Scientific Proof That a Beyoncé Concert Could Literally Change Your Life

concerts are good for your health

Or Eminem. Or Yo-Yo Ma. Or PJ Masks Live.

Or whoever it is that you saw when you were 16 and have seen a million times since.

Because apparently, going to live concerts helps us live our best—and longest—lives.

Some research done in Britain by O2, owner of some of the biggest music venues in the country, has shown that attending live music concerts every couple of weeks could possibly help you live up to 9 years longer. Dude, I’ll wave my hands in the air for that.

Okay, so the study may not have been perfectly scientific or impartial, but it’s not the only study of its kind, and many others have pointed to music in general being able to increase individual positivity and longevity.

Participants in this particular study showed an increase of mental stimulation by 75%, which seems pretty obvious to me. You can’t watch a 90-minute Beyoncé dance party without some serious neurons firing.

But the coolest part was that the participants actually increased in closeness to others and self-worth by an extra 25%, too. I’m not sure why or how, but I can get on board with anything that makes me realize how awesome I am by that large a degree.

And if those feelings of self-worth then translate into almost a decade more of a healthy, satisfied life…well, encore.


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