancouver Sun.

Not only did the Vancouver couple cut the line, but they potentially exposed this small tight-knit community of 100 people to COVID-19.

The only silver lining is that the Bakers are now facing fallout from their actions. They were fined $1000 (if you ask me, that’s not enough) for refusing to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in the Yukon capital, even though they said they would. Mr. Baker has also been forced to resign from his post as chief executive of the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, which operates casinos and hotels across Canada.

“I am outraged by this selfish behavior and find it disturbing that people would choose to put fellow Canadians at risk in this manner,” John Streicker, Yukon’s community services minister, said in a statement. “Reports allege these individuals were deceptive and violated emergency measures for their own advantage, which is completely unacceptable at any time, but especially during a public health crisis.”

Sadly, I don’t think this is the only story we’re going to hear of wealthy and privileged individuals using their access and finances to acquire the COVID-19 vaccine before it’s their time. You shouldn’t be able to pay your way out of a pandemic.

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Airbnb Cancels All D.C. Reservations During Inauguration Week

In light of violent threats ahead of Biden’s inauguration, Airbnb cancels all D.C.-area reservations for the week of the event

After the January 6th attack on the Capitol, plans to repeat that act of insurrection at Joe Biden’s inauguration are being made by far right extremists on Parler and other social media sites. So to do their part to slow the threat of domestic terrorism, Airbnb has cancelled all bookings made for the D.C. area during the inauguration week.

“We are aware of reports emerging yesterday afternoon regarding armed militias and known hate groups that are attempting to travel and disrupt the Inauguration,” Airbnb wrote in a statement on Wednesday, January 13, 2020.

Through the media and law enforcement, Airbnb also learned “the names of individuals confirmed to have been responsible for the violent criminal activity at the United States Capitol on January 6, [and] we’ve investigated whether the named individuals have an account on Airbnb. Through this work, we have identified numerous individuals who are either associated with known hate groups or otherwise involved in the criminal activity at the Capitol Building, and they have been banned from Airbnb’s platform.”

In addition to cancelling all bookings and identifying and banning individuals who were involved in last week’s incident, they will also not allow any future bookings for the D.C. area next week. The same practices are being followed on Hotel Tonight, as well. Airbnb will also reimburse hosts, at Airbnb’s expense with the money they would have earned from those reservations.

The company did not state how many bookings were cancelled, however a quick search of the Airbnb site for dates that include January 20th shows you can still book several (not many, but some) locations just outside D.C., so it’s unclear how far outside D.C. and into nearby Virginia neighborhoods the Airbnb ban extends or why those listings are still appearing on the site as available. A representative from Airbnb tells Scary Mommy those listings are being removed.

It is wild and a little terrifying that domestic terrorists can just book an Airbnb on their way to carry out an act of violence against our elected officials. D.C. officials have told visitors not to travel to the area for the inauguration, but that isn’t going to stop far right insurrectionists. And call me crazy but why not temporarily stop all flights into D.C. while we’re at it? Also, no major hotel chains have followed in Airbnb’s footsteps and cancelled reservations for next week. Marriott point blank told The AP they were keeping all of next week’s reservations in tact.

Additionally, many local D.C. officials have called upon their neighbors to stop renting out rooms either privately or on apps like Airbnb and VRBO.  Hopefully we’ll learn of more safety measures for the D.C. area as the inauguration looms.

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The Violent Threats That Made Amazon Drop Parler Are Terrifying

Amazon releases a handful of violent threats Parler users made on the app ahead of the Capitol attack

Parler is a social media site that considers itself a “free speech-driven” space, though it’s really just a place for Trumpers and the extreme right to discuss QAnon theories and make threats on the government without the fear of being banned from a traditional social media app. After it was revealed that far right insurrectionists used Parler to coordinate the attack on the Capitol, Amazon — who, in addition to selling household products and streaming shows, also runs an internet server that basically powers most of the web — dropped Parler from its web-hosting services, essentially rendering Parler out of commission. Now in a lawsuit, Amazon has revealed all the terrifying threats made by Parler users on the app since its inception.

Buzzfeed News reports that Amazon dropped Parler from its web-hosting service, Amazon Web Services, on Sunday night citing a “steady increase in this violent content on your website, all of which violates our terms.”

On Monday, Parler sued Amazon for kicking them off the server and on Tuesday, Amazon hit back with a response that listed out a dozen or so actual threatening posts that individuals made on Parler in the lead up to attack on the Capitol.

“This case is about Parler’s demonstrated unwillingness and inability to remove…content that threatens the public safety, such as by inciting and planning the rape, torture, and assassination of named public officials and private citizens,” Amazon said in their response, obtained by Business Insider.

The threats made on Parler are disturbing, violent, and may be triggering for some. Some of the threats made by Parler users that Amazon included in their response include:

“After the firing squads are done with the politicians, the teachers are next.”

“We are going to fight in a civil War on Jan.20th, Form MILITIAS now and acquire targets.”

“White people need to ignite their racial identity and rain down suffering and death like a hurricane.”

“On January 20 we need to start systematically assassinating #liberal leaders, liberal activists, #blm leaders and supporters, members of the #nba #nfl #mlb #nhl #mainstreammedia anchors and correspondents and #antifa. I already have a news worthy event planned.”

“We are coming with our list we know where you live we know who you are and we are coming for you and it starts on the 6th civil war…if you will think it’s a joke..Enjoy your last few days you have.”

There were also specific death threats made against prominent democrats, Black Lives Matter activists, and tech CEOs.

Parler really grew shortly after Donald Trump lost the election in November and these threats and lead-ups to the Capitol coup were sitting on the site, out in the open, leaving many frustrated that the FBI didn’t investigate or properly defend the Capitol building on the day of the attack. Foreign Policy states that intelligence officials failed to “take right-wing radical agitation seriously.”

Since the events of January 6, more intel has come to light. From these terrifying Parler posts to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s heartbreaking statement that she feared for her life that day to the fact that panic buttons were removed from Representative Ayanna Pressley’s office ahead of the attack — it’s imperative that the FBI take these threats seriously now. These aren’t a bunch of redneck nut jobs, they’re a serious threat to democracy.

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Colorado Grand Jury To Investigate Elijah McClain’s Death

“Our investigation will be thorough, guided by the facts and law, and worthy of the public’s trust,” the statement reads

Last summer, the country mourned and sought justice for Elijah McClain, a 23-year-old Black man who was violently detained and killed by Aurora, CO police during an arrest in August 2019. Now, nearly a year and a half following McClain’s untimely death — and seven months after Colorado Gov. Jared Polis appointed a special prosecutor to reinvestigate the circumstances that led to McClain’s death — Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser announced Friday he will launch a grand jury investigation, promising a “thorough” investigation “guided by the facts and law.”

“Under the Governor’s executive order, the Attorney General’s Office continues to conduct an independent investigation concerning the events of August 24, 2019 involving Elijah McClain and his subsequent death,” Weiser says in a statement. “We have now opened a grand jury investigation. The grand jury is an investigative tool that has the power to compel testimony from witnesses and require production of documents and other relevant information that would otherwise be unavailable.”

Weiser continues to say that in order to “maintain the impartiality and integrity of the process,” they have no further comment at this time.

Bernice King, CEO of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, took to Twitter to call the move “an important step.”

“#ElijahMcClain should be alive and thriving,” King added.

McClain, who was anemic, was walking home from a local convenience store and wearing a ski mask to keep his face warm. After the Aurora Police Department received a call about a “suspicious man,” they physically apprehended McClain, who weighed just 140 pounds, with a carotid hold and threatened to sic their K-9 on him.

“He is laying on the ground vomiting, he is begging, he is saying, ‘I can’t breathe.’ One of the officers says, ‘Don’t move again. If you move again, I’m calling in a dog to bite you,’” writes Mari Newman, the McClain family attorney, in a Change.org petition that’s been signed by more than 5.6 million people.

After struggling with officers for nearly 15 minutes and getting sedated with 500 milligrams of ketamine, McClain survived two heart attacks before he was pronounced brain dead on Aug. 30.

“Elijah McClain should be alive today, and we owe it to his family to take this step and elevate the pursuit of justice in his name to a statewide concern,” Gov. Polis said in a June 2020 statement, announcing a new investigation nearly a year after McClain’s death.

Polis also said that, although the state government “rarely steps in to investigate, and potentially prosecute, an incident over the individual decisions of district attorneys,” McClain’s case is “truly exceptional.”

In July, three Aurora police officers — Erica Marrero, Kyle Dittrich, and Jason Rosenblatt — were fired and one resigned (Jaron Jones) after photos surfaced showing them mocking the death of McClain. According to Police Chief Vanessa Wilson, officers Marrero, Dittrich, and Jones posed for photos on Oct. 20, 2019 near an Elijah McClain memorial site, and in the photos, the three officers are smiling while “reenacting a carotid control hold,” the same control hold used on McClain that led to his death.

None of the officers involved in the August 2019 incident, however, have been charged in connection with McClain’s death.

A few days prior, however, cops in riot gear used force at and tear-gassed a peaceful violin vigil for McClain.

“As police in riot gear were spraying protestors with pepper spray and using batons to push them back at the #ElijahMcClain protest in Aurora today, this man began to play the violin,” Marc Sallinger tweeted. “One of the most surreal scenes I’ve ever seen. Music is powerful.”

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Jon Ossoff’s Wife Worked Her Shift As An OB/GYN On Election Night

Senator-elect Jon Ossoff’s wife was working an overnight shift as an OB/GYN the night her husband won the Georgia election

Yesterday, Georgia made history when Democratic Senate candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock won their runoff elections against the republican incumbents and although the Capitol coup took center stage last night, we’re sure Ossoff and Warnock and their families did a private victory dance, except for Ossoff’s wife Dr. Alisha Kramer, who had to go to work as an OB/GYN, because oh right, time doesn’t stop just because someone’s spouse is now a high profile public-servant.

From Jill Biden to Dr. Alisha Kramer, we are loving the public acknowledgement (and celebration) of political spouses who just go about their business and continue to do their jobs, because why would you call out of work when your spouse gets a promotion? Just go to a nice dinner like a regular person and celebrate — no need to stop being a doctor because your husband did a good thing at his job?

According to Senate.gov, “until the 1960s, very few Senate spouses pursued their own professional careers or had outside employment.” And yet, here we are, in 2021, still a little pleasantly surprised that a political wife has her own job and life that doesn’t revolve around her husband’s life as a public servant. Come to think of it, it’s actually low-key insane that we expect political spouses to just, stop working and dedicate their lives to their spouses careers? Normalize political spouses (and especially wives) having full lives and careers of their own!

Atlanta reporter Patricia Murphy shared the story online that while Ossoff was celebrating his win, his wife was like, cool, congrats, but I gotta go to work. Kramer is a resident in the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Emory University School of Medicine and as the returns rolled in, she worked a regularly scheduled overnight shift.

So Ossoff is the cool millennial democrat from Georgia and his wife is a career-focused doctor who is changing the definition of what it means to be a “Senate wife” or “Senate spouse.”

During a Facebook Live back in October, Ossoff and Kramer together addressed various healthcare questions from Ossoff’s constituents and Kramer was able to answer questions about the ACA and the healthcare response to the COVID-19 crises better than any politician, because duh, she’s an actual doctor. Also in that interview, Ossoff called Kramer “my favorite person in the whole world, my best friend, my wife, the amazing Dr. Alisha Kramer, OB/GYN, who is my hero and my role model and my guide.”

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If These Domestic Terrorists Were Not White, They Would Likely Be Dead

If you actually thought that the last few days of Trump’s presidency would be calm, the joke’s on you. Heeding his call to “stand back, stand by,” a group of domestic terrorists have stormed the U.S. Capitol today. This is the kind of shit you see in a dystopian fiction movie, not in real life. And yet, here we are. It goes without saying that the only reason they’ve been successful is because of white supremacy. If they were any other group of people, there’s no way this would have happened (or gone this far).

White supremacy is the driving force of Trump’s entire presidency. And it has been since the very beginning. It’s kind of amazing that the more obvious it becomes, the more people choose to call it something else. Or ignore it entirely. As if there is any other reason for the behavior of Trump and his supporters over the years. Even though it’s always been their bottom line, it’s been ramped up in the year leading up to the November 2020 election. In these last few weeks of the Trump administration, they’re trying to make sure that it’s the thing most directly associated with their legacy. They are proud of themselves.


During the presidential debate, when asked for the millionth time to denounce white supremacy, Trump didn’t. Of course not, he can’t alienate his largest support group. Instead of trying to chill them out a bit, he did the opposite. He directly told his supporters, most specifically the white supremacist group the Proud Boys, to “stand by.” How could anyone see that as anything other than a rallying cry? Ever since, they’ve all been waiting for the opportunity to show their leader how loyal they are to him. And now that he’s still calling foul, with no proof, on his loss of the presidency, they are chomping at the bit to prove their allegiance. Apparently the signature red hats and American flags aren’t enough. So, they stormed into the Capitol building to get the point across. They’re not going peacefully, and nobody should be surprised.

Remember back in June when George Floyd was murdered by the police? Protests happened all over the country to call attention to police brutality. These protests were peaceful events where people held up signs and made the world understand that Black lives matter. And from the very beginning, the protests were met with nothing but hostility and aggression, especially from law enforcement. Governors called in the National Guard, armed like they were going into war. Police in riot gear lined the streets, waiting for just one person to step out of  (a perceived, subjective) line for even a second. In New York City, protesters were walled in on the Brooklyn Bridge for hours. People all over were arrested and held handcuffed in paddy wagons without a reason. The scenes from the June protests looked like scenes from the 1960s. Except instead of police dogs and hoses, there were rubber bullets and tear gas.

In all the images I’m seeing from today, there is not one where the police look threatening. There isn’t a tank in sight. So why were the police throwing tear gas bombs into the crowd in June and peacefully escorting these “protesters” out of the United States Capitol today? Well, the answer of course is white supremacy. Because if these protesters were Black and brown people? Their asses would have never made it even remotely close to the Capitol, let alone inside. And most definitely not armed. These white supremacists stormed inside the Capitol building like the angry mob in Beauty and the Beast. Except in this version, there are no forks to pin them to a wall or candelabras to burn their asses. You can’t tell me that the police are even trying to stop them. If that were true, bodies would be lining the front steps.


Whether people want to listen or not, I’m going to say it: White supremacists are domestic terrorists. You can keep burying your head in the sand, but it’s the undeniable truth. These people are willingly and happily fine with destroying this country. Nowhere else could a group of men in camo print bulletproof vests muscle their way into a federal government building and act like a bunch of petulant toddlers. If toddlers were armed and violently racist, of course. I have a seven-year-old son and he throws a fit if he loses a game. And that’s exactly how these people are behaving.  Never mind that when they won, they told everyone in genuine fear of their actual lives to “suck it up, snowflake.” The hypocrisy is astounding and infuriating.

I won’t get too many more opportunities to say this, so here it is again: President Donald J. Trump is a white supremacist in an ill-fitting suit. And his supporters are the “sheeple” they accuse liberals of being. These people have allowed this man to destroy the country and their lives because it seems like a better alternative to allowing marginalized people to have equal rights. And they are willing to go down in a literal blaze of glory to prove how passionate they are about this. Their whiteness allows them to do things like storm a federal building and cause havoc and mayhem. Only white people can walk in the office of the Speaker of the House and kick their feet onto her desk. They broke into offices, going through desks and proudly taking photos. Maskless, they swarmed down halls, around corners and onto the Speaker’s dais.

And after more than an hour and after many prominent figures imploring him to say something, the soon-to-be-ex president finally told them to go home. All while spreading more false information about election fraud, which further stirs up his rabid supporters. But it doesn’t matter, the damage is done. White supremacy wins yet again. And if you’re surprised by any of this, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. This actually is America, and it’s long overdue for a complete overhaul and systemic change.

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