No Toy Chest Is Complete Without Some Sesame Street Gear — Because Elmo Never Goes Outta Style

Ever see a toddler totally lose their shit for Elmo? Then you know the best Sesame Street toys will keep a Sesame fan delight for hours. Regardless if you s or Elmo’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Your kiddo is still a huge fan. Which means you are on the hunt for a Sesame Street bath toy or plush toy they will love (but won’t irritate the hell out of you). Yes, we admit it. Those adorably sweet characters often have voices so irritating they could test the patience of a monk. Good thing we’ve found Sesame Street plushies and interactive toys that know when to shut up. So you can enjoy some time to yourself while your little one is hanging with the crew from Sesame Street.

The classic program first aired in 1969 to facilitate preschool social-emotional and educational development. Since then, Sesame Street has become a pop culture right of passage. Our kids have sung their numbers with Elmo. They’ve watched Bert and Ernie exchange holiday gifts. And we’ve all laughed as Super Grover crashed into anything and everything. Also, Sesame Street has become a microcosm of American diversity. Embracing new characters with black, brown, blue and even green faces. Plus every single one of us have craved a home baked chocolate chip cookie after watching Cookie Monster annihilate a dozen. Sesame Street has been part of the American home life for over 50 years. No wonder everyone loves it!

Although we can’t tell you how to get to Sesame Street, we can point you in the direction of their best toys. From Sesame Street plush toys, to stackable blocks, and Sesame Street bath toys – we’ve found sure-to-be-hits for all your Big Bird fans!

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Best Sesame Street Toys

CreateOn Sesame Street Colors with Elmo Magna-Tiles

A toy that utilizes geometry, teaches kids their shapes and colors, all while providing hours of building fun with friends? That’s right, the CreateOn Magna-Tiles set features everyone’s favorite Sesame Street characters on the authentic magnetic building tiles kids of all ages love. “I ordered the Elmo Magna-Tiles as a gift for my grandson’s second birthday. He likes Sesame Street characters and puzzles, and Magna-Tiles are a variation of puzzles. My other grandchildren have different versions of Magna-Tiles, and they have provided endless hours of fun for many years. They also help expand creativity and motor skills so I think they’re worth the money. I even enjoy working with them!” raves one grandparent on Amazon. Add to your existing Magna-Tile collection or use the CreateOn Elmo, Big Bird, or Cookie Monster sets as a starting point to many more tiles and years of construction fun.

$39.95 AT AMAZON

Sesame Street Ride-On School Bus

Few things are more eye catching for a toddler than a big yellow bus full of kids, except maybe a big yellow bus with Elmo on it. Leave it to Sesame Street to create the ultimate ride-on toy with realistic engine sounds, a working steering wheel and of course Elmo at the helm, for hours of imaginative bus play. “I love it. (The bus) came fully assembled and my 2 year old loves it. I wish I had bought it sooner as it goes up to 36 months but I know I’ll get my money’s worth since he’s currently chasing the cats on it saying ‘beep, beep.’ Also, his sister is happy that he has stopped riding on her Barbie Motorhome.” reviews one Amazon customer. Featuring lively music, flashing lights and all their favorite Elmo phrases, the interactive ride-on toy builds fine motor skills with gears perfect for little fingers to turn and large colorful buttons they won’t want to stop pushing.

$36.69 AT AMAZON

Bright Starts Sesame Street Wooden Stacking Toy

Let your little one sort and stack the afternoon away with Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, and Elmo. The Bright Starts Sesame Street stacking toy features durable wooden pieces that are just the right size for little hands to grasp and organize. Your little one won’t even realize they are developing their eye hand coordination and spatial reasoning skills while they carefully work to thread the wooden pieces on the pegged board. Kiddos 18 months and over will love using their creativity to create their own characters as they mix and match their favorite monsters on Sesame Street. “Nicely made wooden toy,” reviews one happy Amazon customer. “The Sesame Street characters are well painted and the wood dowels are bendable at the base with elastic cording so no injury can occur if your little one lays or falls on it. My one year old loves this toy and so does his three year old sister. Great toy for hand and eye coordination!”


Best Sesame Street Plush Toys

Gund Sesame Street Big Bird PlushToy

Who’s the sweetest (and tallest) friend on Sesame Street? The lovable Gund Big Bird is the perfect size (at 14 inches tall) for your Sesame super fan to take everywhere. Although it might look like your LO is strangling Big Bird, the thin neck on this adorable plushie is the perfect size for grips of all sizes. “There is no better Big Bird” reviews an Amazon customer. “The Gund stuffed toys are soft, durable and almost perfect depictions of the actual Sesame Street characters. Our granddaughter loves them. There are less expensive versions that are available, but why mess around with them when your little ones deserve the best?!” Looking for a specific Sesame Street character (other than lovable Big Bird) for your little to hug and hold? Gund has all your favorite friends including Ernie and Bert, Oscar the Grouch, Abby, and Grover in addition to fan favorites Emo and Cookie Monster.

$17.48 AT AMAZON

Playskool Sesame Street 123 Talking Cookie Monster Plush Friend

Kiddos will love learning their numbers with the most lovable, goofy friend on Sesame Street. Everyone’s favorite monster with an insatiable appetite for chocolate chip treats, the 123 talking Cookie Monster from Playskool will get any Sesame lover giggling and singing their numbers by counting cookies. “Really fun cookie monster doll,” reviews one happy Amazon customer. “It keeps my son busy laughing and dancing for at least 20-30 minutes every day! Cookie Monster is my son’s absolute favorite and this toy will not disappoint! We even bought 2 of these so we have one to keep at Grandma’s! I’d recommend getting one while you can because they’re not easy to find!” Although this monster is chatty (and yes he does sing), he knows when to quiet down so not to drive the adult in the house totally bonkers.

$39.99 AT AMAZON

Pillow Pets Elmo Sleeptime Lite

A best friend for daytime cuddles as well as nighttime snuggles, the Elmo Pillow Pet will be your Sesame Street lover’s favorite stuffie. Elmo’s built-in night light has three lighting modes lulling your little one to sleep with colorful stars projected on the ceiling. “Perfect night light” reviews one happy parent on Amazon. “The boys (age 2 and 4) LOVE their pillow pets with stars that project on the ceiling. It’s so much fun that often the whole family will just sit mesmerized in their room looking up at the (projected) stars. It really is an amazing gift and has a wonderful 20 minute timer so you don’t waste the battery. These also don’t get hot to the touch which is awesome. My boys kept saying over and over, “I love my present!” I would highly recommend this for anyone who has small children and don’t want a traditional plug in nightlight. Who needs one when you can have portable fun with the pillow pet?”

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Best Sesame Street Bath Toys

Sesame Street Bathtub Squirter Toys

Your little will love taking a dip in the kiddie pool or soaking in the tub with their Sesame friends. The adorable trio is suited up and ready to hit the water – we especially love Cookie Monster’s swim trunks and Ernie’s rubber duckie swim floatie. “My 2-year-old son has become obsessed with Sesame Street, especially Cookie Monster. These were perfect for him! They are about 3 inches high and fit in his little hands. The plastic they are made of is very soft and easy to squeeze. A lot of bath toys we have found are so hard to get the water out of and that is not the case with these. The colors of the figurines are brilliant! So cute and adorable!” raves one Amazon customer. Not into the squirter hole on the bottom? Mom hack: hot glue gun the holes on the bottom and voila, no more accidental water shot in Mom’s or Baby’s face.

$11.77 AT AMAZON

Kappa Books Sesame Street Bath Time Bubble Books

Foster a love of reading when they are still young with the bathtime bubble books Abby’s Garden, Elmo at the Beach, and Elmo Rainy Day Fun. Each petite 4×4 waterproof book has eight squishy pages perfect for little fingers to easily turn and safe for little chompers to give them a gnaw. “Great for bathtime” reviews one Amazon customer. “So cute! My child loves it! Easy to clean and fun for the bath – I would definitely recommend! The white spot on Elmo’s nose is sunscreen- some reviews thought it was a defect. Overall, a very good book for the price. One note – it’s a good idea to place the book with the pages spread out until they dry.” Elmo and Abby will entertain any Sesame lover when they join in on the bathtub fun! But these mini books aren’t just for water. The easy to clean bubble books make perfect portable stroller toys and changing table entertainment because you know your Elmo enthusiast will launch their toy on the ground — probably over and over again.


Now that Elmo lover is taken care of, what else does the fam need? We’ve got all the best kid gear and toys right here!

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