The Best Walkie Talkies For Your Spy Kids

The best walkie talkies for kids on the market are your answer for when your little one asks for a cell phone. Seriously! Walkie talkies can keep your kids connected with their friends, with their siblings, and especially with you, even when they’re just hiding out in their bedrooms. What’s even cooler about walkie talkies, though, is that if your child is off at a friend’s house within just a couple miles, many of these radios can reach that far. That means your kid can let you know they’re going to be late for dinner because they’re still very busy playing games like Disney characters on a top-secret mission with their friends down the street. Best of all — no monthly bill!

With walkie talkies, your kids can get many of the vibes of having a fancy device when in actuality, it’s a durable little radio they can hang around their necks or clip on their pants. These radios are also an excellent idea if you’re an outdoorsy family. If the whole family is equipped with a radio, you can feel a little more comfortable going hiking or camping, because everyone will be connected. If you get separated — whether intentionally or not — having these walkie talkies could be key to keeping everyone safe. We’ve chosen walkie talkie sets that are easy for kids to use exactly for that reason.

Best Walkie Talkies for Kids

2 Way Radio Walkie Talkies

The Buturu 2 Way Radio Walkie Talkies come in a pack of three so no one feels left out. You’ll get one pink, blue, and yellow radio in the pack, so everyone knows whose is whose! The radios work up to three miles away, which means your kids can give the other ones to their friends in the neighborhood so they can keep in touch even when they can’t see each other. The radios have 22 available channels and use an easy push-to-talk function. Parents on Amazon are fond of these radios, not just for the price, but for the function. One reviewer said she loves that this walkie talkie allows her kid to tell her where they are without having to run home and back.

$29.97 AT AMAZON

4-Mile Range Two Way Radios

What we really love about these 4-Mile Range Two Way Radios is that they have a built-in flashlight. Now when your kids are out sleuthing where they’re not supposed to be, they’ll have a flashlight handy for when they inevitably need it. The flashlight is also useful for when they’re chatting with their friends after lights-out. The radios work up to four miles away and are extra durable. And when we say they really work from far away, we mean they really work — even the Amazon reviews are saying so!

$26.99 AT AMAZON

Walkie Talkies for Kids

This set of Walkie Talkies for Kids says that they’re so easy to set up that your children can do it themselves. Less work for parents is always a plus! They come in four color options, but the red is the most fun. They’re battery-operated and can be used hands free, making them perfect for all your kids. They have over 6,000 reviews on Amazon, many of which are raving. One parent even uses the walkie talkies with their 5-year-old — they’re that simple!

$21.99 AT AMAZON

Obuby Toys Walkie Talkies for Kids

How cute are these colorful Obuby Toys Walkie Talkies for Kids? They come in a variety of bright colors that your kids are sure to love. What we really love about this set is that it’s waterproof. They have a three-kilometer range, so your kids can keep in touch with their friends in the neighborhood. These are also touted as having really clear sound, and reviewers agree!

$31.99 AT AMAZON

Rechargeable Walkie Talkies

Rechargeable Walkie Talkie

Say goodbye to constantly needing new batteries, because these Rechargeable Walkie Talkies use rechargeable ones. The multicolor four-pack of radios is totally rechargeable as long as your little ones remember to actually charge them. The long-range walkie talkies are great for outdoor use and can even be charged in the car during weekend getaways with the whole family. These walkie talkies are also durable — one Amazon reviewer noted that one of their kids dropped it numerous times and it never damaged it.

$55.24 AT AMAZON

Retevis RT-602 Walkie Talkies for Kids

The Retevis RT-602 Walkie Talkies for Kids come with rechargeable batteries and a docking station to keep everything contained while not in use. They have a built-in flashlight and are bright orange — ideal for use outside. What’s even cooler about these is they work with all the other Retevis 602 radios, as long as they’re on the same channel, so even if your kids’ friends have their own set of these, they can still chat! Amazon reviewers love the quality of these radios for the price.

$34.99 AT AMAZON

Best Walkie Talkies for Families

Rechargeable Walkie Talkies for Kids

This set of Rechargeable Walkie Talkies for Kids is actually a great option for the whole family. You can opt for a set of three or four in a number of colorways — with no two radios the same. The radios come with rechargeable batteries that you can plug in to get more juice, and each walkie talkie has its own lanyard for easy transporting. They work up to three miles in your neighborhood and up to six miles in open conditions, which gives your fam a ton of opportunities to use these outdoors. They come highly recommended on Amazon, with one parent noting that they’ve used their own radios on all kinds of outdoor adventures!

$49.69 AT AMAZON

Long Range Rechargeable Radios

Perfect for the whole family, the Long Range Rechargeable Radios come in packs of two or three. What we like about this option is that you can get a set of matching ones. Get a couple packs of all one color and the whole family has the matchy-matchy look on lock. These are also rechargeable and come with a cord and rechargeable batteries. Great for distances, these radios work up to a mile in the neighborhood, up to four miles on open water, but up to 16 miles from mountain to valley. That’s huge! Amazon buyers have rated this set 4.5 stars out of 5, with one reviewer saying, “The whole family is loving these.”

$33.99 AT AMAZON

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Holy Toys, Batman! This Batman Merch Is DC Fankid-Approved

Almost every kid goes through a Batman phase and wants ALL the Batman toys (TBH many of us, parents included, still love Batman). And since this DC superhero comes with a lot of accessories, it’s almost impossible to put a cap on all the best Batman toys, but we did our best. Batman is one of the most popular superheroes, in part because most people can relate to Batman. He doesn’t have superpowers. He has to build everything on his own and use his brain to outwit his foes. Some of us can even relate to his dark side … which is why quite a few of the new Batman movies are not made for kids. (At least your kid probably doesn’t have feelings about Ben Affleck’s Batman and that’s probably for the best.)

Instead, you may want to introduce your kids to the Batman character through comic books, cartoons, and the best Batman toys for kids. These toys are fun and rarely focus on the troubled, dark side of Batman’s character. (There’s plenty of time for kids to investigate the brooding Dark Knight version of Batman when they’re older.)

One of the great things about Batman toys is that they spark imaginative and unstructured playtime. Kids can dress up like Batman and dream up amazing adventures. Or they can use figurines and LEGO kits to make up their own stories involving the characters in the Batman universe.

Who knows? You may inspire your kid to be an everyday super hero through playtime with the best Batman toys Amazon has to offer.

The Best Batman Toys:

Rubie's Boys DC Comics Batman Costume

When the kid wants to play as Batman, why not dress up like Batman while doing so? This is a great Batman costume with plenty of realistic features. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in extra large for that giant 30-something-aged kid in your house who also likes to dress up as a super hero from time to time.)

$32.60 AT AMAZON

Batman Mask And Cape Set

We all know Bruce Wayne — and hence, Batman — has no budgetary restrictions. Being a billionaire tends to give a person that kind of freedom. We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that you are not a billionaire. So if you are looking to give your child a Batman costume on a budget, this mask and cape combination will be fun for dress-up time.

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Mattel Batman Voice Changing Tactical Helmet

Kids love to dress up like Batman, use toys to create Batman stories, and watch Batman movies and cartoons. What’s left? Talking like Batman. This helmet has a voice changing feature to give the kid a Batman-like voice, while also offering a number of sound effects. (Yeah, the kid will drive you crazy with this toy. But, let’s face it, the average parent is already 54% on the way to Crazy-Town, so this only speeds up the process.)

$29.97 AT AMAZON

Batman Interactive Gauntlet

Do you feel like purchasing another noisy Batman toy? (No? OK, but there’s no need for that kind of language while answering.) Well, here it is anyway. This gauntlet glove has play modes and sound effects that will be insanely fun for the kid to use.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Sunny Days Entertainment Indoor Batman Pop Up Play Tent

A few decades ago, when Mom and Dad wanted some alone time, they’d send the kids to the backyard for an overnight campout in a tent. Good luck trying to convince kids to do that these days, unless you’ve installed a WiFi extender out there. So this is the next best thing. Put the kid inside this Batman indoor tent for a basement campout and hope for the best.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Delta Children DC Comics Batmobile Twin Bed

When I was a kid, I always wanted a race car bed, but I never received one. And after seeing this Batmobile car bed, I’m glad I didn’t. Even decades later, the memories of any race car bed would not have come close to being cool enough after seeing this Batmobile bed, which causes all other race car beds to hang their heads in shame.

$249.99 AT AMAZON

Graphics & More Bat Shield Bicycle Handlebar Bell

When kids start riding a bicycle, having a classic bell attached to the handlebars can be a fun addition. When it has a classic Batman shield logo on it, it graduates to the perfect addition. Maybe this will be the spark that convinces the kid to put down the screen and go bike riding. (A parent can always dream.)


Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart

If the bike bell isn’t enough to have the kid ready to play outside, this pedal kart that’s covered with the Batman logo may do the trick. (No, they don’t make it in an adult size. Dad will have to continue riding his plain old bicycle. Sad.)

$109.48 AT AMAZON

Franco Kids Soft Plush LEGO Batman Toys For Kids

Yeah, we know. Batman isn’t the cuddliest character in the world. But little kids don’t necessarily know that. This plush toy is perfect for giving Batman a cuddly hug. (And maybe that’s just what the Dark Knight truly needs.)

$24.99 AT AMAZON

Gund Jumbo Blue Batman Plush Stuffed Bear

If your kid is a little too young for actual Batman toys, or if the Batman character is still a bit too menacing, this stuffed teddy bear who’s dressed up in a Batman costume will be a nice introduction to the character. After all, a smiling teddy bear could never be a brooding, troubled super hero. Just don’t introduce this teddy bear to the Dark Knight character, or it could undergo a personality transformation.

$20.95 AT AMAZON

Delta Children 6-Bin Toy Storage Organizer DC Super Friends And Batman

Kids hate putting away toys. Parents hate making kids put away toys. So the hope is that with Batman and other super heroes on this storage bin, it will encourage the kids to use it, putting away their toys without constant nagging, cajoling, and threatening on your part. Quit laughing. It could happen.

$31.99 AT AMAZON

Bedtime For Batman Book

We fully understand that Batman does his best work in the cover of darkness. Batman has no bedtime … and you should try to keep this information away from your child at all costs. Do you really want to give a child who idolizes Batman another reason to argue about having to go to bed? This bedtime book is ideal for preschoolers, giving a fun and cute introduction to the Batman character.


Be Brave Like Batman Book

When your child becomes old enough to begin to develop fears of things like whatever is hiding in the closet at 2:30 a.m. that requires your immediate attention, you may ask the child to be braver … between yawns, of course. This illustrated book uses the Batman character to help kids become braver regarding everyday things.


DC Comics Batman LCD Pop Musical Watch

This Batman logo wrist watch plays the theme song and lights up. Flip the watch face, and it displays the time. You might even say it’s an educational toy, as it helps the child learn to tell time. (We wouldn’t say that, but you might.)


Mini Batman Light-Up Bat Signal

When you’re watching a Batman movie, TV show, or cartoon, you know when you see the Bat Signal light up the sky, sh*t is about to go down. (Kind of like when mom uses the kids’ middle names when talking to them, that’s when we all know sh*t’s getting real.) For kids creatively playing with Batman toys to make up adventures, having a mini working Bat Signal on hand will be the perfect finishing touch.


Batman Walkie Talkies For Kids

Sure, these days most kids have smartphones so they can talk to each other at any time. (Not that they ever do, preferring to communicate with text, TikTok, and who knows what else.) Still, there has to be a place for cool Batman walkie talkies in a child’s toy arsenal. These also include sound and light effects for the ideal annoying touch that’s sure to have you ordering the kids to play outside in record time.

$26.99 AT AMAZON

LEGO Juniors Defend The Batcave

For younger children who aren’t quite ready for traditional LEGO Batman sets, try this Juniors set, which has only 150 pieces … which also may appeal to parents who don’t have the patience for a larger LEGO set. It features the Batcave and some villains for extra fun.

$79.75 AT AMAZON

LEGO BrickHeadz Batman Building Kit

LEGO BrickHeadz characters have a seriously creepy quality … and the glow-in-the-dark eyes don’t help. It doesn’t seem to affect their popularity, though. This BrickHeadz Batman kit for ages 10 and up will give you another weird character to add to your collection.

$46.88 AT AMAZON

LEGO DC Mobile Bat Base

Did you know Batman has a semi-truck that carries a mobile Batcave? Now you do. This 743-piece LEGO set is made for ages 6 and up.

$89.95 AT AMAZON

LEGO DC 1989 Batmobile Building Kit

Ready to build your own full-size working Batmobile? Of course not. It would take millions of dollars from Bruce Wayne and multiple engineers and designers to pull that off. (Or at least one Bat Computer.) So how about building a detailed LEGO version of the Batmobile instead? That sounds like a more realistic goal … at least for an older kid, as this kit has more than 3,300 pieces.

$249.95 AT AMAZON

Jada DC Comics 1989 Batmobile

When kids are ready to migrate away from cartoonish Batman toys to those that resemble the Dark Knight, this is an impressive replica of the Batmobile, complete with a figurine.

$24.99 AT AMAZON

Figures Toy Company DC Comics Retro Batman Batmobile

If you’re more of a fan of the campy 1960s TV show Batman and Robin characters, this toy takes you back to those days. You won’t be able to resist singing the theme song as the kids play with this Batmobile. (C’mon, you know the words: “Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na” … and so on.)

$49.99 AT AMAZON

Hot Wheels Batman 6-Vehicle Bundle

For kids who love Hot Wheels and Batman, these die-cast toy vehicles will make an ideal Batman toys gift, featuring plenty of detail for Batman fans to enjoy. (Best of all, Hot Wheels don’t make any noise or create flashing lights. Peace and quiet, at last!)

$39.99 AT AMAZON

Hot Wheels Batman Dark Knight Rises Batplane Elite

Hot Wheels don’t always have to incorporate cars, especially when Batman is involved. This is a 1:50 scale model of the Batplane that contains impressive detail, making a great addition to any collection of Batman toys.

$20.50 AT AMAZON

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Surround Batcave

If you want to give kids all of the noise, lights, and imaginative craziness they can handle — and your nerves can handle — this is the ideal toy. In addition to the lights, it has figurines, a spinning Batsuit vault, and jail cells. With dimensions of 2.5 by 4 feet, this is a lot of toy … in more ways than one.

$141.85 AT AMAZON

Fisher-Price Imaginext Batbot

As all Batman fans know, Bruce Wayne can dream up almost anything for Batman to use, which means toymakers can go crazy when developing the best Batman toys … such as with this Batman tank-robot combination. (It’s OK if you feel a little emotional when seeing this monstrosity. Sometimes, a toy is so insanely perfect, it brings a tear to your eye. We understand.)

$98.20 AT AMAZON

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Transforming RC Batmobile

Kids love remote control cars. Kids love Batman. Hence, this remote control Batmobile is the second greatest dynamic duo pairing of all time.

$59.00 AT AMAZON

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Ninja Armor Batmobile

What if Batman had crazy ninja skills? We’re pretty sure he’d drive a bad-ass ninja Batmobile like this one. We don’t believe Batman would carry a giant Samurai sword like is found here, but we’re also guessing cool ninja Batman doesn’t have any desire to follow the traditional rules of the Batman character.

$19.97 AT AMAZON

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Batsub

Of course Batman has a Batsub. Why wouldn’t he? We’re not sure there’s a vehicle on the planet of which Batman doesn’t own some version of it. How many vehicles does Batman have? Let’s just say we wouldn’t want to have to pay Batman’s personal property tax bill. It’s a good thing Bruce Wayne is a billionaire.

$14.96 AT AMAZON

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Batman 80th Anniversary Figurines

If seeing Batman in his traditional costume is too boring for your kids, these figurines are made with them in mind. Check out these crazy alternative costumes, and maybe your kid will want to design a few of his or her own for Batman to wear.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

DC Comics Batman 12" Action Figure

No collection of the best Batman toys for kids would be complete without a classic action figure. No, it doesn’t light up or talk or do homework, but it can still be fun to play with. (You may have to introduce the kid to the concept of using his or her “imagination” for creating adventures with this toy, but it’ll be worth it.)

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Funkoverse: DC Comics Batman Board Game

The Funkoverse game, made for ages 10 and up, gives you a strategy game that helps you bring the characters from the world of Batman and DC to life. It’ll be a fun board game to play over and over, because you can choose different scenarios. Plus it has those weirdly cute Funko-style figurines. What more could you want?

$20.50 AT AMAZON

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These Minecraft LEGO Sets Are Awesome — If You’re Not A Square

Whether you’re a parent, aunt or uncle, or just know someone who has kids, there’s a chance you’ve heard the term “Minecraft,” and it’s likely they want a Minecraft set for a birthday or holiday. This is because Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of the decade, among kids and adults alike. So, if you’re looking for the best gift for the Minecraft lover(s) in your life, look no further.

What Is Minecraft? 

Available for PC, Mac, and Xbox 360 (in addition to the mobile versions for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones), Minecraft is a creative video game in which the players can create and break apart brick-like blocks in three-dimensional worlds. The goal of the game? To explore, build, and survive. 

While it may seem too simple of a game to have any real educational value, Minecraft teaches young players essential life skills, such as self-direction, problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity. There’s even a semiannual convention (known as “MineCon”) and an educational initiative that’s got the game in schools, too. 

The Best LEGO Minecraft Sets You Can Buy Online

Since its creation, Minecraft has taken on a life of its own. Now, there are hundreds of worlds, customized themes, and versions of the game. There’s even a LEGO-Minecraft combo (which is referred to as a Minecraft set) that children can play with IRL. 

Need help deciphering which Minecraft set is the best? We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Give the gift of creativity with one (or more!) of the Minecraft sets listed below. 

LEGO Minecraft The Crafting Box 3.0

Perfect for players eight years old or older, this 564-piece Minecraft LEGO set includes popular characters Steve, Alex, Creeper, pig, and Zombie, in addition to a number of fun features (including a TNT launcher). 

“My son loves LEGO Minecraft and this is the best,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “He often gets hung up on making the sets exactly right, but this open-ended box makes my very rigid kid more comfortable with not using directions. They do provide some, but with these options he’s more comfortable with being creative.”

$56.00 AT AMAZON

LEGO Minecraft The Creeper

This Minecraft LEGO set is ideal for players who are a fan of Creeper. With 834 pieces, three mini-figures, and three explosive functions, your hands-on tike is sure to love this set. It also comes with The Creeper Mine, which features the Creeper statue, rail track, minecart, and sleep shelter. 

“My eight-year-old son who loves Minecraft LEGO sets asked for this set for his birthday and he’s happy with everything,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “What does he like most? According to my son, this is the big scenery set and there are many traps. Regarding building process, he didn’t have any problem in building it by himself. He enjoys building and playing for hours and hours.”

$127.76 AT AMAZON

LEGO Minecraft The Redstone Battle

The Redstone Battle incorporates features from the online game, Minecraft Dungeons, into the real world with this 504-piece set. It also comes equipped with four Minecraft heroes, including Hex, Hedwig, Hal, and Valorie, so your little one will be prepared to defeat the bad guys. 

“My kid loves this! He was so excited when it came in and I was so excited to see him want to do something other than get on a game console,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “This is perfect for gifting, or if you like Legos yourself…. have at it! lol … definitely recommend.”

$40.78 AT AMAZON

Cheap Minecraft LEGO Sets 

If there’s one thing kids don’t understand, it’s money. Avoid overspending and opt for one of the affordable Minecraft sets below.

LEGO Hidden Side Wrecked Shrimp Boat

This augmented reality set is unique in that it’s all about living life on the sea. It includes 310 pieces in addition to four mini-figures, including Jack Davids and Parker L. Jackson, Captain Jones, and Jones Jr., plus Spencer (the ghost dog) and an albino alligator. (Tbh, this sounds pretty awesome and I’m allegedly an adult.) 

“My five-year-old loves the whole ‘scary’ and interactive part, and couldn’t wait to put it together,” writes one Amazon reviewer. “My wife and I play with our phones while my daughter plays with us. The interactive part works really great and is definitely bringing LEGO to the next level. It’s fun to capture the ghosts, finish tasks, etc. I hope Lego will not drop the line and keep investing in it.”

Note: This set requires a tablet or mobile device to get the full interactive play experience. 

$23.99 AT AMAZON

LEGO Minecraft The Pillager Outpost

This 303-piece Minecraft rescue adventure kit features crossbow-carrying pillagers, a TNT explosion function, a fully-equipped tent, and an archery practice area complete with dummies. There are three sections, so your child can build and rebuild while saving the town from troublesome pillagers. 

“My 10-year-old picked this out and ordered it himself, with my supervision,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “It was pretty easy for him to build (he’s been collecting and building LEGO sets since he was five) and he loves the Iron Golem. Definitely a must-have for kids that love to build LEGO sets.”

$23.99 AT AMAZON

LEGO Minecraft The Blaze Bridge

The Blaze Bridge Minecraft LEGO set includes 372 pieces and an Alex mini-figure, a wither skeleton figure, and two blaze figures with spinnable blaze rods. This set is perfect for both boys and girls of eight years old or older. 

“My son loves this set! It was a gift for his birthday,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “He’s a true engineer-brained kid, so this was a perfect way for him to keep his hands busy and let his imagination wander!”

$40.99 AT AMAZON

Big Minecraft LEGO Sets 

If your little one is up for a challenge, you can purchase Minecraft LEGO sets with as many as 1,000 pieces! Though, we’d recommend buying a Minecraft carrying case or organizer, just in case.

LEGO Minecraft The Mountain Cave

They say to “Go big or go home,” right? This Minecraft LEGO set includes 2,863 pieces, complete with a minecart track, two minecarts, mountaintop shelter, and torch and furnace, among other fun features. This set also includes two mini-figures (Alex and Steve) in addition to a cave spider, wolf, baby wolf, two bats, a zombie, and more. 

“It took me and my five-year-old more than a week to assemble,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “He enjoyed every minute of it, and aside from a few technic pieces that make support structures, he did it all himself. Don’t let the recommended age set you back, the manual is full color and about 400 pages.”


LEGO Minecraft The Ocean Monument

With 1,122 pieces, your kid is sure to have fun with this set for days. It also features a Minecraft ocean monument with a water sponge access function and opening treasure chamber, in addition to a cave with a furnace. This kit also includes two mini-figures (Steve and Alex). 

“My nine-year-old loves this set!” one Amazon reviewer writes. “It’s so much cooler than I thought it would be! It looks kind of meh from the outside, but the inside of this thing is amazing. Tons of neat little cubby holes and traps and stuff. Extremely happy with this gift!!”

$229.99 AT AMAZON

LEGO Minecraft The Bedrock Adventures

The Bedrock Adventures Minecraft Lego set includes 644 pieces. Although it’s been discontinued, it’s still available for purchase and has multiple five-star reviews. It also includes two Minecraft figures, Steve and Alex. 

“Bought this for my 11 year old son for his Birthday,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “I think he has played with it for 30 days straight. He loves it. Worth every cent.”

$182.50 AT AMAZON

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Pool Toys That Will Keep Your Water Babies (And Big Kids) Busy For Hours

Once upon a time, pool toys for kids consisted of inflatable beach balls, rafts or tubes, and not a whole lot else (maybe pool-friendly Disney characters because #90s). These days, there are all sorts of fun pool toys for kids (and adults, let’s be honest) that range from floating basketball hoops to diving sticks to wearable mermaid tails. We’ve come a long way from Marco Polo, baby.

No matter how old your kids are, there are pool toys available to keep them entertained, active, and improve their water skills. Little swimmers (guppies?) can get comfortable with toddler-friendly squirt toys and floating boats that can go from the bathtub to the pool and back again. Gem-filled treasure chests, scooping nets, and other dive-and-catch toys encourage bourgeoning swimmers, while options like a floating bean bag toss or inflatable water slide keep kids busy for hours. That’s the goal, right?

Whether you’re aiming to improve your little one’s confidence in the water or engage a whole gaggle of novice swimmers, you’ll find what you’re looking for ahead. Scroll on to shop the best pool toys for kids of all age levels and interests.

Pool Toys for Toddlers 

Fun Little Toys Toy Boat Bath Toys

Buy them for the pool, save them for the bath! A set of mini cars, squirter toy boats, and a ferry complete with a ramp (for loading the cars, obv) will keep your little water babe entertained in imaginative play. “Little people at our house love this in the shallow end of the pool,” according to one customer. Another’s son, “asks for bath time just to play with it!” Impressive.

$27.95 AT AMAZON

Green Toys Seaplane

Another pick that doubles as a bath or pool toy for kids, Green Toys’ bright seaplane has a spinning propeller, as well as a cockpit for figurines—excuse me, pilots—and it of course floats! Good for kids one year and older, this toddler toy will help develop fine motor and gross motor skills, is made of 100% recycled plastic, and it’s dishwasher safe. Check, check, and check!

$19.99 AT AMAZON

SwimWays Gobble Gobble Guppies

Numbered guppies get gobbled up by an orca in this counting-game-meets-pool-toy. Kids two and up will love squeezing the whale’s trigger to open his mouth and catch each member of the floating feast in the pool or the bath. As one reviewer noted, “Occupied my 2+ year old grandson for an hour chasing the little fish in the pool and gathering them in the big fish.” Impressive!

$11.66 AT AMAZON

SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center

For babies 9-24 months, this water float provides both entertainment and sun protection. A removable canopy offers UPF 50+, while the octopus (also removable) holds toys including a squeaker, stacking rings, rattle, and soft star. Plus, this pick folds up easily and comes in a carrying case, which means less schlepping and more splashing!

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Best Pool Toys for Athletes

FLOAT-EEZ Hoop Shark

Indulge their hoop dreams with an inflatable pool-ready option. Thick material with reinforced seams means this pick is durable, which is pretty important when you’re dealing with rambunctious ballers. It’s easy to inflate thanks to larger valves and comes with the ball included. This hoop can accommodate a standard-size basketball, as well—you know, just in case.


Kangaroo Emoji Inflatable Beach Balls

Is there a kid around who isn’t crazy for emojis? This set comes with 12 inflatable balls (just under volleyball-sized), each with a different emoji expression. Since they’re smaller than the standard beach ball, these are great for younger kids and pool parties—when parties are a thing again, of course.


GoSports Splash Hoop

Unlike its inflatable floating counterparts, this basketball hoop sits poolside (with a water-weighted base) and is designed for in-ground pools. It comes with two inflatable water basketballs and a pump, features a sturdy backboard and rim. According to reviewers who sing its praises, this pool game is easy to set up and a win for both kids and adults!

$119.99 AT AMAZON

Watermelon Ball

Inflatable pool balls are nothing new, but this one sure is. Fill it with water, not air, and it will sink to the bottom of the pool and float back up again due to near-neutral buoyancy (science!). Kids can dribble, pass, or kick it underwater, giving a whole new meaning to “water sports.” No wonder a reviewer described it as,”the best pool toy that we have ever had” that “kept the kids busy all afternoon.” Sold.

$24.99 AT AMAZON

Cool Pool Toys 

Seckton Amphibious RC Car

What’s cooler than a remote control car? One that can drive in the water, too, of course. This amphibious vehicle can also do stunts like spins and flips—on both land and sea! Be aware: Grown-ups may want a turn at this toy, as well. “I bought this for my son (3yo) to use at the pool,” wrote one reviewer, “but this toy was so fun in no time his brother (16yo) father (54yo) and grandfather (75yo) were all taking turns…In order to reduce fighting over the toy I am buying a second one today.” OK, then.

$41.99 AT AMAZON

Intex Water Slide

Turn your backyard into a mini amusement park with the addition of an inflatable water slide—just attach a garden hose for sprayers to keep the slide wet. It features climbing handles, steps, and is a pretty decent size (nearly 11′ x 7′ x 4′), so keep that in mind. It’s also big on entertainment value, as one reviewer put it, “We purchased this slide for our 8 year old’s birthday party. Half the price of a bounce house rental and we get to keep it.” Fair point!

$119.99 AT AMAZON

Atlasonix Water Blaster Soakers

Lightweight, safe water guns that don’t look like, well, guns? We’re here for it. This pack of water blasters features cute characters and squirts up to 30 feet away. Plus, these “pistols” know no age limit so they’ll entertain kids from toddlers to teen—and adults! As one reviewer wrote, “We bought them for a backyard birthday party, all the kids loved them ranging from 18mo to 15years old. They were used all summer with no issues…”

$18.99 AT AMAZON

Drive Way Games Floating Cornhole Set

The classic backyard game gets a fun, floating twist! Both kids and adults will love this pool version which includes an inflatable cornhole board and eight waterproof floating bean bags. It’s more challenging then the original as the target moves, so if you’ve got kiddos who get easily frustrated, try tying it to something for extra stability!

$24.75 AT AMAZON

Greenco Kids Colorful Inflatable Water Wheel Roller Float

A floating hamster wheel for your little animals? Why not? Colorful and durable, this fun find is a hit with all ages (recommended for three and up), according to one reviewer who raved, “Great quality! Used all summer by twin 10 year olds and also some adults & still as good as new!” It’s easy to inflate (and deflate), so round and round they’ll go.

$29.40 AT AMAZON

Underwater Toys

Battat Pirate Diving Set

What’s more exciting than hunting for treasure? A pirate’s chest filled with water toys is an ideal way to keep kids eight and up entertained and imaginative, and help them practice swimming at the same time. Booty includes faux jewels, coins, bones, sharks, and even seahorses (you never know what hides amongst the loot)—plus, the little mateys can play with it out of the pool, too, as one reviewer pointed out.

$12.95 AT AMAZON

SwimWays Toypedo Bandits

A sophisticated, hydrodynamic take on diving toys, these torpedoes each come with a different number value for scoring points—and they can glide up to 20 feet underwater. They’re easy to grip, recommended for kids five and up, and keep little swimmers busy (the dream!). So said one happy parent, “if you’re at a place where they are watched by a lifeguard or your spouse or whoever, these little torpedos will provide hours of diving and hunting activity without the annoyance of ‘Marco… Marco… Marco…’” *Adds to cart.*

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Zoggs Children's Zoggy Sinking Dive Sticks

Diving toys are a great way to get kids confident and comfortable underwater. Designed for kids 3 and up, these bright, fun sticks feature “Zoggy the seal” and land upright at the bottom of the pool when thrown in. Kids can ‘find’ Zoggy and bring him back, or compete to grab the most Zoggies. “Exactly what we needed when our toddler swim class could continue after COVID closures,” wrote one happy mama, “Brilliant value for money.”

$28.00 AT AMAZON Hippo Scoop-A-Diving Pool Toys

Including one “hungry hippo” net and four weighted diving toys, er, hippo snacks to catch with it, this set is ideal underwater entertainment for littles age three and up. They’re bright and easy to grip, help develop coordination skills, and according to happy reviewers, they’re also quite durable.


SwimWays Finding Dory Mr. Ray's Dive and Catch Game

Each character from this Finding Dory set floats at a different depth, offering an extra fun challenge for your little swimmer and helping develop underwater skills! Kids 5 and up can scoop Dory, Nemo, Pearl, Sheldon and Kathy with the Mr. Ray net (just like in the movie!) which will for sure delight tiny fans.

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Swimming Toys

Water Sports Swim Thru Rings

As a game or to hone underwater swimming skills, these rings deliver on aquatic entertainment wonderfully, according to one reviewer who “Used them to teach grandson how to swim below the surface of the pool. Also used them as targets for jumping through.” Adjustable air chambers mean you can change the underwater depth according to your kiddos abilities.

$15.20 AT AMAZON

Greenco Kids Colorful Inflatable Water Wheel Roller Float

A floating hamster wheel for your little animals? Why not? Colorful and durable, this fun find is a hit with all ages (recommended for three and up), according to one reviewer who raved, “Great quality! Used all summer by twin 10 year olds and also some adults & still as good as new!” It’s easy to inflate (and deflate), so round and round they’ll go.

$29.40 AT AMAZON

Fin Fun Wear-Resistant Mermaid Tail

Make your little’s mermaid dreams come true with a tail they can actually swim in! The fin is made from durable, flexible polypropylene covered in neoprene, and it’s easy to remove even while in the pool. This tail, meant for experienced swimmers, is available in a child’s size 6 through adult extra large so if you’re thinking of getting one for yourself, you’re definitely not alone (raises hand).

$79.95 AT AMAZON


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Keep The Littles Busy At The Beach With These Sand-Friendly Toys

It’s never too early to think about the beach. Sure, winter still has a bunch of weeks left — but in a few short months, we’ll be able to enjoy the outside. As you likely know, it’s also a great family destination. Kids love playing at the beach, and it’s a great place for them to explore and be creative.

Personally, I was born and raised in New Jersey — which means that going to the beach is part of my childhood. We never overdid it, but it was our annual family vacation for years. Now that I’m raising a child of my own, I look forward to her one day having the same types of experiences and memories as I did. But, that’s hard to do when you don’t have a bunch of beach toys with you.

Beach toys don’t just help kids build sandcastles. They also put their imagination to the test. And, they’re also pretty beneficial for you, too. Kids beach toys help them have fun and stave off boredom, so that you can finish the last chapters of your book while out on the beach, relaxing with minimal interruptions. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Here are some of the best beach toys you can get today.

Best Beach Toys

Large Octopus Kites

My ultimate favorite summer at the beach with my parents was the year we brought kites with us. For years, we had seen others fly them at the beach, and always wanted to give it a shot. It was a really great bonding moment for the family, and it was also quite relaxing. Flying kites with your kids is a fun and safe way to enjoy your time outside. We love that this comes in a two-pack, so that at least two people get the chance to fly them at once. The 100-meter string makes it so that your octopus kites get to glide way high in the sky, and the durability of the material is safe for even the windiest of beach days. And, the fact that these happen to be super cute is just another bonus.

$15.99 AT AMAZON

Prextex 19-Piece Beach Toy Set

If you have multiple kids, this toy set is an absolute must. Amazon Reviewer Mattie Sullivan was especially happy with how durable the set is. “We played with them for a week, and not a single piece broke. We kept a couple of the pieces out to use for bath time, and the rest are packed away with the rest of our water toys for us to use next year,” they wrote. “Definitely worth the price!”

$16.99 AT AMAZON

Little Experimenter Metal Detector

When I was a kid, there was an odd joy in the possibility of finding something valuable on the beach. This will give your child that same sense of whimsy (while also giving them a workout). This detector is cute, colorful, and a lot of fun. And, it actually works!

$24.99 AT AMAZON

Activ Life Kid's Flying Rings

These flyers are great for a family beach day, especially if you happen to find a great spot where there are no other beachgoers. (Aside from being unsafe, nobody wants to get hit with a frisbee — even one as soft and flexible as these.)  “These are the best frisbees ever,” writes Amazon Reviewer Darrin Phillips. “For one thing, they don’t hurt when you catch them. They are not heavy but have just enough weight to fly easily.”

$12.99 AT AMAZON

Large Floating and Inflatable LED Glow in The Dark Beach Balls

You probably shouldn’t go into the ocean after dark, but the sand is safe for extended beach activities. Why not have some fun with these floating light-up beach balls? They’re bound to create some incredible photos, and your kids won’t forget them. Playing catch with these on the beach right before bedtime may be the highlight of their summer.

$16.99 AT AMAZON

Top Race Sand Castle Beach Bucket Toy Set

If you’re serious about sand castles, you’ll want to make sure you have the best molds to bring. These are ideal since they can be used to create castles, or simply to hold sand. This set is perfect for the family that wants to simplify what they bring for just a quick beach trip.

$13.98 AT AMAZON

Best Toddler Beach Toys

CubicFun Store Beach Set

A set like this is a bit rounder around the edges, making it great for toddlers and younger children. Amazon Reviewer Jakob was a big fan, saying “the plastic feels good and there are no sharp edges so even the little one can enjoy… with no worries of a parent.” As a bonus, you can also use these in the bathtub.

$13.99 AT AMAZON

Toss and Catch Ball Game

Your toddler might not have the best throwing and catching skills yet, but this is a fun way to learn. This toy is more or less a staple for family beach vacations. With sticky velcro on each paddle, family members of all skillsets can have fun with this toy. “My favorite aspect is the practice the kids get aiming and catching,” writes Amazon Reviewer (and grandmother of 6) FlowerGirl75. “This is a good pre-cursor to baseball, or great all in its own. I play catch with them and it’s great fun.”

$17.99 AT AMAZON

Toynspring Ice Cream Set

While these can be enjoyed by anyone, toddlers and kids around the age range of 3 and 4 really love pretending. Thus, they’ll get the biggest kick out of these molds. It comes with 18 pieces total.

$12.99 AT AMAZON

Bean Bag Toss Game

This bean bag game is bound to impress kids of all ages, especially toddlers. If you have multiple kids, they can challenge each other. Even better, it can be used indoors as well — but, Amazon Reviewer Sara claims it’s best for outdoor play — especially at the beach. “I purchased this to use at my 3 year old’s outdoor birthday party,” she wrote. “They loved it. Great to have 4 stakes for outside use. We also take it to the beach and picnic, so much fun!”

$25.69 AT AMAZON


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Laser Tag Sets That Make Playing At Home Just As Fun

An intense laser tag game is one of the best ways for your kids to have fun, whether it’s for a birthday party (obvs not these days) or just for fun. They get to run around and spend some good quality time with their friends and/or family members. And afterward, they’re ready for bed by 7 p.m. It’s a win-win for everyone! But paying for a laser tag outing can be expensive, not to mention no one is going out with COVID shutting down most businesses these days (your local laser tag space might even be shut down for good, sadly). Cold weather has also put a damper on playing any outdoor games or riding bikes, so finding ways for kiddos to let out all that pent up energy is even trickier this year.

So what’s the solution? Playing laser tag at home! Picking up your own laser tag toys isn’t as costly as you may think. One set of 4 is roughly the cost to go play laser tag just for one child! Make a day of it with your kids by letting them get creative and design the obstacle course themselves. Make the best laser tag course on the block by stacking the couch cushions, hanging some bed sheets, and cutting up all those spare Amazon boxes.

There are a lot of different laser tag sets on the market, so we did the research for you! Below we’ve listed 9 of the best at-home laser tag sets that are either the full-set with both the blasters and vests or just the blasters. Rain or shine, all of these laser tag sets work both indoor and outdoors. Get ready to strap in and dive across the living room floor yelling at the top of your lungs.

Best Laser Tag Set

Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag Set

This laser tag set is for the serious laser tag enthusiasts. Instead of being battery operated, this set is fully rechargeable, allowing you to play up to eight games per charge. The box set includes four blasters and vests that are compatible with each other so team sizes can be expanded if you purchase additional vests and blasters. Each blaster and vest has an LCD screen that shows the battery level and how many lives the player has left. This laser tag set also features a ton of advanced features most kits don’t offer like different weapon modes and a stealth mode.

This set has earned a 4.7 star rating and has over 700 reviews on Amazon. We really like that on the vest and gun it tells you how many lives you have. Kids like that it vibrates when you are shot. The 4 different gun options are a great way to equalize game if kids are different ages dad and I use gun with one shot equals -1 life but they use gun that 1 shot equals -4 lives . Also has team colors that light up on vest and on gun. The kids also like the flashlight. It is really easy , the directions are very clear and the guns talk to you and prompts you on what to do,” one customer raved.

$219.99 AT AMAZON

Best Laser Gun Toys

Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns - Set of 4

For those who are looking to get right into the action without having to don all of the gear, this set of laser tag guns from Kidzlane are all you need to start blasting away. Begin by choosing your team color and then your ammo type. These guns let you choose from four different ammo types: pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, and rocket. You can also switch between weapon modes mid-game!

This set of laser tag guns have received nearly 3,000 reviews on Amazon and have earned an average 4.6 star rating. One seasoned laser tag player said I rarely write reviews but these are worthy of a few minutes of my time. I owned an original Lazer Tag gun back in the ’80s and have honestly been disappointed in how little the tech has advanced in the last 30 years. We have the world in our pockets via our cellphones but no one can make a good laser gun? Well, Kidzlane has done it. If you want durable, fun toys that will get your kids moving and outside, this is it.

$59.99 AT AMAZON

Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set - 4 Pack

For those who are looking to get right into the action without gearing up with clunky vests, these laser toy guns from Dynasty Toys are an excellent option. Players can choose to play on teams, 1v1, or free-for-all. Team sizes are limitless, so the more blasters you have the more who can play.

It’s no secret this set of laser tag blasters are a huge hit among customers with they’re average 4.4 star rating and 1,000+ reviews on Amazon.My wife got these for the family as a Christmas gift. (I was skeptical.) Our three children and I just spent the past two hours working up a sweat playing these inside our large, two-story house at night. We had a blast. They really are quite simple to use. They feel sold in my hand. Our children 18, 11, and 7 enjoyed themselves thoroughly,” one reviewer said.

$69.99 AT AMAZON

Nerf Lazer Tag Pheonix LTX Tagger - Set of 2

Everyone loves a classic Nerf gun battle, but with these laser tag guns there’s no need to clean up a million foam darts. For a more authentic feel, these taggers “recoil” when they’re fired and vibrate when shot so there’s no need for bulky vests. They’re compatible and interchangeable with other Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX blasters, so more than two players can join in on the epic fun.

These blasters have earned a 4.5 star rating on Amazon and have over 2,200 reviews. The pistols have a small slide at the back that actually Cycles with recoil every pull of the trigger in addition to the speaker gunshot sound. I tried these things at up to a hundred feet and they still register hits pretty precisely. I was impressed!
You can set the gun for either 10 or 25 lives so if an adult plays against the kid you can have a bit of a handicap. They also have a very clever Shield option which makes you invincible but it’s only good for a few seconds per round. If you take fire while in shield mode it makes an awesome bullet ricocheting off steel sound.
I’ve lost count of the hours we spent playing with these and they were the hit of the neighborhood. I can’t recommend them enough. I even built a nice little stand out of plywood to hold them when they’re not in use,” one impressed customer reviewed.

$70.99 AT AMAZON

Laser X Evolution B2 Blasters

These aren’t your typical- looking laser tag blasters. These futuristic looking blasters from Laser X allow you to choose up to 20 different colors and are bright enough to be visible in bright sunlight. Encourage  your sharpshooters to get strategic with their shots by bouncing the lasers off of mirrors and walls to hit their opponents.


Best Laser Tag for Kids

SHARPER IMAGE Two-Player Laser Tag Set

For a true arcade-style laser tag match, this two-player set from Sharper Image truly delivers. With two blasters and vests you’ll have everything you need to engage in a 1v1 or team battles if you pair up multiple sets. Each blaster and vest comes with built-in sounds, lights, and authentic vibrations to give the player an authentic laser tag experience.


ArmoGear Laser Tag Guns with Vests - Set of 4

Now your backyard or basement can feel just like a laser tag arena, thanks to this set of laser tag guns and vests. These vests and blasters are the best of the best by offering cool features such as invisibility mode, night vision flashlight, voice-guided directions. And you don’t have to worry about sticking to close-quarters combat, this laser tag set has a 150-ft shooting range and up to 2 hours of game time.

It’s no secret this is the best laser tag set on the market, having earned a 4.6 star rating and over 3,400 reviews on Amazon. One happy customer said “got this for my 11 year old twins birthday and it was a hit! I did a lot of research before purchasing and decided on this one based on the features. Best decision! Plus it is very sturdy and well made. My boys had a blast and we can’t wait to use it again! Highly recommend!”

$114.99 AT AMAZON

HISTOYE Laser Tag Set

Another great laser tag set for kids is this set of four blasters and vests from HISTOYE. These blasters let you choose between four different weapon modes: single shot, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket. And for the added effect of feeling like you’re under fire in a real laser tag area, the guns and vests simulate strong vibrations. The shooting range for these laser tag guns are up to 130ft and can operate in both indoor and outdoor settings.

This set of laser tag guns and vests has earned a 4.3 star rating and has over 300 reviews on Amazon. “Definitely happy with this purchase,” one customer said. Purchased this game for our family, and it was a blast! Everyone loved it, it was easy to assemble, very durable, easy to use for all ages, and exactly as described. The adjustable straps make it easy for people of all sizes to use.

$89.99 AT AMAZON

Kidpal Infrared Laser Tag Set

This laser tag set truly grows with your kids over the years. The vests have adjustable straps that fit any kiddo from age 3-12. They’ll also easily fit most adults so you can join in on the fun too! Like many of the other laser tag sets, the blasters have four different weapon modes to switch between: pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket.

This is another popular laser tag set among customers, having earned a 4.3 star rating and over 200 reviews on Amazon. “Endless fun for the whole family,” this customer raved. These laser guns are super fun for our whole family! They have different settings and vibrate when you get hit. They make cool sounds and light up. You can play on teams together or as individuals. My 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter both love them. Endless fun keeping us all active running around together. Highly recommended!”

$89.98 AT AMAZON

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Who You Gonna Call? These ‘Ghostbusters’ Toys, Because They’re Freakin’ Awesome

Even though the original came out in the ’80s, there’s a reason why Ghostbusters is a classic and why kids and teens go nuts for Ghostbusters toys and merch. Whether your family is a fan of the new, all-female-cast Ghostbusters remake or you prefer the old-school version of the film, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to Ghostbusters toys for newbies and OG fans alike. Whether your kid loves battling imaginary ghosts, just wants to blast a Proton Pack (aka the ghost-blaster), or has a thing for Bill Murray (don’t we all?), we’ve got you covered.

Toy trends come and go, but Ghostbusters toys remain popular with both children and adults across the globe. Since the ‘80s, these idolized films, spin-off shows, and comics have been adapted into accessories, action figures, and LEGOs, among other toys. From Playmobil Ghostbusters toys to the all-famous Ghostbusters proton pack, here are the best Ghostbusters toys on the market.

Playmobil Ghostbusters Toys

Playmobil has been dominating the toy industry since the ’70s and for good reason. Playmobil sets encourage your kids to use their imagination. Once set up, Playmobil gives children the chance to create and play in a world of their own. What’s more? Playmobil comes in a variety of themes, including Ghostbusters.

PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters II Peter Venkman Playmogram 3D Figure

Save the city with Ghostbuster Peter Venkman. This unique toy allows users to project a spooky ghost into the clear hologram cone via the Playmobil app — choose from four ghosts to capture. This Playmobil kit includes the action figure Peter Venkman, a Proton Pack, Proton Wand, Poke Meter, and silicone slime splashes. 

“Bought this for my nephew for his fourth birthday to go along with the Ecto 1 Playmobil car,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “The combo was his favorite toy and he played with it the rest of the night.”


PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters Firehouse

Ghostbuster heroes Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz, and Janine Melitz are ready to save the town from supernatural forces in this authentic firehouse playset by Playmobil. This kit includes a variety of accessories, including a detachable Proton Pack, Proton wand, ghost trap, P.K.E. meter, and silicone slime splatters. (Not recommended for children younger than three years old.) 

“I have a four-year-old whose Ghostbusters obsession started at two years old,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “He has every Ghostbusters toy to come out in the last couple of years, and even a few from the ‘80s. This playset, and the other mini-sets, are THE BEST Ghostbusters toys ever. They’re easy to assemble, with incredible detail (this set comes with a mini Tobin’s Spirit Guide, for example!), and a sturdiness that can withstand the demands of my little buster. Highly highly recommend all of these sets.”

$69.95 AT AMAZON

PLAYMOBIL Venkman With Helicopter Building Set

Your kids can fly to rescue the neighborhood with this helicopter building set by Playmobil. This kit, which is based on the cartoon series The Real Ghostbusters, includes a Proton Pack, Proton Wand, ghost trap, and P.K.E. meter. The helicopter also includes a  functioning water cannon. 

“Bought this as a Christmas gift for my nephew and he absolutely loved it,” writes one Amazon reviewer. “Didn’t realize the helicopter doubles as a squirt gun; he had fun with that as well once we figured it out. Assembly was straightforward and took maybe 10 minutes in all.”

$21.38 AT AMAZON

PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters Ecto-1

Gift your children hours of fun with this 79-piece Playmobil Ecto-1 set. The kit includes two action figures (Winston Zeddmore and Janine Melnitz) both of whom are in their official Ghostbuster attire, in addition to two Proton Packs and wands, a ghost trap, four slime splatters, and a P.K.E. meter for measuring psychokinetic energy. 

“These Playmobil Ghostbuster sets are amazing,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “My four-year-old is OBSESSED with Ghostbusters, and we already had about six Ecto1 toys in various forms (FunkoPop, Hotwheels, RC, LEGO), but this one is the best of them all.” 

$40.01 AT AMAZON

Proton Pack & Ghostbusters Gun Toy  

Ghostbusters wouldn’t be the same without the Proton Pack (also known as a Positron Collider or nuclear accelerator). Designed by Dr. Egon Spengler, the Proton Pack is a top-of-the-line device used to capture ghosts.

Ghostbusters Electronic Proton Pack

The Proton Pack is iconic. I mean, what kid wouldn’t want a ghost-capturing device? With this realistic-looking Ghostbusters Electronic Proton Pack your child can pretend they’re blasting (and trapping) ghosts with Proton streams. 

“This is a great toy for boys or girls who like Ghostbusters,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “I’m really impressed with how much fun my kids (ages three and six) have had with it. You can purchase additional ghosts for the unit for a few dollars. Ended up purchasing two of these and a matching costume for my boys.”

$279.00 AT AMAZON

Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spengler’s Neutrona Wand

This Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spengler’s Neutrona Wand is a collector’s item from the 2021 film Ghostbusters: Afterlife. It’s the perfect toy for children aged 14 or older and has a variety of features, including lights, sound effects, and motorized vibrations. There are also four modes to prepare your kids for any supernatural situation: Proton Stream, Slime Blower, Stasis Stream, and Meson Collider. 

“Oh, man! This ‘90s kid has fulfilled his fantasy with this kick-ass toy,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “The sounds and vibrations will make anyone feel like they’re busting ghosts. A must-have for any Ghostbuster fan.”

$144.75 AT AMAZON

Ghostbusters Sidearm Proton Blaster — Ghostbusters Gun Toy

This Proton Blaster is kind of like a Nerf gun (though Nerf bullets will not fit this toy). It includes five BoomCo darts. 

“My three-year-old is obsessed with Ghostbusters and shooting things, so this was a perfect toy for him,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “I was nervous because most Nerf guns he cannot shoot unless he has me pull back the pressure thing because he is not strong enough. The perk about this proton blaster? He can load it himself!”

$54.99 AT AMAZON

Rubie's Ghostbusters Child's Costume With Proton Pack

Give your kids the chance to embrace their imagination with this Ghostbusters child’s costume. It’s made of 100 percent polyester and is available in small (6-8), medium (8-10), and large (size 10-12). This consume also includes a jumpsuit with a front zipper and a Proton Pack backpack. 

“My four-year-old is obsessed with Ghostbusters,” one Walmart reviewer writes. “This costume is perfect for him. He loves it so much he wears it constantly. It’s definitely worth the price.” 



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33 Best Nerf Play Swords And Shields For When Your Kid Is In Their Medieval Phase

Toys that mimic weaponry represent a hard choice for parents. If you’re here, you’re looking for the best Nerf swords and shields probably for this reason — it’s a good solution to the ethical dilemma. Some parents, understandably, feel that these toys promote violence and won’t allow them in the house. Other parents place a Nerf toy sword and shield set (as well as Nerf guns) in a category that’s far better than toy guns, as the kids swords and shields can spark creative stories of magic, fantasy lands, and medieval times.

If you’re leaning toward the creative storytelling angle, you still want your kids to be safe when playing with a toy sword and shield combination. Plastic swords and shields are inexpensive and plentiful, but they can break, creating sharp edges, and they hurt when the play becomes a little too rough. (And you know it will.)

To try to keep play with toy swords and shields as safe as possible, count on foam and Nerf toys to keep unintended injuries to a minimum. This type of foam, especially the Nerf brand, is durable too. So check out our list of the 33 best foam and Nerf toy swords and shields for some imaginative, fun, and — mostly — safe playtime. (Now, if you have a child who’s accident prone, we can’t guarantee that even these foam shields and swords will prevent a trip to the ER. But they’ll lower the odds.)

Best Nerf Swords

Nerf Zombie Strike Blade Toy

This long Nerf sword has great colors and an authentic look that kids are sure to love. With the right other straps on hand, you can carry this sword on your back like a pro.

$47.10 AT AMAZON

Nerf N-Force Battlemaster Mace Axe

Sure, Nerf swords are great for simulating combat from medieval times. But when you really want to go medieval, nothing delivers quite the intimidation of a mace axe. Trust us. It’s terrifying in the hands of a 6-year-old.

$79.99 AT AMAZON

Nerf Zombie Strike Survival Chopstock

Attach this hatchet sword to your Nerf blaster, and you’ll have a little extra weaponry for close-up combat. This is part of the Nerf zombie strike series, and as we all know, you can never have enough weapons when zombies are involved.

$39.77 AT AMAZON

Nerf Fortnite Rift Edge Harvesting Tool

Sure, the Fortnite rules say a harvesting tool is not meant to be used as a sword weapon … but rules are for chumps, and this Nerf blade looks like it could do some serious damage in combat (even if it actually can’t because of the foam construction).

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Best Toy Swords

Super Z Foam Toy Swords

When you want some foam toy swords that look great for play time or to add to a costume, you’ll have plenty of choices with this set of eight. Admit it. You’ve always wanted to dress up like a pirate, but you just haven’t found the right sword to add to the costume. Now you will. You’re welcome.

$16.99 AT AMAZON

Armory Replicas Thunder Of The Cat Foam Sword

If you were a fan of the ThunderCats franchise, this sword is a great-looking prop. With a blade length of 2 1/2 feet, this is an intimidating sword with impressive detailing, even if it’s all foam. Thundercats, ho! (Maybe don’t yell that catchphrase while you’re playing with the sword around the kids, especially if they’re looking to record some social media videos for their friends to laugh at. And especially don’t do it when you’re wearing your homemade Lion-O costume. No one wants to see that.)

$25.99 AT AMAZON

Great Pretenders Knight Dagger And Sword Set

When little kids want to play with foam swords, a really long blade presents more of a tripping hazard than danger from the foam blade. So these daggers are just the right size for little hands who want to play too.

$16.99 AT AMAZON

Amory Replicas Great Spartan Warrior Foam Battle Sword

When you’re more concerned with the authentic look of your Nerf sword, this battle sword has impressive detailing. No matter how sharp and dangerous it looks in this photo, just remember that it’s still foam.

$24.99 AT AMAZON

Hero's Edge Foam Excalibur Sword

When it comes to famous swords, there’s Excalibur and a whole lot of wannabes. This Excalibur replica consists of foam with multiple great details that make it nice for play time, a costume prop, or a display piece (where you want to be the kind of person who’s cool enough to have a sword collection, but you’re also the kind of person who has kids who can’t be trusted around real swords).

$22.56 AT AMAZON

Game Of Thrones Needle Foam Sword

Now, we’re not sure how many elementary age kids are fans of Game of Thrones. (We’re hoping not many of them have seen it to become fans.) But if you’re a fan, this replica foam sword has impressive details, and your kid doesn’t have to know exactly why you like the sword.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Prime Sword Dragon ISS

This is an amazing foam sword for kids, delivering impressive detail and fun colors that are perfect for play time. With a foam sword like this, you can be sure the kid’s imagination will run wild, sparking creative play.

$49.99 AT AMAZON

Hero's Edge Skull Foam Battle Sword

Sometimes, when you want to make something extra cool, you just add a skull to it. (Metallica knows what we’re talking about.) This foam sword uses a skull at the tip of the handle, creating a menacing weapon that is still soft enough for play time.

$24.95 AT AMAZON

Xicks Double Sided Foam Sword

Why settle for a foam sword with one blade, when you can have a double blade sword that looks like the real thing? This sword measures 42 inches in length, so it’s plenty intimidating, even for foam.

$27.99 AT AMAZON

Hero's Edge Foam Japanese Ninja Katana

For kids who are more interested in Asian culture than medieval times, this replica foam katana will be a cherished toy. It has a 41-inch length and just enough detail that it also works nicely as a display piece.

$20.11 AT AMAZON

SparkFoam Samurai Sword

A Samurai must carry a sword, so this foam replica allows your child to complete the look for play time or a costume. This one ships with a plastic scabbard to protect the foam sword while the kid is walking. And, as we all know, a kid who is just walking can inexplicably do significant damage to walls, toys, and tons of other things. How? No one knows, and it’s probably better that way.

$26.95 AT AMAZON

S-TEC Padded Foam Sparring Sword Set

When it’s time to upgrade from toy foam swords to some training foam swords, these 35-inch practice swords are a nice upgrade. The set ships with two training swords, so you can begin sparring immediately.

$37.99 AT AMAZON

WhomBatz Bolt Padded Foam Short Swords Pair

These don’t have the traditional shape of Nerf swords, but, quite honestly, we couldn’t pass up adding a product from a company called WhomBatz to our list. And let’s face facts: Little kids are more about swinging their Nerf swords with power and less about the delicate intricacies of mastering the blade. Trust us, these will fit the bill.

$34.99 AT AMAZON

Liberty Imports Giant Foam Swords Pair

Let’s be real. Although one Nerf sword is great, you really need two at a time. Sure, you could give one kid a Nerf sword and another kid a long cardboard tube at play time … guaranteeing that the kid with the cardboard will develop an inferiority complex that will be discussed in length in a therapist’s office in 20-30 years. Instead, purchase this pair of swords, so each kid can have one.


Best Nerf Shields

Nerf Modulus Blast Shield Upgrade

For those who own the Nerf Modulus blaster, this blast shield connects to the tactical rails, giving you extra protection while attacking. This shield could be the difference between winning and suffering a humiliating loss that will haunt you for years to come.


Nerf Modulus Storage Shield

This shield protects the wearer and serves as a storage location for Nerf Elite and Mega darts, so it doubles the mischief. Yay!


Nerf Alien Menace Battle Vest For Nerf Melee Weapons

This battle vest has a hard shell to shield your body from Nerf darts and swords, and you can hold 10 darts for storage. It has an adjustable fit, which is nice.

$17.00 AT AMAZON

Nerf Tactical Vest N-Strike Elite

When you take your Nerf sword and dart play seriously, you need a tactical vest to shield your body from harm. This one will either make you look like a pro or a nerd. Either way, you’ll intimidate your Nerf enemies.

$24.99 AT AMAZON

Nerf Shield Rival Face Mask

Nerf toys aren’t known for their ability to put an eye out like, say, a certain BB gun that a certain kid named Ralphie wanted as a Christmas gift in a certain movie. But even Nerf toys can do some damage, so this face mask shield is a smart safety choice. Plus, it looks cool, so kids often will wear it willingly … we hope.

$15.99 AT AMAZON

Best Toy Shields

Legend Of Zelda Hyrule Triforce Foam Shield

The Legend of Zelda has fans of all ages, so having a chance to use a foam shield from this franchise will be a lot of fun. The light blue shield has all of the artwork details you’d expect to find.

$24.94 AT AMAZON

Blue Zelda Foam Master Sword

If you love Zelda, you’re going to want to pair the foam shield with this foam sword. This Zelda foam sword is pretty durable, which is great for rambunctious kids (so, all of them), and it looks amazing.

$20.99 AT AMAZON

Liontouch Viking Foam Shield

The Viking inspired artwork on this shield looks great, and it even simulates vintage wood planks. (And if the child’s father doesn’t like this one, because he believes a Viking shield should be purple and gold, he may be watching a bit too much football.)

$24.99 AT AMAZON

Liontouch Golden Eagle Foam Shield

For a traditional looking shield from medieval times, this golden eagle shield has the right shape. The eagle isn’t quite as scary as some of the lion and dragon adorned shields, either, which is helpful for making sure your kid isn’t spending the next week asking to sleep in your bed from bad dreams.

$25.49 AT AMAZON

Liontouch Dragon Knight Foam Toy Shield

When playing with foam swords and shields, some kids just want to play as rough as possible. Understandable. That’s what foam is for, after all. But if your kid is more about imagining the knights and dragons from medieval times while playing, this dragon shield has great artwork and a traditional shape.

$24.04 AT AMAZON

Armory Replicas Richard The Lionheart Medieval Foam Shield

One of the most iconic symbols from medieval times is the triple stacked lions passant-guardant from Richard the Lionheart. This foam shield uses impressive detailing to depict these symbols. (Of course, you’ll need to now explain to your kids what lions passant-guardant means, but that’s what Google is for.)

$13.99 AT AMAZON

Little Adventures Pink Foam Shield And Sword Set

When it’s time to play with foam shields and swords, dragons, lions, and knights are all good for rescuing the damsel in distress. Sometimes, though, the princess wants to save herself. And with this sword and shield set, she can do it in style.

$24.99 AT AMAZON

Little Adventures Foam Lion Shield and Sword Set

For kids who love cool and scary artwork, this foam shield and sword will meet both demands. The roaring lion head on both items has amazing detail. (We’ll hope that it’s just scary enough for fun and not scary enough to create nightmares.)

$24.99 AT AMAZON

Little Adventures Foam Red Knight Shield And Sword Set

When little brother and sister want to join in on the Nerf sword and shield fun, this mini sized shield and sword set is just right. Odds of play time with older siblings ending in tears for the little one? We’ll guess 50/50. But at least you gave it the old college try.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Super Z Foam Toy Swords And Shields Kit

This kit ships with two great-looking foam shields and swords. We’re not sure they’ll stand up to the roughhousing that brand name Nerf shields and swords can handle, but they’re an inexpensive, introductory foam toy for preschoolers.

$12.99 AT AMAZON


If you aren’t quite sure whether sword and shield toys, even those made of foam, are safe enough for your child, we understand. We have many more toy guides that may fit better with what you’re seeking.


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Toy Bow And Arrow Sets For Your Kid To Channel Their Inner Katniss

Thanks to movie and video game characters such as Katniss Everdeen, Princess Merida, and Laura Croft, kids’ bow and arrow sets have become popular among young adventurers across the nation. While a bow and arrow set may seem like an outlandish gift option, you may want to give archery a chance. With technology taking up nearly every second of our day, it’s pretty difficult to get the kids to play outside. By gifting your child a kids’ archery set, however, you could potentially open the door to a brand-new hobby while also providing them with a survival skill. 

Whether you’re new to archery or you’re a seasoned pro, we’ve done the research to make your shopping decision even easier. Here are 10 of the best bow and arrow sets for children and teens on the market.

SainSmart Jr. Kids Bow and Arrow Toy Set

The SainSmart Jr. Kids Bow and Arrow Light-Up Archery Set is available in green or pink and comes with five durable, suction-cup arrows (these arrows have been tested to meet US ASTM Toy Safety Standards), an illuminating bow, and an eye-harmless sighting device to help your little one aim and hit their target. It also comes with its own special carrying case, so your adventurer can tote their archery set wherever they go. This set requires three AAA batteries (not included). 

“I ordered this for my daughter who is really into archery and wants to have something she can use in the house during the cold weather for practice,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “This is a pretty great toy for achieving that. It’s safe enough that she can use it in her room and I don’t have to worry about her breaking everything; it’s more realistic than other toys.”

$29.98 AT AMAZON

Marky Sparky Bow and Arrow Archery Set

Designed for archers eight years old or older, the Marky Sparky Bow and Arrow Archery Set is the perfect alternative to the traditional bow and arrow. This lightweight bow and arrow set is easy to use and includes one bow, and six durable foam-tipped arrows. It also has the ability to send your arrows flying up to 100 feet and comes in three fluorescent colors. 

“My 10-year-old son loves this bow and now we are thinking of buying a second one for our 7-year-old son who loves it, too,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “It shoots really far and was simple to put together. We like that it’s safer than a traditional bow and arrow and easier for a child to use.”

$34.99 AT AMAZON

Kids Archery Bow Arrow Toy Set — 2 Pack

If you’re looking for more bang for your buck, you might want to invest in a two-pack set like this Kids Bow and Arrow Toy Set by Fstop Labs. Available in three colors, this bow and arrow set comes with everything your young archer needs to get started, including two archery bow and arrow toys equipped with LED flashing lights and sounds, six suction-cup arrows, two quivers, and two targets. This set requires two Pcs AA batteries (not included). 

“My littles have so much fun with this toy, the quality is pretty good and it has a nice suction, it sticks well on glass and the on the target, plus my daughter loves that it lights up,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “Personally I’m really happy with the fact that it comes with two, one for my girl and one for my boy, even my husband enjoys this toy!”

$48.99 AT AMAZON

Sport Series Archery Shooting Set Bow and Arrow Toy

Compared to the other bow and arrow sets on this list, this archery shooting set is a little more advanced. Equipped with 12 suction-cup arrows, one bow, one quiver, one holster, and one target, this lightweight set is ideal for young beginners. 

I ordered this initially because of COVID-19 and being stuck in the house,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “As an adult, I do enjoy toys and this one was awesome. I shared it with my three-year-old grandniece and she loved it. We had a great time in the park. It was a nice opportunity to teach her how to use it with fun in mind. She felt like Robin Hood once I put the arrow holder on her back. Too cute!”

$28.99 AT AMAZON

Toy Archery Set with Target

This archery set is recommended for children between the ages of five and nine (though children as old as 12 can play with this toy). Unlike the other options on this list, this set includes a stand-up target. It also comes with three suction-cup arrows and is safe to play with both inside and outside of the home. 

“The sporting stores do not carry anything like this, so we turned to Amazon!” writes one Amazon reviewer. “We purchased two of these over the summer for our four and five-year-old! We had it set up at a birthday party and every kid played with it. I just ordered two more for my nephews for Christmas after seeing how much they enjoyed it. We had kids as old as 10 playing with this set, and enjoying it!”


$31.89 AT AMAZON

Zing Air Storm Z-Tek Bow

This easy-to-use bow works great for both left- and right-handed archers. The Z-TEK bow and arrow kit includes one bow and three foam-tip arrows that can glide as far as 155 feet. Because the arrows are lightweight, they’re safe to use inside the home, too. 

“This bow and arrow set is so fun to play with and is easy enough for my five-year-old to use,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “The arrows go a long distance so playing at the park or beach is really fun. My wife and I both enjoy playing with this for hours with the kids. Fun for the whole family!”

$22.99 AT AMAZON

Disney Merida Archery Set

If your little one is a fan of Disney’s Princess Merida from Brave, then this is the archery set for them. In addition to looking just like Princess Merida’s bow and arrow set, this archery kit comes with one bow, four suction-cup arrows, and a belted quiver. (If you really want to go all out, you can purchase a Merida costume, as well.) 

“Has been a wonderful favorite Christmas gift for my daughter,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “She takes it on our walks through the state park and had a wonderful time shooting at targets real (like trees) and imagined. I expected (because it was a toy) that it would not last long or work well, but to my surprise, it works very well and has lasted through months of heavy use.”

$68.95 AT AMAZON

Personalized Bow and Arrow Toy for Kids

This gift isn’t exactly a set, but it can be personalized. Made from high-strength plywood, this bow and arrow can be customized to fit the personality of your little bowboy or bowgirl. You can choose the size, have the bow engraved, and add a quiver and additional arrows. The arrows are made of felt and the bow is available in two sizes: Small 14 inches (for children two-to-four years old) and Large 20 inches (for children four years or older). 

“This was a great gift for my son’s third birthday,” writes one Etsy reviewer. “He loves pretending he is in the movie Brave. Easy and effective design and beautifully made.”


Children’s Bamboo and Wood Bow and Arrows Set

This bamboo bow and arrow set can shoot an arrow as far as 40 feet. It comes with three rubber-tip arrows and one wood quiver. According to the Etsy listing, the bow measures 40 ½ inches in length, and the quiver measures 21 inches in length including the arrows.

“This bow is great!,” one Etsy reviewer writes. “My nine-year-old son has used it every single day since he got it and he’s very happy with it. I definitely recommend this!”

$23.32 AT ETSY

KESHES Bow and Arrows Set With Equipment for Teens and Kids

If you’re serious about getting your child into archery, then this is the best bow and arrow for your kid. It comes with everything they’ll need to start including an ambidextrous riser, two limbs, one bowstring, five arrows, one finger protector, arm guard, eyesight, quiver, and two target sheets. It’s also easy to assemble, so your young archer can begin immediately. Though parents are recommended to help with assembly. 

“Exactly as described,” one Etsy reviewer writes. “Very fast shipping. We believe this will be perfect for our 10-year-old daughter for Christmas.”

$99.99 AT ETSY

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14 Best Toddler Easels To Encourage Art, Creativity, And Screen-Free Fun

An art easel for kids is a fun (screen-free!) way to keep your little one entertained. Not only do they boost creativity and have tons of other benefits, but they can also hold your child’s attention for more than, say, five minutes (a kid must-have, if you ask us). The best toddler easels out there are versatile, durable, easy to clean, and straightforward (although, admittedly, a bunch of fun and unique features never hurts!). So if you have a budding artist on your hands, read on!

Easels are an excellent way to introduce your kids to the world of art. Whether you opt for a kids painting easel, a magnetic or dry erase easel, or a combination that features a little bit of everything, you’re opening up the door for your toddler to play around with color and create something out of their own imagination.

You can introduce an easel to your toddler around the age of 2 1/2 (although keep in mind, many of the below easels are recommended for ages three and up), since that’s about the time they may learn how to hold a pencil or marker. The easel isn’t just fun for them, it’s also great for development and helps with fine motor skills. Oh, and it keeps them away from excess screen time, which is a nice bonus.

If you’re not sure what to buy, we’ve got you covered. Below are the best easels out there that offer something for everyone.

Best Toddler Easels

NextX Kids Easel for Two

Wooden easels are great, but there’s also nothing wrong with a plastic one, which many parents feel is a bit more kid-friendly. This double-sided easel features a chalkboard and magnetic dry erase board, and it’s height-adjustable so that it grows with your kids. It has plenty of storage space with a large tray and a middle storage area as well. It’s bright and colorful, and can be quickly folded flat for easy storage. It’s also super light, making it nice and portable.

$82.99 AT AMAZON

Melissa & Doug Double-Sided Tabletop Easel

A standing easel isn’t for everyone. Whether you want something that allows your child the option to sit, or you’re short on space, this Melissa & Doug Double-Sided Tabletop Easel is a great choice. It’s compact and easy to store since it folds flat, and it still has plenty of features: there’s a dry-erase board, chalkboard, a built-in wooden paper roll holder, and a 50-foot long paper roll. It also comes with some great add-ons, like a dry erase marker, colored chalk, an eraser, and some fun magnets.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Step2 Flip and Doodle Desk with Stool Easel

This versatile option combines an easel and a desk for the perfect little art space for your toddler. When the easel is raised, it’s a great height for toddlers to draw or paint: there’s an art clip to secure paper, or they can use the magnetic dry erase board. That easel also folds down, turning the area into a cute desk that can be used for more drawing or painting, or a host of other activities. There are tons of drawers and organizational storage space, and there’s no shortage of ways for them to entertain themselves.

$74.99 AT AMAZON

Step2 Jumbo Art Easel for Kids

Any double-sided easel is ideal for two toddlers to play at once, but the advantage of this Step2 Jumbo Art Easel is that two kids can use the same side at once as well (since we all know toddlers like to do exactly what someone else is doing instead of sharing and taking turns). It’s actually large enough for four kids to play at once, which is ideal for a larger family. There’s an extra large chalkboard and white board, as well as clips for paper. The storage space on the sides and below means everyone gets their own space as well.

$94.99 AT AMAZON

Crayola Art-to-Go Table Easel

If you’re always on the move, consider this Crayola easel. It’s small, compact, and meant to be taken on-the-go, thanks to the fact that it easily folds up to fit in a bag or car. It still has a large drawing surface with two sides — one is a chalkboard and the other is a dry erase board. It even has two small storage trays to hold a few accessories, and it comes with an eraser. This is a really adorable toy that can easily go anywhere your kiddo does!

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Best Kids Easels

Hape All-In-One Wooden Art Easel

The highly-rated and award-winning Hape All-In-One Wooden Art Easel is a favorite among parents and kids. With a classic wooden easel look and some standard features, it manages to be perfectly simple but endlessly entertaining. It has everything your toddler needs to keep busy: a magnetic whiteboard for drawing on one side and a chalkboard on the other, a replaceable paper roll, and a handy tray to hold three paint pots. It’s height-adjustable and made of a high quality wood with nontoxic details, so it feels and looks durable. It’s got everything, and it’s pretty nice to look at, to boot.

$76.36 AT AMAZON

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

Another classic favorite is this Melissa & Doug option. One side features a chalkboard, while the other is a dry-erase board. There’s a locking paper-roll holder, a child-safe paper cutter, four easy-clip grips to keep everything in place, and two large plastic trays for optimal storage and organization. It’s super easy to put together and it’s also height-adjustable.

$63.99 AT AMAZON

Crayola Kids Wooden Easel

This Crayola easel is like a slightly more budget-friendly version of some other wooden easel options on this list. It’s double-sided with a magnetic and dry erase board as well as a paper roll, three paint pots, and plastic clips. It has a paint storage tray and it’s height-adjustable, and it’s safe and nontoxic. It also comes with some markers to get them started right away, no other purchase is necessary (at least, at first!).

$57.41 AT AMAZON

STEAM Life Art Easel for Kids

This STEAM Life Art Easel comes in at a considerably lower price point than other comparable options and is tons of fun. There’s a dry erase board and chalkboard, as well as canvas paper with clips to hold it in place. It comes with chalk, markers, an eraser, and crayons as well. It’s height-adjustable, and one of its other advantages is that the board can be turned sideways instead of just sitting upright. While there’s not a ton of tray space, it definitely gets the job done.

$39.97 AT AMAZON

KidKraft Storage Easel

If you’re looking for something high-quality that looks aesthetically pleasing enough to be at home in your living room or dining room, opt for this KidKraft Storage Easel, which looks extra classy with its dark espresso finish. It also has all of the stuff kids care about in an easel: a large paper roll, a chalkboard, and a dry erase board. There are removable trays for plenty of storage, and it feels nice and sturdy.

$87.49 AT AMAZON

Discovery Kids Tabletop Dry Erase and Chalk Easel

Another great tabletop easel option is this cute Discover Kids pick. This wooden easel is double-sided, with a built-in paper roll, chalkboard, grip clip, and dry erase board. It also comes with chalk, an eraser, and a 49-foot paper roll. Tabletop easels are great because they grow with your kids: toddlers will love them, but older kids may enjoy them too, since they can be placed on a table in front of them.


Delta Children MySize Kids Double-Sided Storage Easel

Featuring a simple and minimalistic design, this easel is still plenty of fun. It’s double-sided, with a chalkboard and magnetic dry erase board, has an attached paper roll, and features two large and removable bins to hold all the accessories and/or toys. It’s simple, to-the-point, and easy to use, because sometimes kids don’t need all of the fancy features in order to have fun.

$59.99 AT AMAZON

Evergreen Art Supply Kids Easel with Paper Role

This easel really has it all. There’s a magnetic dry erase board, a chalkboard, and an attached paper roll. The only disadvantage is that it’s not meant for two kids, but just one (you can flip the board over for the other side). It comes with tons of supplies as well: dry erase markers, an eraser, magnetic numbers and math symbols, paper clips, and chalk pieces, as well as three storage bins with waterproof bottoms to hold everything without making a mess. There are also five no-drip paint pots, which is a nice extra.

$79.97 AT AMAZON

KidKraft Create ‘N Play Art Easel

This double-sided easel has everything most of the other standing easels have including a chalkboard, two paper rolls, and a dry erase board. There’s also plenty of storage: there are three paint cups and three pencil trays to keep everything organized and in place. There’s also a tray on the bottom that holds even more supplies and/or toys. Perfect for a budding artist!

$110 AT KOHL'S


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