Walmart Is Having A Huge Sale, Excuse Me While I Buy Everything That Sparks Joy

There’s nothing better than coming home, taking your bra off, and falling into the most comfortable chair (and clothes) you own. From our wall decor to our kitchenware, everything in our homes makes us happy, because they’re all the things we love.

Here are 15 amazing home deals guaranteed to spark joy and take your home to the next level.

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1. This gorgeous Gold Console Table, because nothing says “I’m grown and fancy” like gold furniture.

2. If you’re trying to get your life right, you definitely need one of these Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps, because they help with everything from sleep to seasonal affective disorder. (And they’re pretty.)


3. There’s no such thing as too many throw pillows, so buy as many of these feather-filled beauties as you like. They are perfect for a boho vibe or channel your inner Joanna Gaines and pair them with a  chunky farmhouse throw blanket.

4.  Sure kids are cute, but have you noticed the smells? Yeah, us too. Don’t worry, this chic wax warmer will keep your home smelling like those adorable little gremlins don’t even live there.

5. These floating wood shelves are perfect to cozy up your home. Add your favorite photos of the kids, maybe some old books, or a fun sign and you’ve basically reached HGTV designer status.

6.  OMG THIS IS A KILLER PRICE FOR THIS RUG! Sorry for shouting, but rug prices, amiright? This one is budget friendly, and will really tie your room together.

7. Oh, a fur and metallic throw blanket for $21, with free 2-day shipping? Excuse me whilst I drape my body in sparkly fur.

8. When you love weekends and pillows.


9. This ornate mirror will spark all the joy, just don’t let your kids smudge it up with their fingerprints.

10. You know what says, “I’m a fancy lady”? Gold candle holders, that’s what. Sorry, can’t talk right now, being fancy.

Walmart Set of 3 $6.00

11. Look at this woven rug of gorgeousness, and bonus, it’s inexpensive and will totally hide Kool-Aid stains.

12. This knitted pouf is perfect for the kids’ playroom, or a comfy place to put your feet up while binging your favorite show.

13. Do you have a shelf and no idea what to put on it? This set of 8 jars is only $22. Add a couple fun stems and, BOOM, chic on a budget.

14. Baskets are a great way to hide literally anything. They look super stylish, and no one can tell they’re full of Legos or other toys you don’t want all over your living room.

15. And perhaps the mark of every woman who has her life together: a plant you can’t kill.


There you have it. Style, comfort, and personality, all on a budget. Now, go make your home as fabulous as you are.

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